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  1. The obvious way to go is with the teams who have the bigger budgets but there is so much at stake nowadays for the clubs in this division it could literally be anyone who gets off to a bad start. Rovers are not known for being a sacking club in recent times. Reid could have been sacked after the Scottish cup disaster against Buckie but fair play to him he absolutely nailed the loan signings during the transfer window. Kevin Rutkiewisc took a bit of stick last season for not getting Stirling to the playoffs. Always liked him though - comes across really well but ultimately it’s about results and I assume he has a healthy budget to play with especially now since Andy Ryan departed which if going by pre-season results looks as if it has brought the squad together.
  2. Always hated him when he was in the opposition but a good one to have in the team - was most unfortunate with injuries for us last season. Truth be told his injury led to Lewis Wilson being re-introduced further up the park which turned out to be a revelation. I’m glad Coxy has had a change of heart. All the best to him.
  3. Jim divided opinion amongst Rovers fans but away from the spin I really liked him - a much better footballer than he cared to admit and scored that iconic goal that will last generations. He took over at Rovers at a really turbulent time and made slow progress under a very limited budget. I would like to think in hindsight he would see Rovers fans as quite tolerant compared to Dumbarton and Clyde fans who are way more demanding. His move to Clyde had disaster written all over it.
  4. Rovers tried Friday night games a few times but with no obvious increase in crowd (last tried about 1997 IIRC) Good luck with it anyway.
  5. ^^^^^^ Hearts fan absolutely ragin his own team won the title and absolutely gleeful another team two divisions down got relegated. Enjoy yourself.
  6. They are down . You support Hearts why the f**k do you care.
  7. I don’t blame Brechin trying to get in the LL - in end all clubs act in self interest even the Holier than thou clubs in the Ll and HL, that is Scottish football in a nutshell .
  8. Stenny not mucking about here with new signings. Ross Forbes the pick of the bunch for me.
  9. Speak for yourself my friend- as alluded to in other posts most if not all of the clubs in L2 and some in L1 may find themselves facing the drop one day. Rovers problem is there are clubs spending decent money (sometimes exorbitant) from the top half of L2 and the top clubs in the LL and HL so the Rovers find themselves squeezed. Of course the money clubs are spending now can run dry but good luck to them anyway I wish someone would invest in us. Anyway good to see so many tipping us for the drop next - suits us down to the ground.
  10. Nothing like usurping your team’s own title win by celebrating someone else’s relegation. One of the biggest fallacies over the last year is the influence Ken Ferguson had over the SPFL decisions. What was it the conspiracy theories were when he resigned his position on the Board - that’s another stitch up so Brechin avoid the playoff . As with all conspiracy theories it had zero evidence to back it up with and turned out to be bullshit.
  11. And that 3 year contract was based on one win against a very poor Albion Rovers side. A monumental mistake in the course of a huge season.
  12. Commiserations to the Brechin fans - don’t take any notice of the moon howlers on here. I do hope that the Brechin board don’t forget the loyal fans - those are the people who will get them through this.
  13. BBC Alba coverage - there’s feck all wrong with Morton’s pitch . What are they on about
  14. Unlucky City - played really well in the 2nd half but I thought Dumbo edged it over the peace. If anything Edinburgh were a bit of a shadow of themselves from what i saw in the season but I dare say the amount of games took it’s toll.
  15. Congrats to Dumbo I thought they definitely deserved over the peace
  16. Only half time folks..plenty to play for. If City want to stay up thry have got to go into that game with belief
  17. Only halftime but I thought the Sons merited the 3-1 lead, got away with a decent penalty shout when Ouzy See was fouled.
  18. I can see Edinburgh going onto win promotion. Unlucky Elgin - will definitely be up there next season again
  19. Unlucky Mo. I was hoping you could pull it off. Still a great season by anyone’s standards
  20. Great result for Airdrie, seem to dig in even when not playing well. Can see them finishing the job. Good luck lads
  21. It’s “sporting integrity “ and “moving the goalposts “ when it suits the LL.
  22. C’mon the Mo!!! Always had a soft spot for them. What a job Petrie has done.
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