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  1. Any recommendations for parking on Saturday? Thanks
  2. To hell with that. Live in the moment and lap up the performances, post match interviews, highlights etc. We finally have a manager and team worthy of the navy blue after so many years of utter dross, enjoy it.
  3. Cracking pic. Two of my boys are in it . Wee things like that make it all the more special for them.
  4. Fantastic performance from the team today, apart from a double save from Hogarth following some sloppy play we were totally dominant. Could easily have scored more especially Morrisons open goal miss at the end. We have finally got a team worthy of the jersey, epitomised by Donaldsons lunging block when it was 2 nil. Also some impact from Carroll. Shout out to Burrell and Lawal for letting a few of the youngsters take some snaps at the final whistle. A great days work.
  5. We gained an extra £26k (£50k less £24k minimum) for the cup, I doubt the new sponsorship deals will be earth shattering in terms of money. So we're possibly looking at a £350k + shortfall based on available information. Worrying times.
  6. So to hell with the many people who rely on rail travel to get to work to be able to earn a wage? Idiot
  7. Bought tickets for myself and 2 of the kids and now regretting it. Had a rough idea the experience was going to be poor but having watched the fifer highlights and then realising we'll be standing on grass with the forecast of rain, this is going to be rough. Tbh a facility like this shouldn't even be allowed in the professional ranks. Absolutely zero consideration for the spectator.
  8. We've just completely dominated the opposition, created numerous chances, yet some folk would rather slag the players than enjoy the win and the entertainment served up from the team yesterday. Very odd.
  9. Daily record have linked us with a loan move for Nicky Hogarth of Notts Forest
  10. We were in for Savoury, QP offered much more money. Source: One of my kids knows his cousin. In addition we were also in for Easton and McCabe: Source: My nephew knows Easton. Was close with Easton until Murray moved to Raith. It was also mentioned on the Falkirk Daft podcast.
  11. Rangers are paying his wages whilst he is unavailable. Info came indirectly via Kenny Jamieson.
  12. As per the BoD update 12 May 2022, which is in the public domain, it states that we require £300k additional income to ensure financial stability. I'd like to know what progress is being made to reduce this deficit and has the projected figure changed for the better or worse. Hopefully the BoD along with the FSS board are discussing this on a regular basis rather than burying their heads in the sand, and that there is a plan in place if the shit hits the fan. Imo this should be the number 1 agenda item.
  13. Perhaps we're going 5 3 2 with Miller in defence?
  14. Good point about offering a watered down version. And the £90k sum for one 2010 team doesn't add up either. A shame this wasnt publicised before the roadshows then perhaps a bit more info could have been shared.
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