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  1. P&b Running Club

    I have ordered the one you use now from Amazon (using vouchers from doing surveys so it's cost me nothing!) so will get some practice with that and see how it works. Might end up using it without the bottles if it's too bulky or heavy.
  2. Valencia

    Think me and my girlfriend are going to Valencia for a few days in the summer after going to Madrid (which is why I've bumped both threads). Probably staying at a place near the arts and science thing near the sea. Is that reasonably close to the city centre?
  3. Madrid

    Bumping this as my girlfriend and me are probably going to Madrid for a bit next summer before heading to Valencia. I take it there's still stuff to do if you're not going on a stag do or for the football, which seems to be what the majority of folk on here were doing
  4. This time with Alan Partridge

    A bit from Comic Relief on Friday night that I'm guessing a lot of folk won't have seen.
  5. P&b Running Club

    Delighted with my run today. Managed 22 miles in just over three hours (and I was deliberately trying not to go too fast in the first half). Took gels about every hour to get used to them. Much more confident about London now. Six weeks to go - a few more runs like that and I'll be more than happy.
  6. P&b Running Club

    A combination of podcasts (which I listen to on a normal run) and having the TV on saw me through. Despite having the sound on, it being half six in the morning and not knowing who Sky News' two guests were, I was still able to instantly work out which one was representing the pro-Brexit side.
  7. P&b Running Club

    Cheers. Always happy to go with whichever says I've covered more miles!
  8. P&b Running Club

    Did my run in the gym today due to the weather. Treadmill says I did 10 miles, watch (on indoor run setting) says I did nine. Dunno which to believe - treadmill obviously.
  9. F1 2019

    IF you like the idea of points for fastest lap, you might as well enter this...
  10. P&b Running Club

    Ran 11 miles in that this morning and it wasn't fun. Rain wasn't too bad in the first half but it was horrendous in the second, then the sleet came on. On the plus side, my legs are so cold I couldn't feel the pain in my knee that has been giving me problems (had to stop for a week and am currently running with it taped up). Managed to sneak under eight-minute mile pace for the last couple of runs so looks like I might be getting some semblance of speed back. Well done to anyone who ran today - especially in a race! Pleasantly surprised to discover London is still seven weeks away - thought it was six.
  11. F1 2019

    Wee reminder about the Fantasy F1. www.fantasygp.com and use the league code 618914.
  12. P&b Running Club

    Grand, will check those out and hopefully get a chance to try them before the day (if my body starts behaving itself).
  13. F1 2019

    Dunno if it's someone from here but hats off to whoever entered the fantasy league with the team The Tom Pryce is Right.
  14. P&b Running Club

    Do you keep gels in yor pocket during a marathon or do you have a bag or pack of some sort? Wondering if I need to get one of those. Went to see the physio on Thursday about my knee who helpfully told me he knew what the problem was but couldn't do anything about. Got a bit worried when he showed me the issue on a skeleton model and started mentioning cartilage and ligaments but thankfully he just told me to keep icing it and it might be OK within a week.
  15. F1 2019

    Running a Fantasy F1 league again this year. Just go to www.fantasygp.com, register your team then join the private league with the code 618914. Everyone welcome, the more the merrier, pass the details on to other folk - but there's only two weeks until the season starts!