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  1. Hearts and QOTS may be mentioned in Walter Scott books and the bible, but Hibernian are mentioned in more recent/relevant works of fiction such as The Departed, Gangs of New York and Coronation Street, to name a few. So money.
  2. I was feeling for Greggy, putting a big meaty bit of bait on and looking for big fish, only to get wee bits of plankton. But then... STRAIGHT OUTTA NOWHERE!!! Sit doon Kincardine, you Fifewegian fanny.
  3. Let's hope he can hang on until 2018 so he gets one more chance to see an African team win the World Cup.
  4. I would've thought you're right on why so many men kill themselves compared to woman. I definitely think the same gender expectations that make some women feel restricted/disadvantaged are the same things that make some men feel pressured/helpless. Men definitely face more pressure with the heightened expectations on them to be strong, confident, successful etc. Men who feel vulnerable and have low self esteem face the prospect of mockery from other males (just look at the poster here calling other posters "sad, unconfident inferiori") as well as women being turned off by their self consciousness. Bizarrely, women who have every reason to be confident (looks, personality etc) but really aren't are probably seen as more attractive by men. For men it's easier to pretend you aren't vulnerable if you are, where as society allows women to be themselves more. Perhaps if anything women being overly confident is seen as being crass, so they can't express themselves in a different way that men can't. I don't think feminists necessarily think everything is perfect for men or that they disagree with helping vulnerable men, but by even using terms like feminist to discuss these issues there's a definite implication that it's a woman's problem. Old fashioned gender roles can affect people badly regardless of their gender, so why do we need a feminist position on it? Why can't we all agree that these roles need to be binned for everyone's sake instead of putting it under a term that implies one has some kind of cause and the other doesn't?
  5. I couldn't give a toley even if they didn't. At a push I'd find a Tory/UKIP coalition pretty funny for the seethe it caused Better Together Labour twats, but the rise of the SNP and destruction of Labour in Scotland is my only interest.
  6. What if these people are actually "sad", "confidence-challenged" and "inferiori", is that a reason to mock them? Would you ridicule a woman for her lack of confidence? Btw, I'm aware that between this and my first post I might seem like some angsty whiner. I'm actually quite content with things, but I know it's not a walk in the park for all males. That may be the case for many people (I know one group who'll probably never take feminists seriously are raging misogynists), but I wouldn't say that's fair for all critics of modern day feminists in Britain. Everyone regardless of gender should agree that differences in pay/opportunities/expectations in employment between genders need to change, in that sense I agree totally with feminism. My beef is with the idea that society generally favours men. Yes men are treated differently, but I wouldn't say it's to one genders benefit over the other. If I'm wrong I'd love some examples. Surely the suicide stat is the most significant of the lot. What could be a bigger sign of not feeling comfortable in the society around you than wanting to kill yourself? "Suffered" yes. Historically women have suffered because of their gender in a way that men haven't. Now I'm not sure, again I'd like to hear some examples. That analogy only stands up with instances referring to quantitative differences like pay gaps etc. When we're talking about society generally favouring men over women, it doesn't stand up as children/old people aren't competing with each other like some (and I stress some) feminists claim men/women are. In short, I think there's a difference between feminism fighting for better pay etc as opposed to those who talk about rape cultures and all that pash.
  7. Everyone knows that Hibernian FC Club fans are the envy of everyone in Scotland, football fan or not. You wouldn't believe how many times I've started talking to someone about football abroad and they've asked about our famous cup runs of 2007, or how it feels to support a team with the best Scottish football ground outside of Glasgow, or what the match experience is like amongst Scotland's most vocal, sophisticated, handsome supporters. Sometimes I try and imagine supporting another Scottish team and I get quite sad, what a pointless existence.
  8. One rare thing I will agree with feminists on is that the music industry (or more precisely mainstream parts of it that spurt out the stuff wee kids listen to) seems to push a sexist agenda that's downright sinister at times. A good example is when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. His response is to release a hateful tirade on women, she sings about how attractive she finds violent men, and nae c**t bats an eyelid. Not that I care what those two gimps get up to, but it's obviously not good for impressionable wee daft children.
  9. I can't be fucked reading the article so I won't comment on it, it's obviously the case that woman are disadvantaged in many ways when it comes to employment/career opportunities so I wouldn't be surprised if politics was the same as the rest. I can't help but find feminists to be fucking annoying, deranged cretins though. This is a bit of a moral quandary for me as I strongly believe in equality for everyone regardless of gender/age/race/sexual orientations/whatever (what c**t wouldn't?) and yet whenever I hear feminists talk I always end up hating them. It's a joke that woman have worse employment opportunities, but in general non-working life is it really tougher to be a woman than a man? If that's true then why do men get depressed more than woman, why is suicide three times more common for men than women, why are men more likely to become drug addicts/alcoholics? There's more stats like this. I'm not denying that men and women aren't treated differently in all aspects of life, but what bellend feminists can't grasp is that these difference don't benefit one over the other. They talk about how we live in a world driven by male competitiveness, where women are subjected on their appearance whilst all men need is confidence, blah blah. Apart from the fact that men and women are judged as much as each other on appearance these days, they don't think about how men feel when they feel they can't live up to the competitive expectations of being a male. When they whine about men just needing confidence, they don't think about those without much confidence. At least if women feel insecure they're allowed to be, showing insecurity as a male is the definition of being a loser and guess who finds male insecurity extremely unattractive? Women. We all know we need to break down the old fashioned expectation in society that women should be passive whilst men should be strong/dominant, but feminists should shut their trap and start considering they aren't a victim of it more than anyone else.
  10. Just found out Elliot plays for Raith, f**k sake. We can't catch a break finding someone apart from Danny Handling up front. Can we have Clum anyway?
  11. 1) Free Little Birds - Bob Marley 2) Free Lions - Baddiel and Skinner 3) Free-way (The Golden Rule) - Lonely Island/Lady Gaga 4) Wednesday Morning Free AM Simon and Garfunkel 5) 3 Nelson Mandela - The Specials
  12. I'd take Gary Glen and Calum Elliot. Jason Cummings and Danny Handling up front isn't good enough.
  13. Porty Town Hall getting booked out for the Hibs Survival Party as I type.
  14. I don't see any bitterness from Stubbs there. Perhaps a bit disrespectful to Dumbarton by saying he wasn't worried about them bringing it to within a goal twice having been three down, but I'd imagine that's him trying to show confidence in his players rather than a GIRFUY to Murray. Tbh, considering we had a manager last year who told the press his players weren't good enough to stay at the club, us having a manager who appears over-confident at times isn't going to be too high up my list of worries.
  15. Can you provide me with some examples? My feeling at the time was that I'd completely wasted my time voting Lib Dems (this is before I realised voting in Scotland is ALWAYS a waste of time in general elections), but maybe you can tell me something that proves I was part of the only election since WW2 where Scots made a difference. That'd be nice. As for your Orkney/Shetland point.... .....and this..... I'll give you credit for something, at least you're honest about thinking of Scotland as an insignificant wee region. A lot of nawbags buttering up Scotland with this "we're better together, in this nation of nations" whilst also saying "you still can't have any powers" grated a bit. For those of us who think/thought of Scotland as a nation, the idea that we're one of the only nations on earth with no political say was a sore one to take. For people who think of where we live of as the Shetland of Britain, letting one region of England dictate how shit goes down to ourselves and all the other wee regions must be a treat. Hilarious thought eh? Scotland, who's like us?
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