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  1. I see the Commercial Director for Stirling has donated to the Albion Rovers crowdfund page. Different class guys.
  2. We kinda huffed and puffed a bit yesterday however no-one would have grudged us a point on the second half display. Elgin defended well and looked dangerous on the break , ultimately the first 5 minutes of the game made it an uphill task. Our record at Central park of late isn’t great so offer me a point and I would take it. In saying that SuperCowden how about chucking three easy points to your old muckers fae Coatbrig?
  3. Elgin are my dark horse for the play offs- have more than a decent shout
  4. Fair play to Elgin that is what you call winning ugly
  5. I missed the game but naturally delighted with the result. Brechin in a similar or possibly worse position than us this time last year so City fans have our empathy. When my notifications cane up with goals either side of half time I thought the game was up. I really hope we can start looking up the table now. Massive game next week at Stenny. What are City fans thoughts ? Are they resigned to bottom spot and ultimate relegation. The stars aligned for Rovers last year but Berwick being so utterly shite ultimately was a main factor in us staying up. Rovers are better than last year , we only signed one player in January but the plus point is we are playing a fairly settled team who work their bollocks off.
  6. Going by the highlights some decent stuff there from Elgin. Cove are becoming the Fuzzywuzzies of Scottish football . They don’t like it up ‘em. Complaining last week about the Cliftonhill playing surface- there’s f*ck all wrong with pitch.
  7. Eerily Brechin are in the same position as Rovers were in last year. We played Berwick about the same time last year and of course it was labelled a must win game (aren’t most games) it ended 1-1 and Rovers supporters resigned to relegation.
  8. And there’s the rub. They extended their lead to 6 points at the top which is a perfectly acceptable position at the start of Feb in anyone’s books. Quite an entertaining game it has to be said.
  9. They were standing on the terracing in front of the directors area. Were wearing club ties and jackets. I’m not sure if they were directors or hangers on. I would have assumed if they were directors they would have been sitting in the posh seats
  10. Yes there were a few, some if them were a bit disparaging about the set up at Cliftonhill
  11. Excellent performance by Rovers to rescue a point. Absolutely pummelled them in the second half. Cove looked as if they thought all they had to do was just turn up. What is that pointless warm up routine they do when they run out the tunnel at kick off and half time- do they think they are Cove Madrid
  12. Agree wholeheartedly. Summed up our season as we lack the killer instinct. I would have taken a draw also but disappointed we didn’t sneak it- a draw was probably fair in the end. We played better the last 5 minutes without Lynas - I really don’t rate the guy. As for the two pens I thought the QP one was dubious - the collision looked to be shoulder to shoulder. For me Byrne has got to blast that down the middle , in the end it was poorly taken although maybe Im being a bit harsh. First half was a decent performance since we had a two week layoff and first game since the Stirling debacle. Scally was excellent again, McAllister had a good debut , save of the season from Goody.
  13. I thought tucked in shirts was a disciplinary issue at Hampden! On a serious note I think it’s a pretty good tradition to have and the hooped shirt looks a so much better that way.
  14. Unfortunately Smart wasn’t able to replicate the form that saved is from certain relegation last season. In fairness none of the team have really produced the goods this season . Unfair that Smart has taken most of the criticism from a section of the fans.
  15. Sorry to disappoint you Bro but Rovers have signed on loan ex-QP Nicholas McAllister. Ex-players coming back to haunt etc etc. On a serious note QP are fairly splashing the old cash now.
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