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  1. Well done to Forth who beat Lanark 1-0 last night in a keenly contested match last night in front of a healthy crowd on a most pleasant evening.. Not much between the teams but no complaint with the result. Both teams had chances to score but the game decided by a well taken goal around 30 minutes. Good to see the evergreen Kris Jarvie still putting himself about.
  2. Lanark 3 Carluke 1

    Away at the winners of Forth v Gow being played tonight
  3. Lanark 3 Carluke 1

    Good result which I am told should have been by a much wider margin. Final next Monday
  4. Games Today?

    Lanark lost 6-4 to Annandale in Lockerbie. Believe Forth won 1-5 in Wigtown and the evergreen Kris Jarvie scored a hat trick.
  5. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Very much looking forward to visiting grounds that I have not been to previously and always enjoy watching a game at The Gow.
  6. Fixtures 2018/19

    Very impressive. Well done. Great to know where we stand so far in advance.
  7. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Lanark have also signed Joshua Gracie who was at Stenhousemuir and Craig Hughes who was at Whitletts Vics.
  8. Royal Albert V Beith

    I have to agree with this perspective. If them's the rules then Darvel have played by them. However, what does seem eminently unfair is to ask Albert to step in at such short notice. One has to wonder what state the Darvel team are going to be in on Monday having spent the previous few days on the drink in Benidorm!
  9. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Ian Watt has signed for Lanark from Carluke. Gareth Hallford has left Lanark to sign for Albion Rovers.
  10. Lanark United 2017/18

    Alan Murdoch. Ex Lanark. Another with potential when fit.
  11. Lanark United 2017/18

    Gareth is an excellent keeper. Very good shot stopper and if he works at his fitness should do well. Young Ronan is an excellent prospect but only been in the Juniors for a couple of years. He could develop into a good player with the right coaching. Got some nice skills but got lots to learn.
  12. Lanark United 2017/18

    Mr Brogan has put all of his past few months watching Lanark to good use by now signing our goalkeeper Gareth Hallford. Genuinely pleased for Gareth but gutted for us.
  13. Went to Penicuik 3 Dundonald 1. Scoreline flattered the visitors who were a poor team. Their big number 9 worked hard but tactically they were not at it today. Penicuik were fitter, sharper and had piles more ability. Impressed with some of their play today. The wee number 10 Kateleza looks a good player
  14. I can confirm it is a good set up.
  15. My boy and I are looking to head East this weekend. Which are the fixtures with most at stake that those in the know would recommend to the neutral?