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  1. Luke Leahy winning supporters POTY a few weeks back for Shrewsbury.

    Don’t think I’ve seen many players with such a remarkable turn around for us. You have to wonder what Pressley saw in him as the guy seemed miles out of his depth, and him playing as stand-in keeper kind of summed him up. It was even more shocking when Houston offered him a new deal. Fair play to him though - he obviously kept working away and became an absolutely key player for us in our 15-17 seasons. Good to see him having some relative success at the clubs he’s been at since. 

    As an edit: seems like it was actually Holt who offered him a new deal! 

  2. Scott Arfield and Stephen Kingsley both reaching major finals, and Murray Wallace winning POTY at Millwall. These guys might well have gone on to do well regardless of their time at Falkirk, but there should be no doubt that the closure of the academy was an absolute tragedy on a scale that couldn’t be fully appreciated at the time. It will take years, but I really hope the club can develop a youth system that can be even a fraction of the last. 

  3. I’ll wait for the customary “his Wikipedia page has been updated” post before believing it. 


    What can you say? It would be probably as good an appointment as you could hope for at this level but the DGW stuff is difficult to look past for me, but I accept it’s maybe not as clear cut for some. 


  4. 1 minute ago, Broken Algorithms said:

    We have. It was confirmed by our local radio by the guy who hosts the hospitality at Stark's and who has numerous connections within the club.

    It's incredible that Falkirk have a team full of jobbers, and have lurched into a sixth place finish in league one but some of your fans still think you're better than McGlynn. 

    I don't think many believe it's his managerial  ability that should be questioned - rather his morals

  5. 10 hours ago, NavyBlueArmy1876 said:

    McGlynn is a bang average manager who got lucky as f**k with the Covid situation. No thanks. 

    The league could have gone ether way so I guess he was lucky from that point of view, but they were ahead of us for most of the season and presumably had less money to work with so he has to be credited for that. It’s not the first time one of his teams have finished ahead of us either (2011). 

    I would have definitely have taken him before the Goodwillie farce, but not now. 

  6. Dumbarton were dire yesterday, doesn’t look good for them. The first goal whilst comical was also a bit unlucky combining the wind and an awful bounce. 

    For how terrible Dumbarton were I thought the falkirk players deserve a bit of credit. It was an ugly performance, but what a difference having a bit of aggression and actually having a midfield for what seems like the first time all season. Hetherington has had an awful season but fair to play him, he did well I thought. Dumbarton didn’t create anything really but it’s also as well as we have defended as a team for months. 

    Can we build on this? Probably not, let’s be honest. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, AGPar said:

    Eh? That's exactly what he is. He literally has a contract until the end of the season. If he was brought in to enact a long-term plan he should have been given a long-term contract, not a six-month one, and it should have been made crystal clear to the supporters at the time of his appointment that that was the job he had been brought in to do. You bring in a manager mid-season on a short-term contract to try to engineer, in a short space of time, an improvement in results, performance and league position and unfortunately Rennie has completely failed in that regard. In fact, he has made us worse. So we'll now just shift the goalposts. Absolutely nothing ever changes at this club. 

    If you were there tonight you would have seen why it seems like this is the case 

  8. A lot of things discussed tonight. There’s clearly some really good and enthusiastic people involved with the club and that is encouraging. 

    On the football front - I would be shocked if Rennie wasn’t here next season. He is clearly very, very aware of the deficiencies in the squad. He has obviously been brought in to set up a long term plan and does not seem like a till the end of the season appointment at all. He seems more in favour of a hybrid or full time model, but less so part time. Believes strongly in having an academy. Takes full responsibility for the last 12 weeks but was heavily suggesting that it was impossible to turnover the squad in January, and that we missed out on a lot of targets. He also mentioned that we had identified a grand total of one (1) player for signing before he came in, and that there was basically no scouting network in place. We also were apparently incapable of signing any non-U.K. players due to some pathetic admin f**k-up from the previous regime but not entirely sure what that would have been . 



    9 hours ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    Ahh the McCracken handball lol

    Wonderful stuff, although my favourite game that season was the 2-2 game at Easter road when we were 2-0 with 10 men with 10 minutes to go.    That team was brilliant overall and had everything. Not all superstars by any means but guys like McCracken, Taiwo and McHugh made that team. A tragedy they didn’t get more from the season. 

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