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  1. Kilsyth 0–1 neilston hard fought win for us today iincase anyone is wondering we were missing 7 players lol 👀
  2. Sad to report after yday game a older neilston fan collapsed outside the ground front gates he sadly passed away would like to thank all who tried to help from both clubs you should always return home after watching your team ... thoughts with all concerned rest easy old Gordy old school farmers boy 🚜
  3. Not too sure ad say mibbie 600-700
  4. Was a standard summers day up neilston lol
  5. First of all well done both set of players surviving 2nd half blizzard pollok too much for us in end taking there chances 2nd half in a professional 2nd half display thought we were very much in it at ht but wasn’t too be all the best guys
  6. Been at park from 8am some soft areas but to be dry up til ko all set up rating to go mon the farmers
  7. Just left neilston and snow on pitch again and was like a bog can’t see it surviving ..... these ties are going to grow arms and legs
  8. Scottish weather for you jist been informed there at 5pn that all snow is off our pitch now and was prob playable haha hv to see wat weather sean batty brings us tomoz and sat morning
  9. Another weekend and possibly another doubtful one ... up in neilston Tuesday and wed park was more than playable and this morning it’s covered in snow what’s weather like this morning where other ties are auchenleck beith and Darvel ?
  10. A reckon in last say 21 days it’s been dry around 3 days obviously different areas get and hv had it worse but the amount that’s fell alone today and which is still on btw will kill us. There’s standing water every where On our pitch at moment and our is usually not bad for drainage
  11. The game won’t survive Official call will be made tomoro morning will be complete wash out tomoro
  12. The neilston vs pollok ref is travelling down from Aberdeen tomoro morning lol so neilston will be a early call
  13. If games were in doubt this week there a cert now to be off weather is horrendous today and set to continue can see a full wipe out in all grass parks again in west
  14. Hopefully full card goes ahead but with constant rain a few could be in doubt talbot v hurlford neilston v pollok darvel v broughty beith v kello expect some decent crowd amongst the ties aswell .. hoping neilston reach semi for 1st time in there history
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