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  1. The farmers march on Rob roy 0-1 neilston great battling effort from the boys today on a horrible park 1st half we were far better team and took lead and looked fairly comfortable 2nd half roy applied plenty a pressure but couldn’t break us down Think our goalie had one note able save all that matters is we are in the hat for quarters for only 4th time in our history
  2. last 16 this weekend with some decent ties .... all tough ties thoughts Pollok v Fauldhouse Auchinleck v Tayport Stoney wood Parkvale v Beith Brought v St Rochs Hurlford v Gartcairn Peters Hill v Darvel Kello v Irvine Meadow Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Neilston
  3. Lost 3 of last 4 games unfortunately 3 home games is the worrying stat away from home last 11 games in all comps we hv won 11 drew 1 in the recent games we hv lost Blantyre ... they blew us away few missing players also peasy- a lot of missing players And struggled to field any subs lol and Darvel yday - we jist Neva got going all and all still been very gd season and still pretty much. In the mix for top 5 finish which for us is punching above our weight in terms of budgets etc we hv massive game on sat in last 16 of Scottish also im sure wee will be back to winning ways soon Enough
  4. Neilston 1-3 Darvel away side deserved the win as we never really got into game especially in final third a big call from ref not to giv hmd ball leading to Darvel first goal was prob major changing point all n all no complaints from me we hv to start turning up at home as it’s killing us ...away form is carrying us at moment
  5. Darvel ran out deserved winners in end we couldn’t get going today game changed wit a blatant hand ball for Darvel first goal we then conceded minutes later and never really recovered from that big number 9 and 5 at back were two stand outs for me all the best for the rest of season
  6. Look forward to welcoming the Darvel boys to the brig tonoro In what could be a emotional day for some of the home fans with them paying there respect to the late Hugh Blair big match for both clubs 👍
  7. Think we are kinda same boat with my count only 4 away ties left it’s our gd away from surprisingly that has us where we are
  8. Another weekend approaching and another round of big fixtures *weather permitting* we host Darvel this weekend which will be very tough game as they seem to hv clicked Seem to been in cruise control ... since we went on that run we hv had wee wobble since Christmas but hopefully put behind us with players back etc expecting more of a battle this weekend with the pitch no doubt going to be heavy on legs jist hope it’s on so the home fans can pay tribute to late committeee man Hugh Blair mon the farmers
  9. Took in the arthurlie game today wasn’t the greatest 1st half and both goalkeepers for me at fault for goals dnt think arthurlie offered much in the way of final third but prob deserved to go on break level 2nd half meadow controlled game and prob admit thereselfs they were poor which says a lot for the lie 3-2 in end prob flattered lie with no quality shown especially going forward lot of high long balls belted up two wee tam and wee doc dunky must stay 👍🚜🚜
  10. Maybe they feel it may be for the best giv the guy wee bit of time he started with nothing last year ... yes I agree the lie are meant to be one of big guns and results hvnt been great but over the past 10 years arthurlie hv chopped and changed manager probably most than others and it’s got them no where maybe there vision might be wait and giv this guy wee bit more time cause he hasn’t done much worst than others on probably the lies lowest budget out of other managers
  11. Satori why dnt you join committee? Hv your input see wat really happens behind the scenes cos from my experience it’s a real eyeopener and I’m sure an extra pair a hands would greatly be appreciated
  12. Neilston 2-3 peasy very sloppy from us today gave peasy a 3 goal start and in this league can’t be doing that like prob every team in league we are running on fumes with a bare bones squad at moment ... had to dip into our 19s to help out today .. hopefully bodies are back soon enough to get us back on track long way to go but would say games like today rules us out of promotion but still may hav say on title with the games left all the best to peasy who also bought a decent support on a miserable day
  13. Why would it be fake ? Unless u know the facts ?
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