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  1. How embarrassing, you would think Partick would get him some Joma traing wear instead of stitching a Partick badge on top of a Ayr one.
  2. Think yourself lucky, the mighty united have got wee nippy on board
  3. Whats the score with Oware? Does McCall not rate him, as did Caldwell or is he some sort of disruptive figure.
  4. Honestly thats the worst team i've seen play Ayr, unless McCall makes big changes you're down
  5. Get off at prestwick town and fill your boots, boozers all the way down the main street. Local bus or any bus coming through to Ayr and get off at tams brig,
  6. Going to have to ,how did that work against the mighty and original Scottish United ya fud!!
  7. f**k me if thats how to win football games 6 footers all over the park then f**k the premier league. Both games only one team play real football
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