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  1. Murray captain and Dow vice. Best candidates for the role for me.
  2. Let's not start point scoring about real fan status when the worlds still in the shit and jobs are getting cut all over the shop.
  3. Morrison was horrific against United and never recovered from that but Smith was a different scenario. There is no issue with dropping a player for another but he was never given another chance after that. That is a complete bombing and awful man management. Can't have done the boys heed any good after the start he had made to the season to then find himself totally out of the picture through no fault of his own as his performances didn't drop in the period he was getting starts.
  4. AJ bombing Smith was a shambles given how he started that season with McManus. One of many pathetic decisions he made.
  5. Needs more Elvis and channel 4 racing or I'll boycott.
  6. Having considered this further and noting the passive seethe from the League One three standed outfit I am fully behind this.
  7. Think the shit we went through in the not to distant past has a fair few of us airing on the side of caution with anything like this however with the current board being heavily involved with the whole process and being true Pars men we have to believe they wouldn't sign us away to any randoms. Still shitting my breeks though.
  8. Yes but at what potential cost of it goes tits up and they decide to pull the plug once they are majority owners and have the keys to East End?
  9. Buzzing to screw over the local face painter again (one for the Raith boyz)
  10. Martin Boyle is a myth. Never seen what Hibs fans rave about him for.
  11. Alex Keddie (I apologise profusely for the dark memories again). Thought we had an absolute steal when we took him from County when they reached the Scottish cup final but I don't even need to go into detail about the reality. I remember being underwhelmed when Alex Burke was announced but I'm struggling to remember him ever giving the ball away and that strike against Dundee was filth.
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