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  1. Nesbitt was definitely carrying a knock last night, surprised he stayed on as long as he did.
  2. Kilmarnock clearly on another level in all aspects but think we did OK over the piece. Main highlight for me was Mackie; good in the air, strong, composed and capable of more than passing the ball backwards or sideways. I’m also not a football tactical expert and would never claim to be, but it seemed Hetherington was playing with a lot more freedom than he has in the past. He had a few shocker passes as per usual but he actually looked quite good for the most part.
  3. Tbf if he’s good enough then this relationships should be irrelevant. It’s not exactly his fault his dad signed him
  4. A great chance for Kabia to show what he can do at a higher level. He stood out for us (although that wasn’t particularly difficult) during his short spell. Full of trickery, pace and a good finisher given the chance. He’s not the biggest or strongest, and did have a tendency to struggle to adapt if things weren’t going his way. I suspect with any remotely competent team and a bit of protection he could be a very good player. He can be an absolute WUM on the park as well and is good for teasing out a few cheap yellow cards.
  5. who cares get the finger oot and sign some players mcglynn C.O.Y.B
  6. I don't know David at all, but that outburst was absolutely wild. To then ask to go along the line of board memebers and ask for each of them to give a date as to when we would be playing on grass was even more wild.
  7. A bit of a let-down in all aspects I felt. Atmosphere felt flat, the team were flat, just a bit shit all round. Ukraine clearly carried a threat offensively but despite romping us for the best part of 90 minutes I felt they had at least as many defensive howlers as we did. If we’d been any semblance of competent we could have made it a bit difficult for them. Instead, very few of our “big” players showed up for more than short spells. Felt like a friendly at times. That McGinn miss was diabolical tbh. Obviously McGinn is the fan and media darling but he was shocking last night.
  8. I really appreciated the honesty. Absolutely no hiding away. Ambitious but realistic. Stenhousemuir being a better run club says a lot.
  9. Really enjoyed the first two episodes. Liked seeing Alderaan (hope nothing bad happens to it) and Daiyu (great cyberpunk vibes). Some of it was a little cringey, particularly the chase scenes, but not out of place for Star Wars. That ending scene for episode 2 tho
  10. Interested to see how Jacobs does for you guys. Given anybody could be made to look shit in last years Falkirk team, it’s maybe unfair to judge him. He was particularly dreadful for us to be honest, probably one of our poorest performing January signings. A better team and a proper pre-season might help him kick-on. I always felt like he had a football brain, but always seemed two seconds off the pace of the game.
  11. Rakish Bingham is an underrated contender for worst of all time IMO. Wild that he went onto play for Dundee United.
  12. It was even more surprising how the commentary team and rangers players being interviewed continued to push the "look at all these fans who have stayed behind", accompanied by vast areas of empty stadium
  13. He started well but unfortunately fell off badly (along with the rest of the team to be fair). He was on the bench for a fair bit under Rennie.
  14. Well done QP - been the better team over the two legs. Airdrie have absolutely shat the bed in the playoffs.
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