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  1. DonNeLly iS a WaSTe oF Space we-all-know-what-he-s-thinking-photo-u1.webp
  2. I think there's quite a contrast between Wallace's inswingers compared to his outswingers, when he's on inswingers his delivery is generally excellent whereas his outswingers are more hit and miss. Look much more of a set peice threat this season, 4 corners goal in 2 games.
  3. Aye not as if you boys have taken a 2-1 lead against us before defending it with a 0-0 draw before is it? ????
  4. Was pretty much my thoughts, didn't look a lot in it but once it was given thought ToB could have been off.
  5. Is there not a case for saying that 3 at the back can often nullify our more attacking and exciting players but is more effective at grinding out results than the 442? I've not been to many games this season but after reading match reports etc that seems to be the mindset?
  6. Cracking pass through after Albions defence seemed to step up at the wrong time, Wallace just hammered it near post before the keeper could react. Didn't notice a camera but the go pro was up.
  7. Martin was playing for Hibs development team during the day. Horrible game that, not sure why our wingers were constantly desperate to cut inside but yet hesitant to take a shot on. Good to see Wallace scoring from open play and a bullet header from Hammy but some of our play and defending was utterly atrocious and I think that's being kind.
  8. Scored two penalties in the 5-0 over Forfar (one from Linn and one from McCord), one against Stranraer in the 6-2 scored by McCord, one against Alloa scored by McCord in the 1-1 home draw, one in the 7-1 win against Airdrie scored by McCord, two in the midweek scored by Wallace and one yesterday scored by Wallace. So eight penalties in the league scored.
  9. Hope you lads do it, might be our rivals but you deserve to be promoted! Cmon the mo
  10. First time this season Albion haven't scored away in the league and only the second time they've scored less than two so playing the more defensive Gold and Kader combination was probably an astute decision.
  11. Save from Ruddy just a few minutes in looked a cracker btw, better keeper than Hart going by that display.
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