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  1. Potter, AJ, Crawford. Who else can realistically be blamed for these continued failures? Not to mention AJ and Crawford have been dragged on for months longer than any competent employer would allow. *edit They did recognise themselves they needed help on the football front if I remember rightly I think that’s what McNamara was brought in for but unfortunately he fell ill. Something needs changed though clearly as it’s not working. I’m 100% aware of all they have done on the commercial side for the club but the football has to come first which be honest has been abysmal for all but really one season under AJ (two at a stretch). It’s hardly a meltdown just an honest opinion of our recent history.
  2. That’s me out until this board are away. Truly remarkable they can stand by the diddy after that. Get the feeling if there were fans in right now they’d be rolling out the chat about mental health etc again. Doesn’t wash anymore, f**k them. Just to clarify I’m not belittling mental health but I’m certainly never going to advocate it as an excuse to be pish at football/managing for four months straight.
  3. If this is dragged out to the end of the season I for one will not have anything to do with Dunfermline until this board are gone. Twice they’ve made a complete c**t of things and left it far to late to rectify.
  4. We’ve come full circle to that first pumping off Raith. We’ve gone backwards at this point.
  5. Hahahaha. Enjoy your night Rovers it’s well deserved. You’ll never beat us on pies though.
  6. Are we giving them a run for their money here Crawford you fucking charlatan??
  7. Wtf is this defensive shape exactly? Full backs chasing balls further up the pitch than our wingers, central midfielders being dragged out wide with no cover? This looks like a desperate throw of the dice from a manager who’s out of his depth.
  8. Don’t give two shits how it sounds they are our local rivals and I’d much rather go there with that mindset than Crawford meekly suggesting we will give them a run for their money. I’m sick fed up of tuning into games to see us roll over and accept 0-0s.
  9. We are signing sought after guys on two/three year deals. It doesn’t take much working out to say we are spending more than Rovers are, not to mention the German money and Nisbet cash. The point about McGlynn utilising his squad better is irrelevant as the point I am making is we should be doing far better than ‘giving them a game’ considering who we have signed.
  10. A run for their money?? This guy for real? We should be steam rolling them with what we’ve spent and the squad we’ve assembled! Ludicrous.
  11. I’d have went along with this narrative if we had had small blips along the way like most other teams with sporadic wins and loses culminating in an average season. As it is we have not and have had a massive consistent run of absolute dogshit performances and points tally since last November. Get him out immediately if we are serious about even making top four.
  12. How many people who are East End/game regulars can honestly they would watch on Wednesday if it wasn’t on telly and they had to stream it? The board have been sleepwalking and we just can’t afford to lose our only income stream this season. Ffs BOD grow a fucking spine for once in your tenure and stop this stagnation! *edit* Yes I am fucking fuming that we’ve not kicked a ball since November and f**k all has been done about Crawford. This is 100% worse than AJ days.
  13. Why we even discussing this as we all know in reality the board is too shitebag to act. Fucking disgraceful 4/5 months and Crawfords no even had to break a sweat about his job.
  14. Been coming since we got our second. Sat 20 yards deeper. Get to f**k Crawford you fucking imposter.
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