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  1. You honestly saying after sitting in roughly third pretty much all season, free scoring for a lot of it against a mainly pishy league that there’s no truth to what I said? Your hatred of the big team and jealousy of the bridie has blinded you.
  2. Any Raith fan pretending that not finishing in a play off place would be acceptable after the spending in January and their consistent league positions this season is simply trying to delude themselves or, like most other Scottish football fans, possibly preparing themselves for a spectacular arse collapse.
  3. Didn’t expect us to win the league but doesn’t make it any less disappointing that a couple of years later we still go on winless runs of 6/7 games under Crawford. Shows a complete lack of progression from him. This season has essentially went the same as his first half season when we went on a run of 1-0s then almost completely undone any good work by being utter dugshite, the only difference is we had a head start on the league position this time.
  4. Bit fucked off that this season has turned to complete meh after the start we made. The last two weeks have been a complete snapshot of Crawfords tenure, false dawn performances against Hearts and Raith followed by how many more garbage losses or games we don’t ever look like scoring in. Completely scunnered with it at this point and rapidly losing motivation to go through the hassle of buying the streams.
  5. Chucked a fiver on 4+ players to take the knee at 1000/1. Great odds thanks to all these privileged egg chasers.
  6. Only thing sweeter than a 4-1 win is the Rovers fans missing 15 mins of it and greeting about it after bumping up the price in the reverse fixture.
  7. The fact Crawford went with a flat midfield five yesterday at home to Ayr who have no real attacking threat says it all for me about the kind of manager he is. Start with a point and don’t lose it type. He was given by all counts a decent budget in the transfer window for players in the summer but he still sets us up like he did when he first took charge and went on a run of horrific viewing 1-0 wins. I don’t see any development as a manager in that period, we get the occasional false dawn for example the Hearts game or Dundee United last year but what goods that when it’s followed by a run of 6/7/8 games when we are chronic? Consistency wins leagues and we are too consistently in troughs rather than peaks in his tenure.
  8. Should a team with McManus, O’hara, Dow and Thomas with Turner behind them really be relying on corners to get goals? Somethings not right.
  9. Crawford is not getting enough out of this squad of players for the last two months.
  10. The SFA doing everything to stop Dunfermline going up ahead of Hearts. Disgraceful.
  11. Would have given benefit of the doubt for that performance considering the pitch but we’ve not put more than 10 minutes of decent football together in any game since the second half against Hearts. Shite.
  12. Dom Thomas been Morton’s best player. Hasn’t kicked a ball since the Hearts game.
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