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  1. Just watched the 2nd leg highlights there. No doubt overall result but that looked like another gie iffy penalty decision for Bonnyrigg.
  2. Rovers beat Stirling 3 times last season and that’s Stirling on a playing budget way above ours supposedly. Are any teams safe.
  3. Like the 1st leg QP got stronger as the game wore on and in the end deserved it.
  4. Commiserations to the Cowdenbeath fans - a very sad day. Many knock Central park but I have some good memories with games against the Rovers over the years. Hopefully the club can reset now (whatever that means) whether it new Directors or Chairman. As for the manager probably best that he goes unless Cowden fans can see something that others don’t. Congratulations to Bonnyrigg on a brilliant achievement . Fans from Cove and Kelty have appeared at Cliftonhill turning up their noses at the place in good old Billy Big Baws fashion. I’m hoping the Rose fans will appreciate it for what it is.
  5. Well done lads - a cracker of a goal to win promotion. Still a good season for Annan - there were a few who tipped them to be in the relegation mix.
  6. As a neutral that was not a bad game, always take into account how much is at stake. Airdrie the better team in 1st half, QP in the 2nd half. A fair result in the end with Airdrie being the slightly happier of the two. It could go all the way to pens but I think Airdrie will edge it.
  7. Couple cracking goals from EC - but it’s only half time. No way are Annan out of this. First goal on Friday night could be massive.
  8. Any talk of play off jinx’s are oot the windae as far as I can see. Airdrie might have started the season slowly in what is very competitive league but they have got better over time. Certainly have the manager, the fitness and the players. Do they have the baws? Going from Saturday you would say yes.
  9. Cowden could be doing with a homer of ref for this Saturday. That penalty decision is a complete joke.
  10. C’mon Cowden I’m still rooting for you. 3rd goal was a bit of killer tbh. You’ve got to get the first goal and put a bit of doubt into their minds and of course keep the back door shut. Easier said than done.
  11. Tough one to take yesterday but still a great season for the Mo. Rovers supporters like myself look on the Mo (and Arbroath) with envy. Proper football clubs.
  12. Well done lads. Looked like an incredible game from the highlights. Airdrie definitely have the all important ‘momentum’ as the final approaches. The manager no doubt will try and get the players feet back to earth. The two final games should be crackers. Winning league titles is brilliant but there’s something special about winning the play offs.
  13. Are Stenny taking over next season’s L2 “ambitious” mantel ?
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