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  1. How that’s not a straight red for Elgin (at 5mins 30 secs) is totally beyond me.
  2. Consistency is the name of yhe game. Always thought at the start of the season that Cowden had a decent squad , also there are very fine margins in the Division as a whole with the exception of Kelty. The only other two teams that have nailed any sort of consistency is Forfar and Annan- everyone else striving for the same.
  3. A sad day for Stranraer and Shaun’s family and friends. Condolences to all involved.
  4. Seems more prevalent to lower leagues I would say. Just what the fans want to hear after being skelped 3-0 at home.
  5. I see from the post match interview Dazza has taken up from where the previous manager left with the old “training’s been good” patter
  6. Well done Warriors- big Wedderburn the best player on the park. Rovers were pretty much out if ideas after scoring the first goal. Our only saving grace was that wasn’t 4-5 goals put past us.
  7. No problem the retractable roof at Cliftonhill comes into it’s own here
  8. When the two teams last met in November it was a case of whoever won could use it as a springboard to get into playoff position. What’s happened Warriors? Still plenty of points to play for yet.
  9. Rovers were 7 or 8 points behind Berwick in 2018-19. We needed a helluva a bit of luck to stay up with a 3-0 win being awarded to us against Clyde after they fielded an ineligible player being the start of it. When we did turn the corner it did help Berwick being totally inept. I’m not saying Cowden’s current position is impossible but it is difficult…no doubt.
  10. You’ll probably know more behind the scenes info than what I do. We move on …. The new guy sounds like a promising signing.
  11. I’m not sure if there is much in it tbh. My guess is that he didn’t see getting back into the first team straight away. In the end I’m a firm believer if a player does not wish to play for the club it’s better for both parties that he leaves- also best for both parties during the transfer window rather than during the season.
  12. Probably need another centre half as cover I would say. We’ve been needing a left back since the start of the season but young Fernie has risen to the challenge. I’m not sure how easy it is to get a recognised LB at this stage of-the season tbh.
  13. Agree, he started promisingly then got injured, came back and then got injured again and struggled to get back into the side. It just wasn’t to be and it’s hard to argue against Fagan/McGowan being the first pick in central defence at the moment. Good luck to the big man anyway.
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