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  1. If clubs cant put rivalries aside during a world wide crisis, to come to a solution which removes relegation and includes promotion as a season is only partially complete then its pretty sad. It's not the fault of hearts, partick and stranraer that the season was abandoned yet they're getting shafted. We could be in the same situation this time next year for all we know, and clubs opposing change may find themselves in a similar situation to hearts, partick and stranraer. Pretty sure these 3 teams would tell them to ram it knowing that clubs weren't willing to help them.
  2. Is there a deadline placed on when the reconstruction plans need to be raised and agreed?
  3. Agreed. Who would you promote if there was reconstruction and an extra team was required to round up the numbers?
  4. Read our statement, we've reluctantly accepted the outcome of the vote If reconstruction means saving hearts, partick and stranraer from an unfair relegation then why wouldnt we vote for it?
  5. With that scenario Brora and kelty would not be admitted.
  6. There is a huge drop off between what 12th in the premiership and 2nd in the championship receive. I can't see the likes of Hamilton or St Mirren voting in favour of increasing the premiership to 14 unless the prize money for 13th and 14th is substantially increased. Is it not better financially to finish 13th or 14th in a 14 team top flight due to increased away crowds compared to finishing 1st or 2nd in the champ based on the status quo?
  7. Not necessarily. The pot of money is split between all 42 teams. Someone posted a table earlier of the cash splits, if they increase the league the team that finishes 14th would get the same amount that the team who finished 2nd in the Champ the prior received. The only additional amount will be the approx £100k shared between the teams that finish 43rd and 44th, this would be split between all 42 clubs.
  8. Gloating because your team has benefited due to a global pandemic, which has killed thousands of people is pretty low. Have some dignity.
  9. I actually disagree with most of this 😂 1. We weren't shafted 2. I wont be congratulating raith rovers as the whole season has not been completed, and I was confident we would have caught them, but a decision had to be made at some point which results in a team being promoted, with that team being raith. 3. Hearts, partick and stranraer dont deserve to be relegated, especially partick who had a game in hand. Yes they were bottom of the league, but there were still plenty of points to play for, and it's not their fault the season has come to an abrupt end. I've no issue with the leagues being altered to prevent relegation, even for one season.
  10. No mention of relegation either. I think its safe to assume you'll be going up though.
  11. Fair point. I'd still rather have the 2 up 2 down approach though
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