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  1. Don't think so, considering the announcement was made publicly by the club on Monday to say all had been resolved.
  2. I am hoping this is not the case. Fingers crossed.
  3. Very sorry to hear that Lewis Hill has not re-signed and has moved to The Gow. He will be missed. Scored a lot of important goals and excellent from the penalty spot. I wish him well.
  4. Our experience shows that the majority of us revel in nostalgia so I do not see this happening. Fast forward to a year plus from now and there will be lots of posts about "remember when...", just like there are on FB with people recalling their school days and their former employers.
  5. "wee time warps far away from civilisation"?! From a patronising big city slicker.
  6. Scott Falconer back to fitness. Will be interesting to see if young Scott can make that step up. He has the potential but I'm not sure about the temperament. I think we'll be back playing by the autumn, at the latest. I hope so!
  7. Very nice. How is your squad shaping up to fit into it?
  8. Good lad is Danny. Tricky winger on his day
  9. Andrew Gilchrist and Jordan Jeffrey been signed from Bellshill. We have been active.
  10. Not that I am aware of. I suspect the current situation is making planning difficult. We did have Lanark United Centenary Gin created by The Dundee Gin Company. Believe the bottles have gone like hotcakes.
  11. Pleased to report that virtually all of our squad have re-signed for next season. We have also signed someone called Marc (Sparky) McGinty from Lesmahagow amateurs, whom I am told has a good reputation. May have turned out a few times for Royal Albert? Also signed a lad called Aaron Neill that I have no knowledge of.
  12. Some great place to revisit in the new set up. Although it is a trek I've always enjoyed going to Vale of Leven. Love the set ups at Kilsyth, Ardrossan and VoC. Like the banter with the St Ant's boys. Common knowledge that I hate the plastic so the bonus is there are only two in the division that play on it so it could be worse. Just have to be patient and hope that the boys are looking after themselves in the meantime.
  13. We have re-signed a few but no new signings been announced at Lanark. Tough with so little funding around.
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