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  1. scores 15/8/18

    Oh aye mate. Totally distraught [emoji849][emoji849]
  2. scores 15/8/18

    Would rather we played a few more league games just now & maybe come the end of the season we don’t have to squeeze half our league fixtures into a 6 week period .
  3. scores 15/8/18

  4. scores 15/8/18

    Would rather have lost the section . In fact would rather we didn’t have to play in this tinpot trophy . Waste of time
  5. West Region KO times

  6. West Region KO times

    There you go mate. On the sjfa Facebook page
  7. Big Fat Fundraising Thread

    Personally do Last man standing & our predictor which raises a fair bit . Mate does the bonus ball for the club also & that’s just 2 Blasties fans contributions . Our quiz night at the end of the month is just the start of fund raising activities the club will have this season
  8. Auchinleck v Clydebank

    Stay aff the drugs lads . Easy Talbot victory
  9. Kilbirnie Ladeside quiz night

    Of course mate . Will be more than happy to have you
  10. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    I second that.
  11. Today’s scores

    A cracking result at Renfrew for the Side today. One of if not the results of the day after the Frew drawing with Pollok & losing to a last minute winner against fellow pre season challengers Kilwinning .
  12. Today’s scores

    At even this early stage this was a 6 pointer I feel . The draw done neither side any favours . Peasies joining you both in a long hard season I think with Renfrew maybe joining in
  13. Just the juniors radio show

    Get someone with a bit of knowledge of the junior game as your co host rather than that charlatan Redmond . Guys an embarrassment to the junior game . Spouts nothing but lies
  14. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    Aye . Supporters bus & everything seemingly [emoji849]
  15. Kibirnie Ladeside v Petershill

    1-0 Ladeside