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  1. I can see Edinburgh going onto win promotion. Unlucky Elgin - will definitely be up there next season again
  2. Unlucky Mo. I was hoping you could pull it off. Still a great season by anyone’s standards
  3. Great result for Airdrie, seem to dig in even when not playing well. Can see them finishing the job. Good luck lads
  4. It’s “sporting integrity “ and “moving the goalposts “ when it suits the LL.
  5. C’mon the Mo!!! Always had a soft spot for them. What a job Petrie has done.
  6. Great result for Airdrie yesterday. Play offs is all about carrying on the momentum.
  7. Out of the very limited streaming services I have watched this season the Stranraer coverage was the best. Camera work good and the two lads on commentary don’t ruin it by trying too hard.
  8. My opinion also but maybe I’m a bit blinded by traditionalism and I will always stand up against those who bash Central park and Cliftonhill- yes they have their faults and the criticism is somewhat justified for lack of improvement in facilities. Edinburgh and Cove are in the senior game on merit but in terms of match experience it’s like watching a game at the sports centre.
  9. It’s Brechin for me. A class away day . A lot of good people at the club despite all the Brechin bashing going on . The essence of the club goes way further than the last 4 years which a lot of their critics like to pigeon hole them. The debate over the pyramid system should go beyond “get Brechin in the bin”. I do feel Brora are getting well underestimated in all of this particularly when the MSM are all in with “Barry Ferguson’s team” . No excuse needed now for the Daily Record to get Barry’s opinion printed on the second back page on the next Old firm game.
  10. Are the bookings and disciplinary points gained by Brora and Kelty in the games played so far extended on a PPG basis ?
  11. I thought they were called ‘Barry Ferguson’s team’.
  12. I see the wild conspiracy theories about Brechin’s influence over the SPFL’s final decision has proved to be a pile of shite.
  13. I thought the Brechin chairman had this all stitched up? The conspiracy theorists can take a feckin day aff. Good luck Brechin- class away day.
  14. Outstanding knowledge of Scottish football. Albion Rovers boss is Brian Reid.
  15. Some difference - I honestly thought at this stage we would be still battling it out with Brechin ( I suppose to some extent we still are) . I’m assuming planning for next season has already started more than likely with the same manager. I’ll be honest I wasn’t overly sold on him - he was skating on thin ice after the cup debacle v Buckie. He’s in a reasonably strong position to demand a bit more money for the playing budget, to be fair he absolutely nailed the recruitment during the transfer window. I’m hoping the penny has dropped with the Board that you can’t put out an u-21 team and expect anything else than near the bottom. We’ll see let’s make sure of League safety first.
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