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  1. hiya m8 hope ur well

  2. thanx pals,alls well now like and ive got a new laptop lol, derek got it for me cos he kens a guy that can get them and he picked it up in his car which he has and can drive. might be able to post hear and on the brazil forum sometimes, daft c**t doonstares hasny got a password on his wire less so im chorin it, gonny download some happy hardcore beats and have a wee look at some chebs on the w**k sites
  3. the moon is misty,the scot is gr8

  4. Shit poster.

    And you're a slag.

  5. since your online are we going to see some chigsy gold?

  6. Dont just run for Mod run for president as well ;)

  7. Please don't leave us.

  8. hiya pals,im afraid im gonny be goin away for a bit so this will be the last youl hear of me im afraid. its quite a long story but alow me to fill yous in. my pals and me always play jokes on eachother on our birthdays it started as simple things like my pal derek who has a car and he can drive we tinfoyeled his car,completely covered and we all laughed, and then nathan henderson who still does the tablet and fudge sellin round the doors,we made a macaroon bar with a dog shit and some pencil sharpnins and he even sold it to alec thomsons grandad bill for 50p and we laughed. these were harmles fun but gary morrison took it two far at my birthday cos hed been pretending to be me on a forum called nambla-chat,i dinny ken what it is probably some eropean heavy metal band or some shite that hes into, but anyway he registered as young_chigsy_from_scotland_loves_old_cock and he used a pic of me from bebo and he chatted up all these old sicos who were pedophiles and this one guy from germany had just got out of jail and was on the forum and gary morrison chatted him up,as me, and the guy started sayin he loved me, exept it wasnt me it was gary morrison pretendin. but then he gave him my address and this german pedo turned up in scotland 2 weeks later on my birthday and tried to get in my house to kiss me and show me his willy and that. lucky for me derek was there and he went out and chibbed the c**t. lucky escape aye but i was angry at gary morrison for takin it two far,at the end of the day my bumhole is exit only and 57yr old hans weiner from dusildorf wasny gonny change taht and then i swore revenge on gary morrison on his birthday. gary morrison has boring birthday parties with all his family and that at his house and hes got loads of old ppl in his family but i was there with stevie hall and we were playin cod on xboxlive for ages which i like to do cos he has the hedset and i like to shout 'americans are gay' when americans are talking but i do it in an english voice and then there like 'oooh would you like a cup of tea' also in an english voice but anyway my revnge plan was simple. i was gonny pretend to go home at night but not go home and insted id hide under his bed until he went to bed then id jump out on him,,,,revenge and job done, chigsy style. i said i was away home and said cheerio to him and aw the old fuddy dudys and that but after leavin the livin room i sneaked of upstairs. before takin my hiding place i drew a cock on the head of a guy on his blink182 poster, then i got his anhaler of his bedside cabinet and rubbed my nob on it, well you cant have two much revenge when youv nearly been arseshagged i thought as i got under the bed. he got to his room sooner than id thought after fucking about next door in the toilet for ages, dirty wee c***s probably havin a chug i thought, then the door opened and the light came on, he had a pair of ridicilos baffies on like an old wifey would were and i was lookin forward two takin the piss out him for them later on. as the light went out and he got in bed i let him settle before divin out, jumpin under the covers grabbin him and shoutin 'GONNY SHAG YE, AM GONNY SHAG YE'. i didnt know gary morrisons 89yr old gran ethil from coatbridge always stayed at his on his birthdays as it was too late for her two go home,and i also didnt know that he always gave the old boot a shot of his bed and he slept downstares on the couch. by the time the ambulence got there id tryed to climb out the window but got stuck and had to get pulled back in by gary morrisons dad but nobody actualy battered me which i was happy about but they were all realy cryin and upset and that. i had to talk to the police later that night in the police station. i always thought manslaughter was a ps2 game but apparently im gonny have to spend a wee bit of time as a guest of her magesty and ive a bad feelin that the bum beastin i escaped the first time will come back and hont me. i suppose gary morrison had the last laugh after all altho he wont get a £5note in a card from granny ethil next yr so every cloud and that eh. wish me luck,ill need it. i hope i dont get a room mate who posts on the nambla forum likes.
  9. hiya lary brillant


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