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  1. Probably best for both parties. He did the team a turn at the end of last season but didn’t get a proper pre-season under his belt so I would say it has run it’s course. Good luck to him.
  2. Poor way to treat a great servant to Alloa. Great keeper, terrible football decision. I was going to say that’s football but that’s what happens when you have the thickest guy in Scottish football managing your club.
  3. I would love to say Rovers deserved something from the game actually it was a pretty good performance particularly in the first half. But our strikers were woeful Declan Byrne in particular left his predators in the house. I’m not sure how we didn’t score in the lead up to the penalty. Fair play to Annan took their chance and grew a bit more into the game in the second half.
  4. Interesting one. Annan have had a couple of superb results against teams who fancy themselves for promotion. Rovers came back down to earth with a bump against Elgin. Let’s see what kind of character is in this Rovers team. Both teams along with Cowden tipped to end up club 42 . I honestly think it’s going to be very tight this year between playoff spots and bottom.
  5. Well done Elgin. Back to the drawing board for us. Let’s see the character of this Rovers team next week.
  6. Rovers looking to extend their unbeaten run while the home side looking for their first win. I don’t think it will be a repeat of the last game which ended 5-2 with a couple of freebies chucked in from the Elgin keeper. Elgin always a dangerous side especially at home. Either way it’s early days yet for the league table settle barring Kelty who should on paper win it at a canter.
  7. A fair result in the end. Not a lot of quality on display in fact all the quality was confined to the four goals in what was an entertaining enough game. Stenny will be kicking themselves as they were definitely on the ascendancy when they scored the second. Swifty in his post match comments said they should be coming to places like Cliftonhill and taking the three points- the probably should given the budget they have. The days of an easy 3 points at Coatbridge are gone. Absolutely magic finish from Div Wilson -I hope Graeme Smith who was arguing with Rovers officials during the 2nd half enjoyed it- an absolute top drawer walloper of a boy GIRUY. Ref was of the most infuriating sort- blew his whistle before the softest of fouls and then miss the most blatant of fouls. Another toughy next week.
  8. I think Stenny have made the most new signings for any of the clubs in L2 so I’m hoping they still take time to gel but they should be there or there abouts come the end of the season. Swifty has progressed each club he has managed at. Rovers on the face of it have a really good blend of the youth and experience - Brian Reid has made some really good signings. What impresses me about them is the communication all over the pitch is excellent - the older pros are always talking the youngsters through the game. The only thing is it’s a small squad and the budget dictates that but I think there will be room for loan deals as and when needed. If we can keep a clean sheet again then that’s all good but I think this will end 1-1.
  9. What’s the beef with Neil Parry? Does Ferguson not fancy him.
  10. Interesting as in the game should be replayed? Would be interesting how Edinburgh felt if they were 2-0 up.
  11. The obvious way to go is with the teams who have the bigger budgets but there is so much at stake nowadays for the clubs in this division it could literally be anyone who gets off to a bad start. Rovers are not known for being a sacking club in recent times. Reid could have been sacked after the Scottish cup disaster against Buckie but fair play to him he absolutely nailed the loan signings during the transfer window. Kevin Rutkiewisc took a bit of stick last season for not getting Stirling to the playoffs. Always liked him though - comes across really well but ultimately it’s about results and I assume he has a healthy budget to play with especially now since Andy Ryan departed which if going by pre-season results looks as if it has brought the squad together.
  12. Always hated him when he was in the opposition but a good one to have in the team - was most unfortunate with injuries for us last season. Truth be told his injury led to Lewis Wilson being re-introduced further up the park which turned out to be a revelation. I’m glad Coxy has had a change of heart. All the best to him.
  13. Jim divided opinion amongst Rovers fans but away from the spin I really liked him - a much better footballer than he cared to admit and scored that iconic goal that will last generations. He took over at Rovers at a really turbulent time and made slow progress under a very limited budget. I would like to think in hindsight he would see Rovers fans as quite tolerant compared to Dumbarton and Clyde fans who are way more demanding. His move to Clyde had disaster written all over it.
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