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  1. The stv has footage of the black cart having burst its banks and their is heavy flooding and high winds .
  2. We were informed by Maihri Mcwilliams that The Cumnock Talbot game would be rescheduled to the hub if Talbot game was off. That meant that Kello and Lugar had to move .Maihri then informed me that Cumnock was not rescheduling. She then phoned me and said Kello wanted a two kick off .As Kello train at the hub we thought it fair that they get first crack. We forked Rosebank for two days to try and get the game on . Please phone Maihri and she will confirm this. Somebody is feeding you wrong info
  3. Contact Maihri McWilliams at the Enterprise and she will explain the circumstances why theLugar game was switched back to Lugar. Please stop you slanderous accusations
  4. That is rubbish we had fifteen players available out of twenty one . We would have fielded almost the same team that played Vale of Clyde last week
  5. Kello v East Kilbride and Lugar v Thorniewood are also on Saturday
  6. It may not be scrapped. This would need to be decided
  7. I have already stated that I appreciate teams wanting to better themselves. I spoke at the West meeting last year and expressed my concerns about the way the west was going about the Pyramid. The whole thing is a total shambles but their will be a solution for teams like Clydebank and others who want to better themselves but all we seem to get on here is hypothetical writings. Constructive dialogue must prevail. My only concern is the impact on smaller teams
  8. You use the word scaremongering. Was that the same Scaremongering when I said opition z would never be accepted
  9. 100% correct. It cannot be discussed until it happens. If it ever does
  10. Who told you everything would remain the same and when was the meeting held to discuss this?
  11. Who told you we would still have the game? Was it the man that told the west juniors that the LL league would back option z . There has been NO decision taken on that
  12. I was using the Talbot game as an example of how it would affect junior teams in East Ayrshire.
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