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  1. Mogwai fans - gies some help

    Mogwai at the Barrowlands tonight was absolutely fucking brilliant.
  2. Andy Townsend + Matt Smith

    Not for me, Clive. Townsend can now spend more time in and around the pub.
  3. Darts...

    Aye it was 11-3 to Anderson in 180s and 14-13 to Thornton in the first match. I had pretty big bets on over 40.5 over the two matches and Anderson over 10.5; both sneaked over the line with Anderson's final maximum.
  4. Plenty of contenders at St Mirren (Marwood, Ball, Caldwell, Reilly and Drury being particularly shite) but Marian Kello just shades it. He''s gone from being a decent keeper to a flappy bombscare who seems to give away at least one soft goal every week and looks like he couldn't give two fucks about it.
  5. Scotland's Oil

    Shit! How are we going to cope with all this volatility??
  6. Latest Polls and Latest Odds

    Paddy Power had the line at 43.5% for the last couple of weeks so I'm not surprised Ladbrokes have now moved theirs. I still think it's a good bet, would be very surprised if Yes polls under 45%.
  7. Latest Polls and Latest Odds

    Ladbrokes still offering odds of 10/11 on Yes getting over 42.5% of the vote.
  8. Just back from two weeks in Rio; Colombia's female fans were absolutely incredible!
  9. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    The description matched the trousers Gerry was wearing that night right down to the buttons on the hips. Point I was making though is it's interesting how the media and last night's Crimewatch are so selective in the facts they report - at no point last night was it mentioned that Smith thought the man was Gerry, that the cadaver dogs found the scent of a dead body in the flat and car, that Kate refused to answer 48 police questions, etc. So much publicity but the public doesnt get to hear the full story.
  10. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    Strange that the Met are going with e-fits based on descriptions given by the Smith family from Ireland but not mentioning that Martin Smith was 60-80% sure the man he saw carrying the child was Gerry McCann: "I hereby declare that this statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I make it knowing that if it is tendered in evidence I will be liable to prosecution if i state in it anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true. I would like to state that the statement I made on 26th May 2007 in Portugal is correct. The description of the individual that I saw on 3rd May 2007 carrying a child is as follows. He was average build, 5 foot 10' in height, brown hair cut short, aged 40 years approximately. Wearing beige trousers and darkish top maybe a jacket or blazer. He had a full head of hair with a tight cut. This individual was alone. I saw Gerard McCann (sic) going down the plane stairs carrying one of his children on 9th September 2007 BBC news at 10 PM, I have been shown the video clip by Sergeant Hogan which I recognise. A clip I have seen before on the Internet. In relation to the video clips of Gerard McCann and the person I saw on 3rd May 2007 when I saw the BBC news at 10 PM on 9th September 2007 something struck me that it could have been the same person. It was the way Gerard McCann turned his head down which was similar to what the individual did on 3rd May 2007 when we met him. It may have been the way he was carrying the child either. I would be 60-80% sure that it was Gerard McCann that I met that night carrying a child. I am basing that on his mannerism in the way he carried the child off the plane. After seeing the BBC news at 10 PM, footage on the 9th September 2007 I contacted Leicestershire police with this information. During that time I spoke to all my family members who were with me on the night of 3rd May 2007 about this and the only one who felt the same way as me was my wife. She had seen the video clip of Gerard McCann walking down the stairs of the plane earlier that day. We did not discuss this until some days later. This statement has been read over to me and is correct.
  11. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    There is no evidence whatsoever that she was abducted by a stranger. There is evidence from the cadaver dogs to suggest that she died in the apartment. Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions put to her by the Portuguese police. She acknowledged that her silence could harm the chances of finding Madeleine: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7542939.stm The Madeleine Fund is a ltd company not a charity. It is true that is funds their mortgage. The McCanns and their tapas pals have changed their stories about what happened that night several times. The latest revelations on the changes to the previously accepted timeline appear to suggest they've changed their accounts again. The McCanns made very public announcements saying they would be happy to take lie detector tests but then refused to do so. The McCanns and the rest of the Tapas 9 all refused to take part in a reconstruction of the events of the night Madeleine went missing - they said it would serve no purpose and they were too busy. Massive cover-up IMO.
  12. A great feeling at Cappielow..

    Thought Morton were good today. Well organised, worked very hard and didn't look to have many weak links other than the keeper (who was better than ours). Big centre forward will score a lot of goals in the 1st and McLaughlin is still solid at the back. Just backed them at 8/1 for the 1st division. St Mirren were a shambles, need two or three players before the end of the transfer window or it'll be a long hard season.
  13. stone roses

    Some absolute scumbags in the crowd (saw a couple of dicks giving Nazi salutes during Primal Scream) and it should have been louder but still, what a fuckin band. Would give my right arm to see them at the Barrowlands again.
  14. Heart of Midlothian vs St Mirren

  15. I don't think this has been posted here yet - "How Are Sevco Affording Sandaza?", an excellent analysis of Sevco's finances by the Saint In Asia: http://saintinasia.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/how-are-sevco-affording-sandaza/