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  1. Stu


    Bumping an ancient thread to the top as there doesn't seem much Greece chat. Just booked a trip to a place near Chania on Crete for the end of September. Anyone been before?
  2. For whatever reason, McGrath couldn't get a game for Wigan last season when they were in League One - and as they got promoted he can't really argue he should have been playing. With them now being in the Championship, it's even less likely he'll get a game unless he moves so going to Dundee United makes sense. Would happily have had him back or kept Ronan for another year as we don't really have a goal threat from midfield.
  3. Utter scenes if someone else set up that account. Maybe he's been booted out after daring to try to overtake Baby Stroll last weekend.
  4. There was a TV game against Aberdeen around that time where Obika hit the post when he should probably have scored and I heard someone saying that was why Danny Mullen shouldn't be on the bench
  5. At least he didn't try to play things down in his interview and admitted we were pish. Sounds like he told the players as much too. Dunno if it's the early start or the group stage but I'm not overly fussed about the group stage, however I can't deny I'm getting a bit worried. Robinson has put such an emphasis on being ready for the Motherwell game that the pressure will really be on if we don't get off to a good start, especially after the horrendous form after he took over last season.
  6. Scott Burns has always been extremely good for Saints stuff in fairness. If Reid stays until next summer and leaves for compensation, will that take into account how many first team appearances he's made or is it purely on age and length of time at the club?
  7. Don't think he was saying there was in fairness, just that if you're going to give it Billy big balls you better be able to back it up and not leave yourself open to being passed by the person you've been slagging. He's probably learned that the hard way given who he supports... Moffat Gala Race tonight - decided ages ago I'd only be going to watch rather than take part due to injuries and not being fully fit. As you can see from my Strava from when I did it three years ago, watching is definitely the better option - especially at mile four (although the second half was arguably harder)... https://www.strava.com/activities/2518690837
  8. Back running for the best part of two weeks now. Thought I'd done my gluts/piriformis on Wednesday to the extent I tried to get a physio appointment but they've no space for weeks. Went for a walk last night and it didn't seem too bad so decided to run this morning and no problems (and no issues since), which is a bit bizarre. Think it was going up a steep hill on Wednesday that might have caused it and stayed relatively flat today - even if my watch did claim I'd done 1,500ft of elevation Have managed to get back up to 10 miles so, injuries aside, Great North Run should be OK. Definitely seems more doable then when I was struggling through six miles a few weeks back. Just glad it's not London this year.
  9. The sort of scenario that we usually excel at messing up. Feel we could maybe do with someone who can score relatively regularly from midfield as we don't really seem to have replaced the goals of Ronan. O'Hara has scored a few in pre-season but has never been that prolific and neither has Kiltie. Doesn't look like it'll happen though given we're still after Gogic or, presumably, someone similar. On a completely separate note, someone has updated Wikipedia with the new squad numbers. No idea if they're accurate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Mirren_F.C.#First-team_squad
  10. Going from Robinson's interview after the game, it doesn't sound as if Main or Brophy will be fit before the league season starts. Said something about not being available for the cup - although he could just have been talking about this weekend rather than the entire group stage.
  11. Tremendous finish to the race. Delighted to see Sainz get the win. I know he only held it for a few seconds, but Hamilton getting second by passing Leclerc and Perez in one go and the cheer that accompanied it was a great moment.
  12. https://news.sky.com/story/bernie-ecclestone-says-he-would-take-a-bullet-for-first-class-vladimir-putin-as-he-defends-war-in-ukraine-12642942
  13. Aye - there's some people you could maybe give the benefit of the doubt to but given his previous, he isn't one of them.
  14. Neither of the statements mention Piquet which is a bit disappointing - effectively telling not to be racist (which I obviously have no issue with) but not explaining the background. I'd no idea why it was being put out until I found a story about Piquet. I saw The Telegraph trying to whip up something about Jackie Stewart having said something racist the other week but it was behind their paywall so couldn't find it.
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