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  1. Think you could be wrong here, Pettigrew is way good enough to play for Ayr, mind you, right now, that's hardly an endorsement.
  2. Ryan Wallace I'm thinking of and yeah, Nathan Blockley is also in the equation, he's a wee ginge......ha ha ha.....Wallace was the one that got ditched for fighting in the car park outside the Excelsior with one of his fellow players.
  3. Ryan Donnely, where was he playing last season ? I keep getting him and someone else mixed up, is he a wee ginger headed boy or not ?
  4. Cool, all we need now is a centre half x 2, striker x 2, right mid, centre mid, a manager, an assistant manager/coach and a new owner, job will then be a good un.
  5. I know it's funny but c'monty f**k.......struggling to take any positives out the situation here.
  6. Ayr looking like running with the youngsters, rather have them than bargain basement journeymen that don't give a f**k tbh BUT a really sad state of affairs with pre-season already started. With some managers you can trust they'll pull someone out a hat, with Roberts I've absolutely "0" faith. Looking at Stirlings signings, we're going to be in trouble this season, do you think Cameron will have the balls to sack Roberts if (a) nobody will sign for us and (b) when we get horsed in our first league game of the season ? Not looking good at Somerset Park for the season ahead.
  7. Badly worded, or was it ?, what's the saying ?, leave them guessing !
  8. Fair play to him for doing it BUT No harm to the guy but he's a bit of a dick.
  9. Just what I was thinking, way to get the fans behind you for sure....what a total bell end
  10. Allegedly signing for Ayr along with Andy Barrowman. According to one source offered good terms on part time contract and has another job outside football. Could be a load of shite right enough, it was in the local paper I think.
  11. Aye Bob and Anna Smith from Coylton signed on with Weatherseal and got 50% off their conservatory. That's the only signing news likely to feature. Nobody wants to train in Ayr, play for Roberts or get paid the shite wages the club offers especially having to travel 2/3 times a week to training (60-70 mile round trip). Even Stranraer train in the Glasgow area FFS !
  12. Don't think I've ever been less enthused than I am now about a new season starting.....ever !!
  13. Don't bother with VT Deano, he's the resident *m*o*n*g*, the kind of person that people walk past in fear of inciting a window licking rage while he's sitting rocking rhythmically back and forth trying to chew his own ears off.
  14. Would walk out after his first game imo
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