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  1. West Region Fixture Update

    Kenny. It is a true saying, a lot of intelligent folk came out of Logan Toll.. Ian Coughtrie.
  2. Whitletts Manager

    Understand Paul Cameron Girvan is a prime candidate.
  3. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Communication is a great tool
  4. Scottish Cup Weekend

    As I understand it, every Saturday will be used to clear up back log 3rd round Scottish ties. This includes 23rd and 30th of December. This means that teams who requested a free 23rd and 30th December, and have 3rd round ties to clear up, will be required to play on these dates.
  5. John McKeown leaves Cumnock

    GLESGABOY ;- The most sensible post I have read on this thread.
  6. John McKeown leaves Cumnock

    Adam Forsyth cost this club nothing, and was far from being the highest paid player at the club. Agree John should have done a bit more background work on him.
  7. John McKeown leaves Cumnock

    It amazes me how certain people who have hardly seen the team this season, can come on a forum and spout the most awful shit.
  8. Thanks for that info. Wild Winton Rover.
  9. Anyone any news on the festive fixtures Are we playing or is it a break.
  10. Troon FC 2015/16

    Gav :- He is your old team mate. Now with McKnight,and Spenny, joining, will you be assured of a place.
  11. Glenafton management team

    Guy's;- Having been in this game for over 50years, it amazes me how some folk are shocked others surprised, on Southy leaving Arthurlie, for Glenafton. Junior Football is, and always has been, a cut throat business. People who will smile and shake your hand today, will stab you in the back tomorrow. You have no friends.
  12. Candidates For Arthurlie Job?

    Could Mark Cameron make a return.
  13. Cumnock, Glens, Auchinleck

    Can I strongly suggest to you, get your blinkers off and look around your own set up, before commenting on something you know f---- all about. You will hardly know the way out of Girvan, let alone comment on teams you have only dreamed off.
  14. nock going down?

    There is a difference from bringing players from lower leagues who deserve and can prove they are able to step up, and compete at a higher level, to bringing in players who it is well known will never make it. The manager must have the ability to recognise that situation.
  15. nock going down?

    cjfcno1 You talk a lot of sense in your posts. Must assume the new CJFC website is closed now, when Forrest is divulging a lot of our internal problems on an open forum. Not healthy I'm afraid, does nothing to enhance the name of Cumnock Juniors.