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  1. Do we win a prize if we can guess what 2 teams lol? Honestly this thread is absolutely hilarious . Folk give their opinions as facts & if others opinions don’t suit their agenda they are brushed off as hearsay lol. Let’s just wait & see what happens & stop talking pish . More important things in life than this like who are we betting on the morra at Cheltenham. Thursday is always a bastart of a day for me lol
  2. Any grass parks on today? Still wouldn’t want fake grass at the Vale
  3. Thought Spence would take over short term at least & wont be surprised if him & Latta get the gig full time . Any time I seen him you could tell he was the type to step into management
  4. Just look at the draw Beith have had to pick just 1. To win the West they would have played at least 1 premier club to get to this stage . Can only beat what’s in front of you but since the big east teams left this cup has lost its value for me
  5. Winning the West is harder these days [emoji849]
  6. Hearing the reasons from a few sources . Ooft .
  7. What do folks think will be the points required for safety this season? Personally think around 32 should do the trick
  8. Said for years that he’s an odious wee cretin. Surely has to go now
  9. The bus we booked was full . I know that as it’s myself that runs it
  10. Any time I saw him which I admit was only v us he wis absolute dungshite
  11. I don’t . Might be a good game from a Talbot point of view but we’ve switched off already for the season in my view & it could be a cricket score . The 1 good thing is that if your not going it won’t be filmed lol
  12. The pitch has deteriorated in the last hour with puddles forming all over the pitch. Game is off
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