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  1. Frothy Bike in Dumfries is tremendous. Great scones too. Just reopened after numerous closures over the last few months due to staff shortages, covid etc. Since moving a few miles out of town we’ve been going to the cafe in Ae Forest a lot. The coffee and cake are tremendous so I’d recommend it if you’re in the area. Ae is one of the 7Stanes mountain biking trails so the perfect place to go after you’ve been in the forest.
  2. Probably the right decision although just realised we've been denied the hilarity of Paul and his finesse obsession having to deal with Lizzie in patisserie week. Jurgen, Giuseppe and Chigs in the final.
  3. Stu


    Cheers, will take a look at them. Got a barbecue place booked for the Saturday when we arrive and also going to some Sri Lankan place that seems good (and does half price food on a Monday, which is an added bonus).
  4. Stu


    Me and my other half are heading down to Bristol on Saturday for four nights followed by a couple of nights in Bath. Any good restaurant recommendations? Had been trying to find a good Sunday lunch place but the best one seems booked up years in advance!
  5. I guess it depends what kind of running you enjoy. I'd far rather stick on a few podcasts and go out for two or three hours than do a parkrun and do a half marathon distance three or four times a week so marathon training should have been a doddle for me had I not had various injuries as well as the flu for the only time I can remember. Similarly, it'll depend what marathon you're doing. I did London so between the crowds and admiring the landmarks (and eating sweets) there was no chance of getting bored. I'd imagine it would be the same for any of the big city events, but for something like Loch Ness it might be a bit more boring.
  6. After a couple of shitty weather weeks saw me on the treadmill for my early morning runs, it was back to the forest today. Lovely morning (helped by the clocks having changed) and even saw some deer.
  7. Lizzie will surely be gone next week, then it's a case of seeing which of Chiggs and Crystelle joins Jurgen and Giuseppe in the final. A part of me likes to think utter gammons like Farage tune in every week for The GREAT BRITISH Bake Off only to be turned into a frothing mess that the best two are a German and an Italian. Not really sure there was much point in a caramel week as the making the caramel part seemed to be the same each time - not like pastry week where they were tested with different types of pastry.
  8. No excuses, fucking embarrassed with myself. I'm just surprised ZingaliMan hasn’t posted it on here given the amount of shite he falls for.
  9. Would need to check but fairly sure we had 14 points after the first round of games in 2006/07. Definitely had four wins as we won our opening two matches and beat the Edinburgh clubs. Would imagine there were a few draws too given Gus was in charge. Cray it's taken us this long to match how we did in our first season up!
  10. I can't remember Novo (I've never watched any "high"lights of that game) but it still always amazes me how Milller was somehow unmarked despite us having two men more than them.
  11. No idea what to expect from us. We seem to be going quite well at the moment (although shipping a few goals) but that could all come undone against Rangers on Sunday!
  12. Saints are having a good season, top of the South league and beat nearest rivals Threave a few months back. Good chance of a wee upset here. Kirkcudbright is a lovely wee town, as is the surrounding area. Loads of great places for walks if that's your thing. There's also a planetarium and the gallery has recently opened an exhibition of items from the Galloway Viking Hoard, which I'm looking to visit when I can. This weekend is also Kirkcudbright Food Festival and there's a big marquee up with various stalls, as well as cooking demos. Selkirk Arms is great for food and if you want a stomach-bursting breakfast The Belfry is the place to go.
  13. Fairly sure this isn't the first time we've trotted out the record breaking/highest ever offer when trying to get someone on a new contract in the last few years. Might have been Hladky or Magennis who apparently received a similar bumper offer. We may have made a record breaking number of contract offers to Doyle-Hayes but that's different... Makes the club look like it's doing everything when they almost certainly know (and perhaps may already have been told) the player in question is offski come the end of the season.
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