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  1. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Well beaten today . A good few empty shirts again just like last week . Thankfully we’ve managed to seal a deal with Kilwinning to get Liam playing which wasn’t sealed in time for today . Not going to say that will solve all our issues but a few wheels & deals in the next few weeks hopefully will . If not then we’ve been there before & will come back stronger .
  2. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Wondering who he was lol Stevie May lookalike lol [emoji23] [emoji23]
  3. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    An embarrassment. Some folk at our club should have a long hard look at theirselves & ask if they are up for the fight . If they aren’t do the decent thing & walk away to let folk in that will
  4. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Anyone travelling over to Largs in Saturday bus info is quarter past the hour over there & twenty five to the hour coming back . Few of us heading over on the 11-15 bus but I believe most are getting the 12-15 bus . Sharps Bar is the closest pub to the park for anyone that’s not been before
  5. Todays scores 17/11

    Always good to catch up mate Fair take on the game tbh & at least our new management will know the task in hand of the job they have to do .
  6. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Liam back where he belongs
  7. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Some work done at the ground recently . Place looking great
  8. Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Keep up the great work Kennie. Night & day from last year & a breath of fresh air to our game. Yes there’s been a few teething problems but you’ve explained them fully & that’s all that’s needed .
  9. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Only if a the club want to & b Liam wants to Would hope we would is he is still a quality player
  10. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Must admit I’m excited about this appointment & if our Facebook page is anything to go by then so is half the town A very bold appointment by our committee & congrats to them on that At the moment Liam is still a registered player at Kilwinning
  11. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    New management team
  12. Ladeside 18/19 thread

  13. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Wasn’t there Saturday but by feck that pen was soft. Very encouraging performance from the players though
  14. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Beat bsc Glasgow 1-0 in a friendly last night . Ryan Hynes scored the goal
  15. Today's scores 27th Oct

    Get this aff the junior thread lol . Senior trash for this [emoji23][emoji23]