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  1. That’s an amazing effort. As for the game, I’m not sure what to expect. Dunfermline don’t have to win, but I think at a minimum we have to not lose. We’ve improved a lot in the space of a few months but then an absolutely Kelty of a performance comes out of nowhere. Dunfermline as of yet don’t really seem capable of a Kelty performance in the same way we are. I think another draw on the cards. Hopefully it’s as half as entertaining as the last game. Will we finally get a penalty?
  2. You won’t see a better opening spell from a team all season at TFS (or anywhere?). They looked really strong in that opening period, as poor as we were. They’ll be up there at the end of the season and their recent form supports that. The first half was poor but I actually thought we were alright for large spells of the second half. Whether that is because we played better, or because kelty sat in is up for debate. A bit concerning overall. Yesterday wasn’t a disaster but what an opportunity wasted. John has improved the team but I’m not convinced he knows how to adapt his tactics to any adversity.
  3. Fair result I think. I don’t think either team every really dominated for any major spells. Absolutely horrific refereeing for both sides. Worst decision for me of the day was when Dillon (I think?) was “fouled” in his own box towards the end by collapsing over to protect the ball , and the officials bought it noticed quite a bit of criticism for the subs for us but to be honest I thought the subs actually changed the game in our favour. Penalty on Kennedy for me - that’s a foul anywhere else on the pitch.
  4. Pretty much agree with this. I don't believe its a bad statement overall but my concern now is that a very, very daft segment has triggered enough folk (quite rightly) and will distract from the main point of it (i.e we're skint). At least Falkirk daft have got an early contender for Falkirk dafty of the week @RC55 FFC
  5. Really want to see more of Lawal. He’s not played that many minutes at all and that’s twice he’s hit the post, scored one and at least one assist. Also it was great to see Craig Sibbald is still a bairn
  6. I’ll be happy with a better performance than the Dundee game.
  7. Have to say I'm a very big fan of Callumn Morrison thumping the steeple in front of the Norrie stand
  8. A shame that Kabia has been so poor. I thought he would have enough to make the step-up but then it wasn't exactly difficult for a new player to come into a bottom-half league one team and look much better than what we already had. He won't be the last "skillful" player to go up to the championship and fail miserably.
  9. To be fair I don’t think either team would win any awards for playing nice football . We had our fair share of long punts as well
  10. Not a match for the nerves. Fiery game and both teams looked fucked at the end having put a lot into it. Was Henderson’s tackle for the penalty as crazy as it looked from the away end?
  11. Chalmers is the only other I think. It feels there’s usually a better mix of players to have played for both as you say.
  12. So I’ve watched this back and most people seem to agree with your view. I’m not convinced to be honest, and I think it’s quite a difficult decision to make. In slow motion, Mendy is travelling forward and his momentum is stopped by the West Ham player hitting him with his shin, so has the goalkeeper been obstructed in some way? But then I suppose you could also make the argument that you make in that Mendy fouls the attacker, although probably the attacker was not very wise to stay on his feet. Is it just a 50/50 tackle and did Mendy come out worse? I genuinely don’t know what the rules of the game say - does the keeper get the benefit of the doubt or is that just a myth? It seems basically everyone thinks it’s not a foul so more than likely my judgement is wrong
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