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  1. A few Talbot clowns barred fae here to be fair lol
  2. No one knows who this clown supports . Just negative pish in everything he posts
  3. Just had a look at the tackle . He goes in hard & plays the ball . At worst yellow card . If the game was in Talbotland it wouldn’t even have been a free kick
  4. Looking good especially after Talbots defeat on Saturday . But plenty more twists & turns .Hoping we can put a spanner in the works this weekend .
  5. Didn’t think it was a pen at the time . In fact I couldn’t recall anything even remotely like 1 . Confirmed there when not 1 player appealed for it & that’s usually a guide when appealing for 1
  6. Ladeside 3 Glencairn 0 An early goal from the side . Thought Muir finished off a great header back from Longworth but seems it was an og . From there on the 1st half belonged to Glencairn & how they didn’t at least equalise beggars belief. . 2nd half started better for the side & it could have been far more than Jamie Longworths 2 goals . Best player today were Longworth, Hughes at the back for the side & the always impressive Mcrobbie for Glencairn. I’d take that lad for the side in a heartbeat
  7. They have a restaurant as well [emoji12]
  8. Get the train to Kilwinning , jump into Taylor’s at the station , have a couple beers then ask for directions
  9. Various reasons . Too many to go into on a football forum tbh . Let’s just say he will be afforded a warm welcome in a couple weeks at the Vale
  10. Feel sorry for Cumnock as a club . Odious individual . If he gets appointed hopefully it’s before we are due to play them on the 30th
  11. Rab was Liam’s assistant . Was Kilmarnock under 16 coach before he came to the club & yes everyone happy with the appointment. Extra bonus with Liam staying on in a playing capacity as well
  12. Stay aff the drugs . Never will happen. Clowns that try to attack club committee with baseball bats hidden in the boot of their cars will never get a job at said club .
  13. Aye & Scott Brown would be as welcome as Rangers manager as Sheridan would be at Ladeside lol
  14. Seen that after I posted here lol. Nauld were keen to get the draw but as Kennie explained he wants to take it around the grounds which is a great idea .
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