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  1. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Missed a penalty . Not heard if any trialists were out or not . If not was there any point in playing a friendly ?
  2. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Supporters bus for the Meadow game on Saturday . Leaving the Cross then picking up at Ramages 1pm Usual mode of booking a seat folks
  3. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    A far better performance yesterday I thought & although would have took the point at the start i was disappointed at the end not to get all 3 . Tad fortunate at times but encouraging none the less .
  4. Today's scores 13th

    He would have to murder a Kilbirnie child to get above Tony’s level of popularity
  5. Today's scores 13th

    Couldn’t have been a 2nd if the ref never seen it . Actually 1 of the better refs av seen this season although that doesn’t say a lot. Even with your pen . Thought it was ball to hand with the ball going harmlessly by. Buffs by far the better team in the 1st but abjectly poor in the 2nd which let us into the game . Strain got a red card in the pavilion with the ref actually in the hall looking for him . For the cash Buffs are allegedly spending I’d be wanting a lot more that’s for sure
  6. Today's scores 13th

    Agree with the keeper sending off but what other decisions you on about?
  7. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Bar & kitchen open from 1pm. All welcome
  8. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    I’m sure if the manager does sign anyone the club will notify via the usual outlets
  9. Ladeside 18/19 thread

  10. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Av got long arms lol
  11. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Ps Cracking banner . Can the lads that made it rent it out on an ad hoc basis lol?
  12. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Supporters bus for Saturdays game at Pollok leaves Ramages at 12.45 . Contact Muggo or Caly for a seat
  13. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    They did get the home draw but for some reason the park isn’t able to hold a Scottish tie & the game got switched . Understand Cairn had other options but chose to come to Kilbirnie .
  14. Where will we see the Scottish Cup giant killers

    Think our game might have been a tester if played at GartCairn . Getting moved to the Vale should see us get through though I don’t expect a walkover
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    b*****ds. Hope they get caught