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  1. Does seem like he’s a few weeks away from being match sharp.
  2. We were dreadful and could have had no complaints if we’d drawn or even lost. Nevertheless, a win and a very rare clean sheet.
  3. The referee really was absolutely attrocious for both teams. Some totally baffling decisions (at least based on Airdrie TV viewing)
  4. Brad McKay Unbelievable how wasteful we’ve been, and yet here we are scrambling to salvage a point.
  5. I don’t really disagree with any of what you say but the reality was and is that Anton was not playing well, and hasn’t really stood out at any point at his time at Falkirk. The whole point of a loan is that the player can develop and in exceptional circumstances deliver for the parent club. Let’s not pretend he was doing well for us at the start of the season. I understand you (and the player) will be disappointed, but it’s not like he was picked on for the sake of it.
  6. To be honest I thought he looked a bit gutted to be there (could be wrong mind), and I can completely understand that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still ends up Arbroath.
  7. Dowds has been decent so far but that was one of the most pointlessly amateurish yellow cards I’ve seen all season. Complete stupidity
  8. Feel for Nesbitt but you could see for weeks that he was going to end up being dropped.
  9. Totally unrelated to the DGW crisis and a much lighter topic, but the club coming up for 150 years is absolutely wild. I’ll never not be amazed by the rich history of so many clubs in the Scottish game, especially the small teams like Falkirk who will be more up against it. Just constant institutions throughout generations that continue to persist. Scottish football man. Here’s hoping we can make it till then
  10. Thought Krasniqi looked really solid in the first game against Airdrie, he really bolstered us when he came on against 10 men. Guy might be rubbish for all we know but I’m disappointed he didn’t get much of a chance. What a waste for all parties involved.
  11. Honestly I have no idea what Holt’s role has or has not been, but it was 100% clear that the fans would never accept him and there was enormous negativity surrounding his signing history in the summer and general arrogance/attitude. This is great news for moving the club forward.
  12. What do we think about Paul Watson in January? The question is would he come and why did he leave the pars? Wouldn’t be surprised if he got another gig in the championship to be honest. A good player for us and I’d love to see him back but I think higher up clubs than us will be after him.
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