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  1. That's unlikely given 20 years ago I was still at school and Gretna were playing in the English leagues πŸ˜› I started in 2007 and cover a different part of the region so had nothing to do with the original Gretna and only the odd phonecall to do with the current one when someone has been on holiday.
  2. Fair enough. Bought it tonight. Splitting my free time between that and FM will be fun!
  3. My mate showed me this on his PS4 last night. Is it worth getting for the PC? It's currently Β£5.74 on Steam or Β£7.49 for the deluxe edition (whatever that includes). Would that be enough to enjoy the game as I resent paying extra for DLC, especially when it's something I might only play for a few weeks then not touch again for months.
  4. He's even resorted to making up shit about Ross' time at Sunderland this time πŸ˜‚
  5. There's more chance of Alex Morgan signing for us.
  6. Is he the player whose signing was announced on Twitter during the first half of a Celtic game?
  7. Stu

    FM 2020

    Is this definitely being looked at? Have yet to start a game and am quite happy to hold off for a few more days until this is sorted.
  8. This goes on a bit and a few debatable ones - probably missed someone obvious for a few positions. EDIT: Fully appreciate there will be a tl;dr approach from most folk to this. GK - David Cornell: We've been relatively lucky with goalies this decade (cue guffaws from opposition fans about Samson). Cornell started off in Danny Lennon's final season and looked pretty hopeless. His kicking was rubbish and he wasn't much better at saving. Was binned after a few games and sent back to Swansea come January. RB – Craig Reid: Perhaps a bit unfair but we've had pretty good rightbacks this decade such as David van Zanten, Liam Smith and Paul McGinn. Reid came on loan when Iain Murray was in charge as our other rightbacks were injured or suspended. Didn't help things by getting sent off on his debut against Falkirk. Wasn't terrible, wasn't great and kinda ends up here by default. CB – Cole Kpekawa: One of Alan Stubbs many signings from down south. Had previously been sold for a six figure sum by at least one club, he looked good on his debut against Kilmarnock in the League Cup but we soon realised why he'd bounced round so many clubs. Gash. Got hooked against Livi in August and not sure if he was seen again. Binned come January and I think he ended the season at Billericay. CB – Josh Heaton: A very, very expensive mistake. Stubbs paid Darlington Β£75,000 for him amid interest from other clubs after he impressed in the Jamie Vardy Academy. Looked out of his depth against Spartans (ironic considering he'd come from the English non-league) and I don't think he made a league appearance for us. When it turned out he was pish, claims mysteriously started appearing that we didn't pay Β£75,000 for him after all and that was the final figure with add-ons – despite the club trumpeting him as our most expensive signing for a quarter of a decade. Punting out on loan to some English lower-league backwater then told to piss off in the summer. Now bouncing around the English lower leagues, recently emptied by Bradford Park Avenue for saying not very nice things on Twitter. LB – Luke Conlan: Like Reid, came in the Murray era and ends up here by default as we've had guys like Paul Dummett and Adam Eckersley playing leftback. Came on loan from Burnley and didn't look very good. Sent off against Morton before the end of August and I don't think he was seen again. His most useful contribution was getting called up to an under-21 squad, meaning we had enough players away to get a game postponed. Binned come January. Honourable mention to Danny Grainger, who was shite and spent half his time with us tweeting about his love for Hearts. RM – Jamie McCluskey: Gets the nod because Adam Drury at least scored some goals. Liked a stepover and was very small but most remembered for celebrating a Celtic goal while watching the Old Firm game in the Saints dressing room – a moment caught by the BT cameras. CM – Kyle Hutton (captain for ultimate shiteness): f**k off, keep fucking off then f**k off some more. How the hell this boy ended up on the books of Rangers is beyond me. One of the worst players I've ever seen and part of Alex Rae's staunch signing policy. Think his last appearance was against Morton when he made it quite clear he didn't want the ball. Not sure how many times the phrase β€œbut he was Queen of the South's player of the season last year” was trotted out by straw-clutching fans on our forums (he'd won one of the near double figure awards available). Think he was sent out on loan even before January, then binned for good in the summer. Part of the Dumbarton side that lost to our under-20s this season. CM – Eric Djemba-Djemba: It should probably be Stuart Carswell but Djemba-Djemba is more memorable. Signed in a blaze of glory and became a cult hero with his flat cap. Looked rubbish on his debut, gave away a penalty the following week and that was that. Had lovely, soft feet according to Danny Lennon. LM – Jeff King: Not sure if he was actually a winger and don't care. Another of Stubbs' attempts to prove that English reserve and non-league side players are capable of playing in the Scottish Premiership. Not sure when or where he disappeared to once Stubbs went. CF – Stephane Bahoken: Probably worse strikers played for us in the decade that merit inclusion more (Yoann Arquin and James Marwood) but I don't think they went AWOL midway through their loan spell. Looked pish on his debut, didn't get any better and buggered off come November. His loan deal was ended but his French club didn't want him so he came back, made one appearance then got β€œinjured” and wasn't seen again. Unbelievably has turned into a decent striker in the French top flight despite barely looking like a footballer when with us. CF – Nicola Brock-Madsen: Yet another of the Stubbs shite we got lumbered with. His track record looked pish, Birmingham wanted shot of him and he had not enjoyed a previous loan spell somewhere after moaning about the air quality. Made a few appearances, looked shite and wasn't prepared to fight for his place after his loan ended so off he fucked.
  9. Confirmed in third. As iain said, no reason they couldn't have confirmed that in time for Sainz to make the podium - Hamilton even took full responsibility in his interview! They've handed Verstappen penalties in enough time to change the podium in the past, could easily have done that today. Oh, and it looked like Vettel's fault for the accident. Leclerc didn't change his line, Vettel inched over towards him.
  10. Took more than half a minute off last year's time on the 10 mile Brampton to Carlisle race today. This year comfortably beat my PB for 5 miles, 10 miles and a half marathon and by default set a PB on my first marathon. Shame I didn't manage it on a 10k too (only 5ks I've done are parkruns) too - only done two 10ks this year and one was a trail race and the other had a f**k off hill in it.
  11. Stu

    FM 2020

    Explained it better than I could. Increasing his kicking and reflexes by just one point took his CA up by four from 115 to 119, so increasing his mental stats slightly would probably have a similar effect. You could argue he should be better than 115 and I don't think too many people would complain if he did go to 120 (although I can think of one...) but as you mention there's already few Premiership goalies ahead. If Hladky turns out to be the only major issue folk have with my data I'll take that. At least it's from folk who have seen him play, unlike last year when some Everton fan was insistent Kyle Magennis' technical ability was too low based on the Friday night game against Celtic that he probably only saw on TV.
  12. Albon confirmed at Red Bull next year. Has done well since going there so fair enough but Red Bull have painted themselves into a corner with the approach of only using their drivers. Doubt both Gasly and Kvyat would have kept their Toro Rosso seats if there was anyone decent coming through. Gasly perhaps got promoted too soon and deserves another chance but I can think of other drivers Red Bull have dumped for less. The disappointing thing is it looks like there will be just two driver changes for next season - Ocon in for Hulkenberg at Renault and whoever replaces Kubica at Williams, probably Latifi. There was a lot of change this year so it perhaps balances it out but I don't think I can ever recall such stability between seasons. Disappointing too there will probably only be one rookie.
  13. Big clubs like Dundee United deserve to be in the Premiership.
  14. If you're finishing in the next few weeks then there's no excuse for not doing A View From The Terrace Election Night special.
  15. Pish, lazy and unfit. Missed his train when we tried to punt him on loan to Darlington.
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