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  1. Good post - Bollan is a good long term appointment for Airdrie. Blockley as always shined against Rovers . I note the words used for our team performance is " dug in" which is normally code for average for large parts of the game. To be fair it's a characteristic we lacked last year. Rovers best player for me were Mick Dunlop,where Mullin added a bit of urgency when he came on. One final note was the attendance - a piss poor 851 which was not helped by the £15 entry.
  2. Looks as if Rovers have lost out to Queens over the signature of Clydebank's Ciaran McElroy according to this week's Advertiser.
  3. Excellent ! You paid what you could - I would say that is a ringing endorsement of Mr Devlin's Chairmanship. Welcome to the revolution Albino!
  4. Ha ha Good old Albino - the club finances have gone from looking over the precipice to standing on solid rock within the space of 10 minutes. Leaving your rank hypocrisy to side for a moment Albino do you care to share with the rest of us if you will be purchasing a season ticket this year and how much you are willing to donate pay to the club?
  5. Rovers should be congratulated on this - a risk is being taken but a calculated one at that. SFL and SFA money (between £50k-90k over the years) not gate receipts is the income that have kept Albion Rovers alive for the last 20 years. The only real difference gate receipts have had over recent years was when the club had two extra home games with crowds upto 1000 for the playoffs in 2010-11. Personally I will be paying the same price as I paid last year £140. An adult season ticket at min £70 for 18 games works out at £3.89 per game. I take it in terms of value for money you think the pricing is reasonable Happy Clappy since you posted on the " What price would you pay to see your team" thread you thought "It should probably be around £2-5 per game for this level of football".
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