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  1. Sick of the almost arrogant attitude of this board ignoring what a majority of the fan base can see. Same happened with AJ as is happening now. They bleat on about how we had to cut our cloth this season without taking any accountability for that fact that this was solely down to them making a complete tit of it and giving AJ an inexplicable two year deal. Also don't see anything behind the argument of keeping Crawford because 'we won't go up or down this season'. f**k that this league is utter pony this year, make a change an get in the top four for at least a couple more bumper crowds if budgets are the be all and end all as they try to make out to us.
  2. Just like with the AJ situation the board will dither until Crawfords reputation is destroyed with the fans which would be an absolute disgrace given what he did on the pitch for us. They seem to have a real issue with holding their hands up and accepting mistakes they've made but were quite happy to chuck the fans under the bus numerous times the last couple of years 🤔
  3. Nearly the first quarter of the season gone and we've won one league game and folk are accepting of that because we signed a few young lads? Mental. The football is boggin and the results match it.
  4. When was our last win at home in the league? It's ok having plenty of the ball and creating a few chances but we need to be taking three points or there's a very real chance we are going down. How Kiltie got ninety minutes is astonishing. Decisions like that make me question Crawfords ability.
  5. Point out anything in the post that's not accurate then you virgin melt. You chug over the board we get it.
  6. Paying the price for the board blindly backing AJ to the hilt for so long. We are fucked and this lies solely at the boards door. Queue witty replies of 'sack the board' but it's absolutely true, they chucked all their eggs in one basket and now we have nothing left to get ourselves out this mess cos AJ signed dross and we've had to use any funds we had to rectify that horrendous two year deal mistake. Fucking hopeless from top to bottom and everyone could see it coming but the board buried their heads in the sand. Spineless, just like the team.
  7. Alright, don't get coarse. Don't think this website caters for filth.
  8. Please don't tar us all with this whole 'proud of being disgusting financial cheaters' patter, we aren't all like that... Some of us are racists, homophobes and vandals as well remember.
  9. I do feel bad for the way things ended for AJ as he seems like a nice genuine bloke who tried his best and was apparently always approachable. Sandy Clark seemed like a fat p***k with a severe lack of brain cells though.
  10. If there's one thing our board could never be caught out on its statements.
  11. Mentioned about a month ago that AJ being in charge way past his sell by date has essentially ruined any goodwill he could have left with but now the board need to act to save themselves coming to the same conclusion. This may be met with the sarcastic 'sack the board' comments but the atmosphere and malaise around the club all points to it heading in that direction which would be a great shame after all they have done for us. Saying that if no action is taken regarding the dugout and they do find themselves in that unfortunate position they really only have themselves to blame. These calls can not be ignored any longer or no doubt there will be more cases of hostility (wrongly obviously) as people feel they are being pied off and snubbed by the board. And banning loyal fans for having a verbal flare up with a players Mrs? Come on, that's pathetic. Especially considering how shit Williamson has been for some time.
  12. We really do, at least other managers appear to watch the games and put a bit of thought into managing situations throughout games. You are becoming a parody each passing week with replies like this. Hopeless and pathetic from the dugout but this is what we are to expect and accept every week now according to the board. Embarrassing from boardroom to pitch level.
  13. Aaron Muirhead is a grey hairy jobbie of a human being. Wears the armband but went straight down the tunnel at full time, no handshakes or even applauding your home support. Would be embarrassed to have him as our captain.
  14. Exactly. We should NEVER need gimmicks to help to create an atmosphere in what is essentially our Boxing Day/New Year derby away from home. Whatever happened to having a skinful and hurling abuse at this lot for ninety minutes?! Even this thread is all nicey nicey. INTO THEM!
  15. Some fan has arranged a card display for the game. I cringed just typing that tbh.
  16. Any bar with a fully functioning sink and plug should be off limits to us unruly Fifers or expect a Tsunami in the highstreet.
  17. I've gotta say, and I hope I'm not the only one, I do feel bad for AJ. It's not nice seeing a crowd turn so vocally on someone and he genuinely seems like a nice bloke which has added to my frustrations at the board as he did do us a good turn getting us into the division and consolidating us but he's been hung out to dry for so long now that I can't see many fans remembering this when he does depart. The board have to take that on their own chin.
  18. Literally no one has said the behaviour should go unnoticed or not be called out. There can be no denying the cause of this though so why try and sweep that issue under the carpet as they've been trying to do all season? This statement will make things worse without a shadow of a doubt.
  19. Asks supporters to not react in anger and consider further consequences of their actions in an angrily assembled, poorly worded statement with no due consideration of further media consequences. Some fucking season.
  20. I'm sure the national media will take the time to carefully point this out in their rehashed articles...
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