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  1. Talbot crumble

    Thank you
  2. Talbot crumble

    Talbot will never crumble
  3. Weather 09/02

    Chucking it doon in Lugar at 7.30am might just be a heavy shower but also howling a gale
  4. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    I do not know why you would want to Boak at this thread as you are one of only two teams to have beaten Talbot this season,.
  5. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    In my opinion the Talbot are far fitter better organised and more skilful than I can ever remember. They have shown that they are a very good side . It is a pity that the west will lose them when they step up to the Lowland
  6. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    Only my opinion .Do you think Talbot teams of the past would have reached this stage of the Scottish? Do i detect a touch of jealously because a neutral is praising Talbot
  7. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    Talbot this year are in top gear and credit to all concerned. This must be the best team in the history of junior football
  8. McBookie's Odds 2nd February

    11/2 Buffs at Beith?
  9. Todays scores 19/1

    A bit confusing Lugar were told last week that the referee decides
  10. Todays scores 19/1

    What happened at Darvel does anybody know?
  11. Comfortable talbot .... superb

    Well done Talbot from all at Lugar
  12. Was Lugars park Playable?

    Possibly so there was less time for his heid to get nipped. This was the only game off in Scotland. This ref had his mind made up before he got to Lugar and timed it nicely.His report says the ball was not running or bouncing
  13. Was Lugars park Playable?

    Lugar have already sent a letter and video to Hampden The referees report said that the area in the centre circle was not playable the ball was not running or bouncing. If you look at the video the players nearest to the video taker are inside the centre circle
  14. Was Lugars park Playable?

    This a video of Lugar training after the referee was away. Yoker F.C are training out of sight to the right