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  1. The All Blacks played in Samoa in 2015 with a full team. I think I read that Samoa actually lost money on that game so I’m not sure games in the islands are that attractive for either side. A super rugby team would help but even the top super rugby teams can’t compete with the money on offer in Europe. Maybe if the criteria to qualify for another nation was a bit tighter it might stop so many switching to the big nations?
  2. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Scottish_Football_League/Dumbarton/Dumbarton.htm The board are trying to channel the glory days of the late 1800s
  3. In my opinion the injury list is at least partly Stevie’s fault. Most players were clearly not fit enough after preseason and when you are not at peak fitness it is much easier to pick up injuries. He can’t do much about those who turned up injured to preseason apart from a stricter medical, or any medical at all.
  4. Surely this means Stevie has been given money to sign more than one player? He can’t be spunking the last of the budget on a striker when we already have 5 or 6 options up top can he?
  5. Lacey claims an assist for the All Blacks try there. Unbelievable that he allowed that to stand after watching the replay
  6. Here’s a sneak peak of Ross Forbes modelling the new kit. Should have no problems picking out passes to teammates anyway.
  7. You might have to retract this statement after today’s signing
  8. Now he’s missed a yellow for Sam Cane
  9. He’s just had a bit of a shocker. Gave the French boy a yellow without reviewing it. It was barely high and definitely not a yellow. Now the ABs have scored 2 tried against the 14 men
  10. Good player but prone to a bit of a lunge now and again. Should’ve been sent off against Falkirk in December and should’ve been sent off in the cup final but if he recovers ok from his injury he should be a good signing.
  11. While it’s great news that prices have been reduced I think this may actually see a reduction in season tickets sales as if you miss more than two homes games you would have been better off just paying at the gate (unless I’ve calculated it wrong). Hopefully the lower walk up prices lure a few new supporters in or encourages others to return.
  12. Hope he is currently on route to the airport still in his kit. Come on Froxy make it home
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