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  1. I hope so ,if not your mob look like absolute w⚓s. As an Ayr fan i can take the moral high ground here anyway.
  2. Stevo loves the Ayr. Could he not of signed for the killie?, As he looks to be a jinx to all his other Scottish clubs.
  3. when or If next season begins, what will be the derby games. Ayr-QOS Morton-Alloa Raith-Dunfermline Arbroath- ICT Dundee- Hearts. ?
  4. Ive said it before. You have a short memory. The season before you were denied entry too the spl ,you should have been relegated but for the demise of Airdrionians. Behave yourselves and take your medicine. This woe is me is embarrassing.
  5. Falkirk fans have short memories, this is the hard luck Falkirk team that were saved from relegation with Airdries demise, fecken suck it up
  6. Feck off he's been in Dundee, it's an old broken timex
  7. Have i missed something, didn't know Falkirk were in relegation trouble.
  8. Arbroath are 4 points adrift of Ayr with a game in hand, idiot.
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