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  1. Theres a lot of EU funding going towards the electric points, that was according to one of the contractors. Not sure how that will work post Brexit. Apparently they are using us as a Guinea pig before installing something similar all the way up the A9.
  2. How much is he on? I'd heard a figure of £500 pw
  3. Sounds like DD has been completed and they are now moving onto the final stage.
  4. Fair enough. Would be interesting to know whether this scenario was part of the BtB proposal.
  5. Agree with this. Although BtB would have given more power to the fans, was there anyone within BtB who could lay their hands on say £200k in the event of an emergency or unpaid HMRC bill? Perhaps MC offers more financial clout if ever required and that was a deciding factor in making him preferred bidder.
  6. Unfortunately that's an issue throughout the ground, you're constantly running the risk of getting shat on.
  7. I extended the olive branch by asking if maybe I had pumped his Mrs but he is yet to confirm or deny this. Of course, an apology would be forthcoming from myself. Perhaps he has a husband and took offence?
  8. There was some chat today of a few players leaving with King coming in. No idea if this is true or not.
  9. I've never really understood it either. Tend to save my applause for when they enter the field of play.
  10. First 25 excellent, as was the last 10, in between was pretty poor imo. Think I'd start mcmillan over McManus against stranraer. Overall very happy, 3 points next week would set us up nicely for the game against east fife the week after
  11. Gutter talk occasionally comes into our DMs
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