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  1. I did the Great Scottish Run a few years back (last one before covid), it's a great event with a good atmosphere around it. Also the novelty of running across the Kingston Bridge - after you've been battered by the hill right at the start. Not been running since mid February as I did my ankle again, almost exactly a year after breaking the same one). Doesn't seem to have broken this time but pain still isn't away. Tried running a fortnight ago and it was very sore the morning after, tried again last night and did a mix of running and walking depending how sore it was. Looks like I'll be sticking to the exercise bike for a bit longer, although the noise it's making it's just a matter of time until it falls apart.
  2. Including a Ross County "fan" going by the absolutely dreadful Gretna book.
  3. Any chance we can get an explanation from SMiSA as to what the hell is going on? That's the third chairman (at least) to leave in less than a year, and now it seems the temporary one is a guy that wasn't even elected? Farce. Apologies if the outgoing one has genuine personal reasons for going but the whole thing stinks. Seriously considering cancelling my payment.
  4. Coming from Dumfries first thing in the morning so guessing that's out. Seen differing views on the walk - some folk saying it's quite long, not well marked (despite the claims there's a safely marked route) and a nightmare to haul cases along. And it's Scotland so it'll probably be raining. Will probably end up using that or someone like PremiAir/NPC/whoever. All seem much of a muchness with pros and cons.
  5. Which car park would folk recommend using at Edinburgh? Think the last time we used the official one but I see you now have to walk rather than get a bus. Have had a Google but some of the reviews for NCP etc (shite access roads, no space to park despite booking) have me a bit worried.
  6. Stu


    Looks amazing. We'll be driving from Halifax to Lunenburg so imagine we'll be going via there.
  7. Stu


    Thanks for the advice - we're hopefully going to book Nova Scotia for September (as if we'd gone in May as planned a lot of places we wanted to go to would have been shut)/ Halifax, Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal, Wolfville, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton is the plan. Lot to fit into 10 days but should be fun.
  8. Stu


    Despite her previously having said she fancies going to both of them, my wife has now decided it's actually a driving holiday around Nova Scotia she'd prefer. You'd think I'd be used to this after nearly two years of marriage...
  9. Stu


    Ah the fucking naivety of thinking in May 2020 everything would be back to normal a year later. Finally thinking of having our proper honeymoon (two years late) and going to Canada. Five nights in Montreal and five nights in Quebec City looks like it might be an option - anyone any thoughts? Is the drive between the two particularly exciting/scenic?
  10. This seems to be a trend with a lot of commentators nowadays with their carefully scripted ad-libs (you can tell with Liam McLeod it's stuff he's been working on). They seem to want stuff to instantly become iconic and remembered and it comes out pish. Binotto telling some guy it was impossible to say whether Leclerc would have won Silverstone if they'd changed tyres was quite funny, given that's exactly what they did with Sainz and he passed him to win.
  11. Rumours that Vettel might be in for Aston Martin if Stroll isn't fit to race (which is highly possible given there are stories he's broken both wrists).
  12. Enjoyed last night’s episode of A View From The Terrace.
  13. A brief visit there more than a decade ago remains the only time I've ever been in a night club and I don't see that changing any time soon.
  14. The architecture boat tour is worth doing. Chicago has some amazing buildings.
  15. "Performing a sex act" is one of my favourite tabloid journalism phrases. Gives it a whole element of class it doesn't deserve and makes it sound as if the individual concerned was introduced by an MC and appeared from behind a curtain before doing the dirty. Another I liked that our court reporter used was "local nightspot", which made the sole club in Dumfries sound like a glitzy establishment rather than somewhere your shoes stuck to the floor.
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