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  1. Bawrash. Don't understand your opening question. " Did he not do that last season ". Paul was a player last season under Peter Leonard. He took over in December 2018 and used Peter's players to keep us in the Premiership 2018-19. As you say he then signed his own players for this season's campaign and like many in the past it has been a failure. However the season is over, Paul has been badly let down by players and backroom staff who need to take a long hard look at themselves. To create stability in the club the Chairman should have declined Paul's resignation, told him to see our league programme through, keep us in the Premiership, then sit down with the Chairman, get rid of the dead wood in the club, re- group ready for the new season.Why do we want a new manager at this stage of the season. I have no doubts Paul has the ability to take this club forward, and should have been given the chance. 4 managers in 10 years is a joke. WE NEED STABILITY. and that starts with the manager and his players. Remember Tommy Sloan's first season at Auchinleck, it was a disaster P45 was due to be delivered. Tommy took stock, set up for the new season and the rest is history. Now the decision has been taken to accept Paul's resignation, we must move on, Tony McInally is a good appointment, in fact he was the only one they could have appointed. Previously with Shotts and Pollok, he can be a very volatile character if things don't go right. Good luck to Paul wherever his future lies. Hope he can put things behind him, lift his head, carry on playing and display the ability ,he certainly has been given.
  2. Paul Burn's resignation should never have been accepted. He should have seen the season out, kept us in the Premiership, then kicked out the dead wood,players and backroom staff, 're-grouped and built for next season. THIS CLUB NEEDS STABILITY.
  3. Kenny. It is a true saying, a lot of intelligent folk came out of Logan Toll.. Ian Coughtrie.
  4. Understand Paul Cameron Girvan is a prime candidate.
  5. As I understand it, every Saturday will be used to clear up back log 3rd round Scottish ties. This includes 23rd and 30th of December. This means that teams who requested a free 23rd and 30th December, and have 3rd round ties to clear up, will be required to play on these dates.
  6. GLESGABOY ;- The most sensible post I have read on this thread.
  7. Adam Forsyth cost this club nothing, and was far from being the highest paid player at the club. Agree John should have done a bit more background work on him.
  8. It amazes me how certain people who have hardly seen the team this season, can come on a forum and spout the most awful shit.
  9. Anyone any news on the festive fixtures Are we playing or is it a break.
  10. Gav :- He is your old team mate. Now with McKnight,and Spenny, joining, will you be assured of a place.
  11. Guy's;- Having been in this game for over 50years, it amazes me how some folk are shocked others surprised, on Southy leaving Arthurlie, for Glenafton. Junior Football is, and always has been, a cut throat business. People who will smile and shake your hand today, will stab you in the back tomorrow. You have no friends.
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