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  1. It was far from easy Chris. We basically had to fight our way through that game. 1st half we battered QP withthe only complaint is it should have been 3 or 4 if it wasn’t for some brilliant goalkeeping. 2nd Half Queens had to come out fighting and finally we saw a Rovers team which could dig out a performance to protect our lead. It certainly answered the critics including myself and was a performance that was more akin to our form towards the end of last season. Tuesday nights game is crucial now.
  2. Fair play to Airdrie no real complaints about the result maybe a bit harsh on Rovers , if a fifth had gone in it would have been a real boot in the baws. From a Rovers point of view the turning point was the gilt edged chance at 2-1 Roberts cut back Byrne should have taken the goalnet from the riggings with that one. Would have made the game really interesting. That being said our defending is nowhere near good enough against teams in our division never mind against a team top of L1. We need serious change in that department. Thought Airdrie were solid team absolutely grease lightning on the break . Referee was ok not brilliant but let the game flow and only issued 2 yellow cards. Rovers had a great shout for a penalty again at 2-1. Ref should have checked Rovers version of VAR ..VCR. Good luck in the next round guys. Two absolutely massive league games for Airdrie are more important. Back to the drawing board for Rovers.
  3. Not many Rovers fans looking forward to this one as they fear a humpin’. It’s a good draw for Rovers (and Airdrie), hopefully it will be a full house. Airdrie are flying and after an iffy start have found a way to get points although according to my Airdrie supporting brother in law some of it hasn’t been pretty which is by the by. For football fans there is no better feeling than your team out of the blue finding form- the free flowing football can follow. If I could sum up Rovers this season - we definitely have a better quality of player it’s the character to dig out wins from games where we are lacking and as Chapelhall Chap alludes to - Rovers leak goals. Much is made of the San Siro playing surface which I don’t think will make much difference. The biggest positive for Rovers is it’s the cup and sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason. A replay would be a good result for us, if it goes to form I’ll go 3-1 Airdrie.
  4. Airdrie fans would have probably preferred Fort William away for it’s 5 star piss up qualities. Still a good draw for them.
  5. Well done City. Rovers never at the races yesterday
  6. John ‘ TheBeast’ Gemmell mentioned that
  7. I am assuming now that Krones has moved from the Antarctic to Mars
  8. My favourite line “ Remember Cowdenbeath “. 😂😂😂
  9. I thought the 3 red cards was one of the few things the ref got right. You can’t go in for tackles like that anymore. Rovers dealt with being at two men advantage very poorly. The only thing you can take from it is the three points which we needed by hook or by crook. Our possession play was just terrible. In saying that we played better last week against Brechin and lost. Sorry Bino fans - don’t mean to be patronising but there is enough there give you hope. I know you can’t keep losing but the first half display was good and certainly Bikey looked a handful when he came on. Personally think you looked better than Brechin. Only pity is the international weekend ( I know you have a cup game) but after a performance like that with 9 men you could do with another league game.
  10. Harsh. There are very few players I can say have not tried for Rovers. At the end of it all these guys who were no way equipped were offered a crack in the senior leagues which of course they were going to say yes.
  11. I would loved to have been a fly on the wall during Brogan’s interview. He was up front from the get go as to the signing policy. The appointment was shrouded in mystery and is up for debate as to who gave the go ahead. Either way the Chairman at that time should’ve resigned. Thankfully it’s all history now..
  12. I wouldn’t fault your own efforts for Rovers Graham. When it came down to fault I wouldn’t even blame the manager but the Director who made the appointment. The fact is you can’t make an entire team from Junior level and expect then to to rise up the the three or four levels to L2. The players simply weren’t good enough. Best wishes for the future.
  13. Not a game for the purists it has to be said.
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