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  1. Rovers were 7 or 8 points behind Berwick in 2018-19. We needed a helluva a bit of luck to stay up with a 3-0 win being awarded to us against Clyde after they fielded an ineligible player being the start of it. When we did turn the corner it did help Berwick being totally inept. I’m not saying Cowden’s current position is impossible but it is difficult…no doubt.
  2. You’ll probably know more behind the scenes info than what I do. We move on …. The new guy sounds like a promising signing.
  3. I’m not sure if there is much in it tbh. My guess is that he didn’t see getting back into the first team straight away. In the end I’m a firm believer if a player does not wish to play for the club it’s better for both parties that he leaves- also best for both parties during the transfer window rather than during the season.
  4. Probably need another centre half as cover I would say. We’ve been needing a left back since the start of the season but young Fernie has risen to the challenge. I’m not sure how easy it is to get a recognised LB at this stage of-the season tbh.
  5. Agree, he started promisingly then got injured, came back and then got injured again and struggled to get back into the side. It just wasn’t to be and it’s hard to argue against Fagan/McGowan being the first pick in central defence at the moment. Good luck to the big man anyway.
  6. Had 3 seasons at Cliftonhill , got us promoted as Champions and kept us up in L2 tbf with a very decent bash at getting near the playoffs. He left in 2017 after being offered a reduced contract and reduced playing budget as Rovers neared the financial precipice (again).
  7. A solid appointment for Stirling. Did a good job at Albion Rovers- the only thing I will say is he bailed on Rovers when the money ran out and it looks as if his luck ran out at EF when the well ran dry there too. I’m not sure what the financial outlook is for Stirling in the future but they certainly appear to have an expensively assembled squad (for L2 standards that is). A two and half year deal too - fair play to Dazza’s agent.
  8. Looks like we got out of jail with the disallowed goal but justice was done on that penalty- an absolute joke of a decision. Going by Maurice Ross’s post match interview he can talk a good game tbf.
  9. I wasn’t at the game but Rovers fans who were there said that justice was done as the penalty award was the worst one they’ve seen this season.
  10. Good luck to Rutkiewicz - always came across very well and you could see he cared possibly he cared too much. It’s a tough old league especially for those teams in between the big spenders and the relegation playoff. In general decent nice guys don’t tend to win anything.
  11. I think the margins in this league are very fine with the exception of Kelty. It was a heavy pitch but I thought both teams especially Rovers played some decent football. Forfar are a very strong side and have recruited well and haven’t suffered from the relegation blues, so credit to them. Saturday is the first time this season I can say we blew it after working our bollocks off to get back level it was an atrocious goal to lose at the end. Aye Forfar fan with the broken record I assumed had some mental health issues and at one stage I didn’t think he was a Forfar fan at all but was just a random -didn’t sound like a Forfar accent but who knows.
  12. That would have been harsh on Rovers. At least there was a bit of justice with the penalty with the Ayr full back playing basketball in the lead up to the award - Willie Collum at his best.
  13. No complaints really although can’t help feel that was a missed opportunity for Rovers. Boys done us proud but went flat after Ayr equalised and in fairness the full time training told in the end. Ayr went on to dominate. Good luck in the next round lads.
  14. Would tend to agree. The league cup match at Cliftonhill was a terrible affair with two teams struggling to get it going at the start of the season. I refuse to believe that Ayr will be that bad again. Rovers best chance is taking the tie back to Cliftonhill.
  15. Not a great surprise-L1 is an incredibly competitive League. Dazza signed a 2 year contract at the end of last season. I wonder how costly that was for the EF Board.
  16. A tough away match for Rovers. Annan still hanging in there after a very good start to the league. Would happily take a point.
  17. I remember Rovers fans using the “free hit” phrase before we played Kelty. Ended up “a write aff”
  18. Probably the best atmosphere at Cliftonhill this season albeit wasn’t a heck of a lot of quality on show . A battling performance from Rovers that I hope stands us in good stead- Stirling did improve in the 2nd half and at the red card would happily have accepted a point at that time. Fair play to the Stirling fans for not bitching about the pitch - it was really heavy yesterday and slightly concerning that there wasn’t that much rain during the week. From the outside looking in the Stirling fans seem to give the manager a hard time on here even when on a 8 game unbeaten run (which is the fans right of course) . He always comes across well in the interviews maybe too well - I don’t know.The harsh reality of League Two is apart from Kelty there are very fine margins in this league.
  19. Rovers have gone for a smaller squad this season and have 3 players out to injury which might explain us having only 7 on the bench. I wasn’t at the game last night but judging from the comments and the highlights it was Stenny’s strength and depth in squad was the difference with the changes on the hour markbeing the key. The defending and the goalkeeping for the 2nd and 3rd goals are X rated stuff but it’s on to another tough game against Stirling. Well done to Stenny for getting the 3 points and extending their run.
  20. The reality is apart from Kelty there are very fine margins in this league. I thought Stenny were one of the best teams to visit Cliftonhill this season with a very impressive 2nd half performance which arguably they should have gone for Rovers’ throat rather than running down the clock with 5 to go. Both sides beginning to get consistency of results of late which makes for an interesting match. Lots to play for as you feel a result for either team sees them looking up the table rather than down although I wouldn’t discount another draw.
  21. Absolutely sensational result tonight after beating the Teuchters last week
  22. I did read what he said which was initially passed off as banter but had pretty deep racist undertones to it .
  23. I’ve always had a real soft spot for Cowdenbeath but have got to ask are BB fans totally comfortable with this appointment given his recent past?
  24. Hold your horses pal , we have Edinburgh and Stenny to play before taking on Stirling at the San Siro. Very tough but absolutely massive games.
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