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  1. Brother Bennett, I mean, Bennett, has a point.
  2. Has anyone used them? I'm in the process of getting a new motor and they seem to check out, just buying a car remotely seems inherently wrong. *And their "Cazoo-yeah you can" advert makes me jealous of deaf people. Definitely points off there
  3. Pretty sure it's Fleetwood... Played there myself weirdly!
  4. Any stream for the 500? don't fancy paying a tenner a month for Prem sports!
  5. Yeah and I think that's the crux of it. It's too wee a place to support a junior / EOS side
  6. Grounds for pessimism news. My old home ground, having moved down south I don't know what 's been going on there since the club fold. https://www.dunfermlinepress.com/news/19722366.steelend-victorias-dilapidated-ground-set-developed/
  7. This. But I think it's not for us, it's for the new fans, they want it to be like football where's one most weeks. For me it makes it more difficult to follow. I like watching a bit of practice, Quali and race, plus the support races. 23 times a year that's not really feasible, it's not really currently. IMO
  8. Ft 0-5 but could have been more, Preston missed from inside the 6 with 2 to go. Headcount of 50 ish
  9. 5. Called it. Keeper rolls it to LB. Striker nips in to pinch it. Squares it and the other fwd taps in. Cranial detachment all round.
  10. 4. Another pen, keeper a bit slow off his line and made minimal contact. Striker stayed up but couldn't get to the ball before it went out. Pen given and scored.
  11. 3, simple ball over the top. Panic and blame in the lochgelly defence. Striker rounds 2 centre halves and the keeper to tap in as he fell on his arse
  12. 2-0 a few seconds from kick off. Lochgelly look fairly poor at the back. Preston look like they could get 5 if they could be bothered! I doubt they'll feel the need to up it tbh
  13. Currently sat watching Lochgelly v Preston Preston 1 up with a pen at about 20 mins. Not a bad game so far!
  14. Fair enough. Could they look at the sandpaper type stuff at Paul Ricard? Chain bear on YouTube did a good video (as he always does) on the subject and mentioned the forthcoming changes.
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