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  1. Cardle’s still a greetin face wee c**t
  2. One of those sitting in a field near Errol airfield ( look on google maps , near Maurice Leslie vehicle auctions )
  3. Well done Cowdenbeath, HaHa McManus Ya Fanny, and by fanny I mean mercenary c**t. !
  4. What about the fact the maintenance guy has done the work in good faith and I'm sure he needs the money at this time of year as well , ps mind his Christmas tip !
  5. Fairly big March along Kirkcaldy high street this morning , very colourful, like a staunch Rainbow parade !
  6. Strange one , I was in the raven and everyone seemed to be a Hibee , no offence just saying!
  7. Residents of Tayport woken in the early hours by shouts of " Thundercats " and "wha' s in cherge noo " accompanied by the dull roar of a jet pack passing overhead.
  8. Done , realised I sound like an old fart but enjoyed the rant !
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