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  1. I don’t have the inside info but this Saturday’s game maybe in doubt due to Rovers players isolating after one player tested Covid positive last weekend.
  2. Credit to Brechin . Looks like decisive action during the week has kickstarted their campaign. As for Rovers it’s looking ominous.
  3. All the best to Jack Purdue for a speedy recovery. Very cynical challenge to bring him down can’t say if he went out to injure him . The comment “a honest attempt to get the ball” from the comms is way off the mark.
  4. Men against boys in first half I’m afraid where the game was won/lost. Rovers totally inept but finished the game a bit better when Moore ballooned the ball over the bar. Two league games in and we have a 6 pointer already next week. Going to be a long season. Thought the coverage was pretty good. Sorry but I switched the commentary off. Good that they show replays during the coverage.
  5. I gave the live streaming a miss yesterday- I am struggling to get to grips with it to be honest. From the Rovers forum the consensus was the Warriors were deserved winners. I have only watched two games via streaming so far - our friendly against Airdrie was like watching CCTV footage. The Stranraer game was a good bit better -I think they have a camera person instead of a AI system. The commentary for the Stranraer game I quite liked (although one sided) as it sounded like a few fans getting together. I suppose it’s something new to most clubs and is something that can be developed with time. In general it would probably improve if there was a member of the comms team from the opposition to balance it out a bit. Ben and Jack are decent guys who like most give their best for Rovers - all clubs have people like them and more importantly need them.
  6. Elgin was one of the last teans I saw at Cliftonhill before the season was curtailed in March. Was well impressed with them and look as if they are carrying on that form. Dark horses for the title?
  7. Random alert- does anyone have or know where I can get an image of ex-Berwick and Albion Rovers keeper Marc Osbourne. Played during the 90’s. cheers
  8. From Season 1993-94 v Huntly. Checkout twitter @OldRovers for other photos from yester year
  9. Good luck to QP . As an outsider the natural instinct or concern is that the money for players will eventually stop sooner rather than later. Who would say no thanks to what they have been offered in financial support. The best thing for me is Lesser Hampden being redeveloped which I’m hoping will make for a much better match atmosphere than the existing stadium . Also with the risk of sounding like a complete p***k a decently priced catering facilities compared to the 2nd mortgage material at Hampden. Yours in hope.
  10. It was only worn that one season . Must have been the time Mr Fagan ran a Sports shop 🤣🤣
  11. I wonder what would have happened if Man U played using a Rovers strip with a Man U badge sewn over the top 🤣🤣
  12. I worked in the club shop at time before this book was published. To cut a long story short- I got a desperate phone call from a woman looking for a Rovers replica top pronto! It was pre-season and a new design was due so there was zero stock left. She eventually came clean and explained what it was for so I ended up going straight to the ground and got a match worn top that was getting packed for pre-season training. The rest as they say ........🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. Yip at the height of the Falklands War. That’s Rovers alright. 🤣
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