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  1. My first ever Junior game I went to, I played in, I scored the winner in the shoot out, I was the keeper. Genuinely.
  2. As a former Steelend player, whilst the ground was nice enough, and very picturesque. There's just nothing really around it. Oakley is the biggest place nearby and they have their own team. I'm not sure what was the cause of the demise as I'd moved away a couple of years early. However when auld Hughie died, a nicer man you couldn't hope to meet btw, it was always realistically going to be a matter of time. In my time there, I seem to remember the farmer did a lot of good, there was even talk of getting the patch of field behind the bottom goal into a useable state to train / warm up on. Obviously moot now.
  3. Shame it's going to ruin the ABX Beauty works FC Vs One stop fancy dress AFC derby
  4. Happened upon this website, which may be of interest to those on this thread; http://www.nordicstadiums.com/
  5. My local MP..... He's an interesting chap!
  6. Bristol Rovers - Now my local team Knattspyrnufélag Akureyrar or 'KA' In Iceland - Went on holiday there, checked their scores for a bit now it's habit and watch some games when they're on youtube. Next time we go back we're going to a game!
  7. Albert Park clearly hasn't been #blessed [emoji17]
  8. It really is. No wonder they think we're drunk all the time.
  9. Personally I don't see that as an issue, as there's should be another league or even association underneath. The key to that being that, it'd purely be a level and not a 'grade' as we have now. Hell, slot the ERJFA under it if they'd take it (obviously that's unlikely) as long as everyone is signed to the SFA. By way of example, I currently play in the Bristol Premier League - Premier (tier 12), one up is the Gloucestershire county league (T 11), which takes from 2 other leagues in Gloucestershire. this is a different 'grade' as we'd call it. A team has to apply before being promoted and meet, you guessed it, ground criteria. 2 down is the Bristol and District League system(T 14-19), again, a separate system so we'd have to apply should we get relegated out of our current system. These leagues are administered by the Gloucestershire FA on behalf of the FA, who hold my registration. It all works seamlessly, nobody is 'Loyal to the Bristol and district league', and there's a hierarchy of associations as well as the leagues. nobody gets precious about it. I've been boring some of the lads with the goings on in scotland and they just think it's insane, they're not wrong.
  10. Elgin to choose Lowland League. Just to piss people off.
  11. Bath RFC in the Premiership share with a cricket club. So their biggest stand is temporary, erected at the start of each season. Meaning if they ever get relegated, they wont be eligible for promotion. Off-topic but potentially interesting.
  12. It was from the junior fitba'(cringe) weirdo on twitter. Mentioned 'pnb' several times during the meltdown
  13. Getting a 16-0 scudding isn't enjoyable for anyone. However, looking at the bigger picture, one should note the improvement off the field as this was going on. They went from pretty much a roped off field to the below in what, 3 years? This was obviously helped by support from the bigger teams going there, as well as other factors. They've also improved on the field, comparatively speaking of course A decent ground will help toward licencing, maybe they get lucky and get a couple of Scottish cup games a year, 6k or whatever, all goes to help improvement on the field https://nonleaguescotland.org.uk/tweedmouth.htm
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