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  1. East fife game will need to be rescheduled due to the cup game.
  2. Good to see hearts are only getting the north stand for the next round. Well done FFC.
  3. They had about 2 crosses that first half. The man is an idiot. To quote a younger gentleman in the SS "Get it up ye Campbell ya bald c**t"
  4. At the about the 90th minute arbroath had their first shot on target.
  5. Deserved victory in the end, game very similar to the first with arbroath trying to swamp us first half but our quality shone through in the 2nd half this time. Great team performance, well done falkirk.
  6. champions

    FIFA 20

    Any tips on scoring from crosses? Just need to score two more to complete Orsic but it's a challenge
  7. Maybe consider taking a week off the internet mate
  8. Some players can make more money combining part time football with a standard full time job. A chap I used to work with did the match reports for hamilton, he said that mark McLaughlin was in that situation, there was no point going full time as he wouldn't make the same money being a full time player compared to being part time and combining a full time job.
  9. Yeah I thought he was good for us, tried like a bear and showed some quality also.
  10. Agreed, in slight defense of M&M the conditions were horrific away to east fife, raith at home I believe we would have won if telfer hadn't been an idiot, airdrie away we were poor.
  11. champions

    FIFA 20

    You'll smash it with those squads. Although the serie a forward is supposed to have 90 pace but hes pretty rank. Good luck! Remember you can sub on your 3 best players. I actually cant be arsed playing the game, built a pretty good first 11 but cant be botherd. Cant be fucked playing against 1 depth drop back, or folk who watch the full replays etc. Will take a break and go back to it.
  12. Hes looked dreadful for dundee any time I've seen their games, in fairness they tend to play him wide left.
  13. champions

    FIFA 20

    And my pack luck is utter shit, between 8 untradeable rivals packs, 5 MM plus the daily headliner the best I got was a 82 goalie.
  14. He must have been a dick/lazy sod behind the scenes if mcshane was being selected ahead of him. It's all a bit weird how he was very rarely played. Overall disappointed how this worked out, thought he totally bossed us in the game against morton towards the end of the season, and really thought he'd be the main man this season. Hopefully he has another club lined up and we didnt have to pay him too much to go.
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