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  1. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    Has anyone ever used a Coin selling website to sell your coins?
  2. Sorry guys never had time last night after the games to do the results. One winner this week @The Minertaur who takes the lead for the month. Alot of people with 2/3 this week but with only the one winner this month so far all to play for. This week we are back to league and Scottish cup action. Fixtures are below, usual rules apply and get your guesses in before 12 on Saturday
  3. Arbroath, Inverness and Partick Thistle for me this week
  4. Remember to get your guesses in guys before noon tomorrow guys. I won’t be able to reply to pms today as I’m away to for the night
  5. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    I got Oblak, Cavani, Rashford and a IF from marquee matchups andthe Volta one, seems packs paying tonight
  6. I mean they were unlucky, if the goal wasn’t wrongly disallowed at 7 they had a chance
  7. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    It barely works in FIFA in general. This game is fucked. I was an Gold 1/Elite 3 weekend league and Div 1 player last year, im now struggling to get out of Div 5 with a great squad. Thiers no responsiveness to try play quick football, the skill stick works when it wants and doesnt do what you tell it, Heading is fucked, shooting is fucked, tackling is fucked, menus are fucked, content is fucked. Im giving it until the next patch then and if its not improved then ill sell my coins and play something else. Rant over
  8. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    Seemingly we wont be getting League SBC's this year
  9. No league fixtures this week with it being internationals and Challenge Cup so something a bit different again. Fixtures to choose from will be Saturday and Sundays International fixtures and the Challenege cup on Saturday. I was only going to do Saturday games but it doesnt leave a great choice so I have included Sundays Internationals as well. Usual rules apply and entries in before 12 noon on Saturday. Fixtures to choose from arer below
  10. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    Done the Spain national pride SBC and packed this beauty
  11. Bionic Woman for me. Really fancy Armoury in the 1:50 as well
  12. Plymouth conceding a 93rd minute goal let down a six fold
  13. No winners this week, next weeks fixtures will be up in the next couple days.
  14. Done it on William Hill because I was getting a free bet. Backed it Ayr last time out as well
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