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  1. Crazy that any game is allowed to be played in such conditions. Waste of time. Lottery.
  2. Carluke 0 Pt Glw 3 Carluke played all of 2nd half with 10 men. Wonder how long the ball was actually in play up there in these conditions?!
  3. Lanark v St Rochs is ON. I am gobsmacked as we have had snow on the ground all week up until yesterday. Conditions will be horrendous.
  4. You seeking photos from any of the other grounds in the area whose games are also off?
  5. Think you will find that this is a regular occurrence so we'd be putting a lot of games off, if that were the case.
  6. If weather forecast is to be believed I hope tomorrow is off. We try and play football and gales ain't going to help us.
  7. They have every chance. We can take nothing for granted.
  8. Lanark v Pt Glasgow is very much a promotion clash - 1st v 3rd.
  9. Carluke 2 Lanark 3 Deserved victory despite playing for over an hour with 10 men and going 1 down inside 5 minutes. A quick equaliser saw us right back in it and then a 2nd 20 seconds after the restart put us in the driving seat. We missed several good chances to extend our lead before a penalty on 65 mins put us 1-3 up. Carluke barely troubled us although Gareth Hallford had a couple of excellent late saves to help us maintain our 2 goal lead until the 86th minute when they pulled one back direct from a free kick. Never felt that they were going to equalise and we saw the game out comfortably. There can't be any other ground where the ball is in play less than at Carluke. Take my hat off to those who follow their team there every 2nd week Believe AWR and The Gow dropped points which makes our victory even better.
  10. Carluke 2 Lanark 3 Despite playing for over an hour with 10 men following a straight red for Chucky Watt, Lanark had a well deserved victory at their locals rivals
  11. Carluke v Lanark should be an even bigger draw then. However, if it is windy, forget it.
  12. Delighted to be top of the league but just as surprised that Ardrossan are so close to us based upon the two games we have played against them . We have had many a harder game this season compared to the two victories we have had against them. Just goes to show how competitive this league is.
  13. Maybe our result wasn't so special last weekend after all. Amazed at the Shettleston result today.
  14. Scott and Blake. I heard one has previous with us, whilst at Newmains?
  15. Lanark 2 EK 1 We are a Jekyll and Hyde team. Awful performance today. Both our goals were rather fortunate. That said EK keeper had at least 3 superb saves. Ironically he and Gareth Hallford had a howler apiece to gift their opponents a goal. EK finished game with 2 late red cards.
  16. Formally appointed now. Looks like he is hanging up his boots after giving Carluke such excellent service for 20 years. Never felt they were in danger of going down. Certainly not now that he has steadied the ship.
  17. It was definitely a penalty from where we were standing. Some excellent photos on our website would back this up and there were very few protests from the home defence. Gareth always makes a save or two to keep us in it. First goal was indeed good. Our young left back was thrown in for his second game at the very last minute due to an illness in the warm up to our CB. He was also excellent on his debut v Kello .
  18. Excellent result for Lanark today, inflicting Shettleston's first league defeat. Nothing less than we deserved. Impressed by Shettleston's tough back line and keeper who pulled off 3 excellent saves today. We've taken 4 points from Shettleston and all 6 points from Ardrossan, who some on here are tipping for promotion. We are a long way from being out of the promotion places.
  19. Our Plan B if Shettleston is off
  20. Any news on when the postponed games will be rescheduled for?
  21. Lanark came away with 3 points because Greenock failed to take their chances. and were unable to capitalise against 10 men for the last 15 minutes. We were amazed to be ahead at every stage as we were not playing well. However, the team showed great character considering what happened last week. We scored 3 really good goals despite being without our top scorer Shug Kerr and conceded two stinkers. As you say, Gareth Hallford was the man of the match.
  22. Lanark v Greenock will be on. Not played them for some time. Hopefully we shall see a suitably improved performance after last weekend's debacle.
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