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  1. Did Brampton to Carlisle 10 miler race today. After the year I'd had and with the way I'd been running I'd been hoping to get somewhere near 70 minutes as I thought my PB for the course was about 63 minutes - but when I discovered even at my best I'd managed 67:30 I started having doubts. After the first mile or so I heard a couple of folk saying they were trying to pace 7 minute miles so reckoned if I stayed with them I'd be OK. Sure enough, finished just ahead of them (cheers Garscube Harriers!) and finished within 20 seconds of my best on that route, so can't complain!
  2. Red Bull making up utter nonsense to try to keep Verstappen happy. He was told a few times on the last lap to move.
  3. The amount of Celtic da's lapping it up on Twitter without a hint of irony is incredible.
  4. Follow Follow to go into meltdown because we showed a disgraceful lack of respect by only holding a minute's silence for Remembrance Sunday, rather than a full-scale re-enactment of the Battle of the Somme.
  5. Right person going home. Syabira for the win.
  6. The situation with Brophy is similar to when we had Craig Dargo. Great player when he is fully fit but those occasions are sadly few and far between.
  7. Is this the first time we've had a player called up for a World Cup, or even an international tournament? Here's a list of internationalists: https://www.stmirren.info/internationalists Can't see any World Cup ones - I think Paul Fenwick might have played for Canada in the Gold Cup but that would be it.
  8. Baccus is in! Sadly Strain isn’t. https://www.footballaustralia.com.au/news/socceroos-fifa-world-cup-qatar-2022tm-squad-announced
  9. To be honest, I'm more annoyed about this than what may or may not be going on with our former chairman. Ask anyone involved with any committee - be it a sports club, gala, PTA, whatever - and they'll tell you one of the biggest problems is getting new members on the committee, particularly younger ones. We had not one, but two, younger guys willing to come on board and they were the only two not to get one of the posts. It may be their age had nothing to do with it but it's a bit disheartening for them and any other younger folk that want to get involved. Also means a whole generation of support has no representation on SMiSA- although not as bad as having no women on the board, which is the case with the club and, it seems, now SMiSA. Would have also have been good to get some fresh faces involved - regardless of their age. I'm sure the four involved will do a good job, but they're all guys who have been involved with the club/SMiSA/whatever before so I can't see much fresh thinking coming from them.
  10. The most dangerous place in the F1 paddock is the space between Christian Horner and the Sky camera. He's the one suffering most from this boycott.
  11. Tait might need surgery. Dunne and Gallagher likely to be available for Saturday. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/9690712/st-mirren-richard-tait-surgery-stephen-robinson-injury-timeline/
  12. Classic case of a team paying far too much attention to what the computer is saying rather than what's actually happening. Want to cut costs ? Get rid of the bollocks supercomputers and army of personnel they have back at base trying to work on the perfect strategy each weekend.
  13. It's amazing that they have been caught cheating, admitted they were cheating and yet are playing the victim card and saying they are the ones who should be getting an apology. They effectively got to pick their own punishment too and are trying not to laugh while telling everyone who detrimental it will all be. Don't agree that it tarnishes the title but there should have been a harsher punishment. Everyone else stayed within the limit so no reason they couldn't. Their excuses don't cut it.
  14. Simon Lazenby on Sky absolutely seething about it.
  15. You can add Davie Elliot, Chic Charnley and Kyle Magennis. Think he's suspended tomorrow - Magennis that is, although wouldn't surprise me if Charnley is still serving a ban.
  16. I spotted that and admired the sheer brass neck of it.
  17. No one could possibly have seen that coming. Info here for those interested: https://www.smisa.net/election
  18. Agree on all of that. Sandro won the technical, Syabira was bottom yet still got star baker. Kevin made a bit of a mess of the signature before we got onto his cake involving three litres of custard, which always sounded like a disaster. I think they only through Janusz into the discussion to add suspense. You knew Dawn and Kevin were going almost as soon as the previous week's episode finished as they were clearly the weakest ones left and had only just clung on that time. Don't think that's the case any more.
  19. The AGM for the last few years has been held in January, so guessing this time around will be the same meaning the accounts will maybe be published late December/early January? They'll only cover last season though so if we're as screwed as "glen" claims we are then it won't be immediately apparent. Voting for the new SMiSA directors is due to begin today and run until Friday.
  20. As soon as Ayunga scored I knew VAR was going to look at what had happened with Baccus. It was pretty much right in front of me and I thought contact, if any, was minimal and the United guy had made the most of it and the replays haven't changed my mind. But when the ref was told to look at it I knew it was going to be ruled out. Thankfully it didn't cost us in the end and we shouldn't complain as, according to the Dundee United manager: "The VAR's turned it over so it must have been a foul." Hard to understand why they're struggling considering he also moaned about the size of his centre-halfs - hadn't realised Alex Greive was such a giant.
  21. I wondered that too, which might be why they're offering them a deal - bit like offering someone a plea bargain. Wouldn't surprise me if Red Bull have exploited some loop hole - Newey's salary being paid by some sub-contractor that is used by the race team (and Alpha Tauri). Seem to remember they tried that one before so they could use the same design for both car. I think that's a large part of it. If it was the other way round and Mercedes had been found guilty and Red Bull were wanting them penalised after losing the title I think more folk would be agreeing. Because it's the other way round it's being seen as sour grapes, even though Ferrari and McLaren (and probably others) have been calling for punishment. Still, if the FIA and Red Bull do cut a deal it will at least keep the Hamilton weirdos on Twitter occupied.
  22. The cost cap was introduced last season, which went down to the final lap. This year has been poor but that's more down to Ferrari being fucking useless when faced with any decision more complex than deciding what they want for tea rather than any spending restrictions. There's been some bollocks written about how big a difference a breach made (Ferrari's half a second being the most laughable) and it's debatable how much, if any, difference it made to last season. However, Hamilton is right that there needs to be a proper penalty. It's not going to be title stripping, as much as Sky and chums might try and push that agenda, but it needs to be something meaningful if they're going to keep the cost cap.
  23. Thanks for posting that - heard so much about that game but never seen the goals before now. So much going on in that clip - including defenders falling over and tremendous goalie trackie bottoms. Also nice to see Frank McGarvey scoring given the recent news.
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