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  1. RG really unlucky yesterday, getting stuck trying to lap Sato / Sato battling to stay on the lead lap, probably cost him the win. Fair play to the young guy Veekay getting his first win, just can't help feeling a bit gutted for RG.
  2. Final BTCC race was a cracker as per! Some drivers on wets, some on drys, track going dry>wet>dry>wet in the space of about 30 mins, with the differing tyre choices coming to the fore at each stage! Couple of big'ole crashes in race two too, Below from youtube, not my wallpaper!
  3. Seeing this haddie bounce off the barriers like a pinball will probably be the most entertainment we get at this event tbh, #pray4mazespin if it rains!
  4. Just when you thought Piers Morgan couldn't get any worse.
  5. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on. Perez's big strength is keeping the tyres, which means he can often ends up in good positions. But that's when the cars are designed with him in mind. The RB is notoriously oversteery to suit Max. I hope it goes well for Perez though, if nothing else to annoy Verstappen
  6. Tsunoda only missed it by 10 months.... I had that thought too so checked!
  7. Hamilton had to race this weekend if he possibly could. He can command a huge salary because of the money he brings by being the best and winning races, but there's a sliding scale and Merc will look at could they sacrifice a couple of wins a season for such a saving in wages? Am I right in thinking the driver salaries are outwith the cost cap?
  8. I wonder if part of it is him falling out with team mates when he hasn't been the No1? Its Max's team and they wont want to do anything to upset him. They want someone a little faster than Albon but not really challenging Max, he's too fragile and loses the head for that. Imo.
  9. [emoji15] https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3827269667331290&id=103026299755664&sfnsn=scwspmo
  10. Very reminiscent of him in f2, same as Vettel in the RB days, hits the front and has fucked off whilst everyone behind is working themselves out!
  11. Checked the listings which said f2 was starting at 1250. Turned on at 1300 to see the "Schumacher champion" banner. Absolutely seething
  12. Not anymore. He's been given 10s (2x5s) penalty plus penalty points. Drops him to 9th
  13. Winced at mazepin nearly putting Drugovic in the wall. Brilliant racing. Which tbfis the norm for f2
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