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  1. Pyramid 2019/2020

    This thread
  2. F1 2019

    I really am struggling to get excited about this year. Would love a jump forward by Renault, but the gap to the top 3 is so vast, I'm not sure it's possible
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    Don't disagree with any of that. The point I was making is that there will be a place for teams who only want to play very local games further down, whilst at the same time giving an ambitious Saturday ams team somewhere to progress to. I get the feeling, that in a few years time, people will look at how Scottish football is currently setup in disbelief.
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    Leagues with that level of locality should and I imagine will feature lower down the pyramid in the future, with the Kingdom league (is that still a thing?) and the lothians' equivalent feeding into what is currently the bottom of the pyramid. I'd love to see that in Scotland. There is a bit of a thrill when you first start playing down here that you can plot your route all the way to the EPL, as unlikely as it is to happen.
  5. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Should Bonnyton get a license, and apply for Selkirk's place, it may be looked upon favourably given their location and effectively promoting the lowland league in Ayrshire? Just a thought
  6. Favourite MILF Thread

    Aaaaaany way Kate Beckinsale [emoji7]
  7. General Motor Sport Discussion

    Rowland had a decent race, probably would have got higher but was a victim of the Vandoorne bottleneck around the half way point. I think he'll mount a challenge to JEV as he gains experience in the car. The tacheeta's look like the class of the field though
  8. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Internet IS serious business.
  9. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Charge them for it, extortionate rate of course.
  10. It'd be too intimidating for the players imo
  11. Really hope you get to one of the Estonian cup games that end up 30-0, just to see how mental that must be. Theres bits about it in the "mis-matched pre season friendlies" thread. Plus a guy who seems to know that bit of the footballing world.
  12. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    I didn't say they would. But it's short term-ism. Imagine that currently we'd vote against it. If the shoot out against EK had gone the other way we'd be for it. It takes a bit of bravery and doing things for the greater good. Which football in general is REALLY bad at.
  13. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Get this idea in the sea, for good this time. Open up the bottom, 1rel plus play-off and get teams play at the right level. If that mean some L2 teams head down a level then that's just how it is, sport is about winning AND losing. Once teams move between the 2 a bit more freely then maybe the fans won't run a mile if the team goes to the LL as it's no longer seen as an abyss.