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  1. Stu


    Not as bad as that but there was a clip in the first episode of the players apparently training for the first game of the season - except Craig Samson was in it and he didn't leave us until October or November. One of the guys behind it was on the Totally Football League Show today and said they weren't making a third season. They only made a second because the ownership changed as if Ellis Short had still been in charge it would just have been more of the same.
  2. Stu


    Methven strikes me as a fucking idiot.
  3. I'm sticking to my normal running routes for now. As long as I or other people move out of each other's way it should be fine.
  4. It was both of them. Dunno why but I remember the Rangers gane was at Tannadice.
  5. It was horrendous. There was a wind-up thread of top five St Mirren league wins at their new ground, the joke being it ran for more than a year before there were even five to put in it. I think the Celtic one was the fourth or fifth.
  6. Everything apart from the grounds where the games were being played 😝
  7. Something to cheer us up in these difficult times - 10 years ago today!
  8. Tried watching it last night, gave up after half an hour of the presenters talking with sod all happening.
  9. Cheers Stu. What happened to Autosport? I used to buy it religiously but stopped about 15 years abo. Just go on the website now and motorsport.com About October/November time the owners more than doubled the price of it - seemingly so they could claim the print product was dead and everyone should go online, paying for Autosport Plus. That lasted about three weeks because there was such a backlash, however it looks like most of the bigger name journalists had already decided to jump ship by that point as there was a steady stream of them departing around the turn of the year and going to The Race. Not saying one is better than the other, but The Race seems to want to keep their stuff free (for the moment).
  10. Yeah, I was out this morning and am still planning on going out myself - especially as the weather has finally improved!
  11. If folk are looking for their F1/motorsport fix, you could do worse than check out https://the-race.com/. It's where a lot of the staff who have left Autosport in recent months (about the time they tried the ridiculous price rise) have ended up - and there's no subscription fees to read the articles. They also have a load of podcasts. They've started a weekly one with Gary Anderson and from tomorrow have one looking at the V10 era from 1989 to 2005.
  12. All races off. My running club has stopped the regular runs. Yet, for the moment, parkruns are still on in the UK!
  13. According to Gordon Scott the other day: "We would like to reassure all our supporters that the club is in a strong financial position to deal with any eventuality that arises." https://www.stmirren.com/fans-news/3607-chairman-s-update-march-2020
  14. He is on loan at Barnsley's under-23s. Genuinely. The decision to let McGinn and Broadfoot go could really end up costing us - especially if this ends up being the final game of the season 🤣
  15. Kimi and Vettel have flown home but it's still not officially off. Shambles.
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