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  1. Any Petershill players sent off? How many penalties?
  2. Lugar created some good chances as well and like EK hit woodwork Your keeper had a good save early doors when the lad burst through and the Lugar keeper had two excellent saves. The ordering off should not have been as the E.K player was well offside when the lugar player pulled him back. Like most people at the game I thought a draw was a fair result
  3. You must have been at a different game from me there was nothing in the two teams
  4. It was never offside . Question is that boy in Gaols for Cumberauld the Rutherglen keeper
  5. Is the Darvel pitch drained into the river Irvine? If so the level of the river may play a part in water retention. It takes two or three years for new drainage to draw properly.
  6. Good victory. That may silence the critics
  7. This is very unfair on a man who has dedicated so much time and money to the game. I remember his playing days and his spell at Lugar as manager where he had a good competitive team. Three defeats does not constitute change
  8. You are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Kennie people fail to look at the situation from other teams positions. They are only interested in their own. League C is down to ten. More to follow ?time alone will tell
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