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  1. We look completely lost as a team at this point and I fear for the rest of the season. I've been willing to forgive Sheerin somewhat for some losses this season where it did feel like we deserved more than what we got, but today was appaulingly bad. It never ends well when the crowd chants turn against the manager; don't think he's got much time left. How bad is McDaid btw. Good Airdie support today. McInroy looks a player.
  2. Another missed chance - we've not been great but we should be winning this.
  3. Decent game. Mutch has been awful but completely redeemed himself with the penalty save.
  4. Decent stream. Alloa bullying us all over the park. Not looking good.
  5. Decent performance from us but genuinely embarrassing from Clyde. Overweight, unfit and devoid of any ability whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team roll over as badly as that against us. Good support though.
  6. Personally love Hughes but frankly there is 0 chance he would drop down to league 1 from a premier league team. There is one obvious team for him to go to at the moment and unfortunately it’s not us.
  7. What a fucking club we are. It’s moments like this where you don’t realise how bad things can actually get. The Pressley years are up there as some of the absolute worst for me personally, but we have descended to levels that are completely unfathomable. Is it arrogance that is the root cause? Did the board, managers and players completely disrespect the standard required to win the league? Absolutely, but It’s also as many have said down to years of mismanagement at all levels of the club. It’s clear that the culture of the club at present is completely incompatible with any sort of success playing football. Our next appointment is probably one of the important of our history. I have no idea who the right person is, but I’m concerned the overlords In charge don’t know either. I don’t really support the notion of blaming Holt - we were losing those games regardless of was taking over in the short term, or if M&M were staying on. The rot was already underway. I’ve never rated Holt highly regardless, but there was very few ways he could come out of this looking good and I’m sure he knew that. I do however agree that Holt comes across as a bit of a “yes-man “ and don’t really have confidence in him to be appointing our next manager.
  8. "take our place in the top division" - I've never understood this stance. 5 years in the top flight in it's currrent format doesn't merit a permenant position. We're in league one FFS.
  9. Nobody voted to “keep us down”. I don’t think any of these clubs give a f**k about Falkirk to be honest.
  10. Pumping on the cards, we're unbelievably bad. #Scenes for both of their goals
  11. Over 40,000 posts, 2.2 million views and over 2000 pages. What a fucking club.
  12. Big fan of Higginbotham's celebration. Can't be bothered with all of this passive shite against old clubs.
  13. Rakish Bingham is supposedly better? Jesus f**k.
  14. The only explanation for this bizarre outburst is that shull is a big VL.
  15. I think Hartley is a great appointment, but the playoffs are a huge stretch for us. We were playing like a team that was going to be relegated until last weekend. Even then, we still have a huge number of passengers in the squad that need to be shifted, and that will only happen at the end of the season. This season is still realistically about not getting relegated, in my opinion. Anything else is an unexpected bonus.
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