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  1. Infuriating Things That YOU Do

    I bite into KitKats without breaking off the fingers
  2. Red Dead Redemption

    As I've said earlier, have you got the trinket for improved kills? I can't fucking move for squirrels! Look at my previous post with the screenshots for cougars. The same area is heaving with squirrels. Yeah I saw that cheers, I do have a couple of trinkets but I'll need to check
  3. Red Dead Redemption

    Quite a way through this now, and loved it but genuinely never felt sad during a game before this, I'll not go into it but you'll know when you get there! 3* squirrels are my down fall wee w*nkers
  4. What games would you like to see remade?

    Destruction Derby 2
  5. The UK to re-introduce the death penalty

    People who try to enter lifts, trains etc before the people who are trying to get out.
  6. Love Island 2018

    Dr Alex getting a bit big for his scrubs thinking because surfer chic reeks of privilege(absolute 100% wid though) he has a connection with her! Watch the handbrake go on and he will be blue lighting it back to Curvy Alex (another 100% wid) tonight as Mark rides the wave into surfer chic's wetsuit. James Blunt and Granny Laura to get together leaving Sam with the other lassie (she really gets on my tits even just looking at her, but still..wid) Georgia and DJ Camp to complete the group.
  7. Herd he was flueting around Dumbarton
  8. Love Island 2018

    Jack and Dani are certainly streets ahead of the rest as a couple, but Georgia has shown even though she talks like a 18-30 club rep through a Megaphone that she's a genuine person, the only one to go out and comfort Rosie and again first to go after Laura so she is up there with those two for me, I'm not sure on Josh I think he could "crack on" with someone else if the opportunity presented itself. As much as I like Georgia I reckon this would make Laura's heads gone look tame and there would be SCENES Laura ruined it for herself, telling the girls about Wes' Uberschlong. I reckon Eyal only went as deep into Megan as his personality and she is clearly just a wee dirty who loves the boaby so moved onto Wes.
  9. Just eat a picture of Tom Dallison in the new kit! Delicious
  10. Haven't bought a top since the TFG days so if they think I'm going to change that because of a bespoke design then they are absolutely correct.
  11. Hiya Mrs Shepherd, are you helping Scott settle in his new place
  12. Keep this up and I fear I might not get into the stadium next year, not sexy enough!
  13. Semi's to attention lads, todays the day
  14. signing to be announced at the world cup opening ceremony, anthems finish Russian/Saudi player takes off Tracksuit top to reveal Falkirk's new top while the Don abseils out of a Mil Mi-17, hand shake for the cameras, coin toss and the world cup is off to a blinder