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  1. Tough one to take yesterday but still a great season for the Mo. Rovers supporters like myself look on the Mo (and Arbroath) with envy. Proper football clubs.
  2. Well done lads. Looked like an incredible game from the highlights. Airdrie definitely have the all important ‘momentum’ as the final approaches. The manager no doubt will try and get the players feet back to earth. The two final games should be crackers. Winning league titles is brilliant but there’s something special about winning the play offs.
  3. Are Stenny taking over next season’s L2 “ambitious” mantel ?
  4. We have absolutely chucked it. Binos fans will go home tomorrow thinking their team played like Brazil 1970 World cup team.
  5. I’m not sure down on our luck is quite accurate for Rovers. Prior to last week’s woeful showing Rovers were 5 games unbeaten (4 clean sheets) chuck in our best performance of the season beating Annan 4-2 at Galabank.
  6. Stenny are one of the best teams I have seen at Cliftonhill this season. Big Wedderburn has been immense in both games. I suppose my question is why are they not doing significantly better ? I’m assuming the playing budget is above an beyond Rovers’. I know you’re right up there for the play offs in fact a win tomorrow would make Stenny favourites for 4th. Rovers downed tools last week.
  7. Had a strong whiff of end season about that game. I counted one chance each - with a brilliant goal line clearance from Sean Fagan Rovers now mathematically safe.
  8. Good move on lowering the price for this game. Good luck lads
  9. Remember when LL clubs were jumping up and down like ADHD baboons sitting on hot plates and “Brechin should take their medicine” The next step now is to keep the Colts for another year. Absolutely spineless.
  10. A post with a strong whiff of “take your medicine “ , only thing is Cowden have taken their medicine - twice finishing bottom and twice overcome being relegated. Clubs like Cowden and Albion Rovers aren’t financially doped by here today gone tomorrow Sugar Daddies, yes they have small hardcore support, yes the stadiums could be improved but they do year in year out balance the books.
  11. Stirling’s season is quite clearly over - all but safe and miles off the promotion playoffs. Best just hand over the 3 points this now lads. In all seriousness when Darren Young was EF manager he loved to get one over the Rovers. Although he won the league with us and kept us up probably not the most charismatic of managers at Cliftonhill. 1-0 to the Albion
  12. Hard fought point for Rovers last night but ….. it’s a game Rovers should’ve won. Fair play to Kelty who kept two up front after the sending off.
  13. How that’s not a straight red for Elgin (at 5mins 30 secs) is totally beyond me.
  14. Consistency is the name of yhe game. Always thought at the start of the season that Cowden had a decent squad , also there are very fine margins in the Division as a whole with the exception of Kelty. The only other two teams that have nailed any sort of consistency is Forfar and Annan- everyone else striving for the same.
  15. A sad day for Stranraer and Shaun’s family and friends. Condolences to all involved.
  16. Seems more prevalent to lower leagues I would say. Just what the fans want to hear after being skelped 3-0 at home.
  17. I see from the post match interview Dazza has taken up from where the previous manager left with the old “training’s been good” patter
  18. Well done Warriors- big Wedderburn the best player on the park. Rovers were pretty much out if ideas after scoring the first goal. Our only saving grace was that wasn’t 4-5 goals put past us.
  19. No problem the retractable roof at Cliftonhill comes into it’s own here
  20. When the two teams last met in November it was a case of whoever won could use it as a springboard to get into playoff position. What’s happened Warriors? Still plenty of points to play for yet.
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