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  1. Useless Elgin Twats v Peterhead

    Wouldn't bet against QP doing what Alloa did in the last two games in L1 last season.
  2. The Albion Rovers Thread

    It is patter theft (oops did it again) from scottish comedian Limmy's twitter account and tribute to Scott-Replay's profile pic, thankfully he got it .
  3. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Good Rangers boy. Good sellic boy.
  4. Arbroath well done.

    Well done the Lichties a very decent bunch of fans. Hope you enjoyed your night , back on it again this afternoon it's the best curer.
  5. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Another superb result Mo. What a revelation this season.
  6. The Albion Rovers Thread

    That's because most Rovers fans have had their meltdown since the start of the season with the bonkers appointment we made. In all seriousness it feels like we are a million miles from safety and that's because it wouldn't take much for us to get relegated. I will say though that was a great point today - good to see a bit of character after last week's result. Honestly thought the arse had fallen out it again after a good run. Long,long way to go.
  7. The Albion Rovers Thread

    According to Clyde fans they shouldn't be deducted points because Berwick are adversely affected by it and of course Peterhead and Edinburgh aren't affected if they get to keep the points.
  8. 4. Replay the QP game but both teams keep the point from the original game , the SFA turn the clocks back to the 1980's when you got 2 points for a win and the winner of the replay gets said 2 points.
  9. Rovers v QP

    We were missing a couple of our better players but to be honest it was an inpressive performance from QP. If they repeat that performance next week they will beat Berwick no question. Rovers and Berwick have 10 wins between them this season. It's not inconceivable that neither team can muster a win for the rest of the season including against each other. Ideally we were hoping that we would go into the Berwick game with a cushion. That seems unlikely now and the game in 3 weeks time will be the clincher. If we go down I really fear for the future of ghe club. If we stay up I fear we will be battling relegation next season again.
  10. Rovers v QP

    Thought Queens no4 McLaren was solid yesterday. Wish we had McLaughlin absolute class.
  11. Rovers v QP

    Gotme. PJ had some decent saves although for the 4th goal he got a decent hand on it.
  12. Rovers v QP

    The only contact for the first penalty was Galt hitting the ground, I assume the lino gave it, second one Wharton had a rush of blood to the head - no arguments. Agree the scoreline was probably reflective of the game. Rovers didn't create a clearcut chance from what I recall.
  13. Rovers v QP

    What happened to the QP corinthian spirit- absolutely shocking dive. In all seriousness the penalty detracts how bad Rovers really were. Back to square one for us, first half performance nowhere near good enough and Queens could have been 3 up at HT. Thought Queens were solid from the start and actually sprayed it about the San Siro surface quite well. Rovers fans will talk about how Berwick lost 6 today but that was an alarming performance and shows we are a million miles away from safety.
  14. Rovers v QP

    PJ Morrison got player of the month. That means it cancels out the curse
  15. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    C'mon the Mo .Keep going. What a time to be alive.