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  1. I'm pretty sure he ended up Livi's first choice keeper last year? He has been at rangers since he was a very young boy and is very highly thought of. He won DIv 2 with East fife and division 1 with Livi. taught at the school he went to and he is a cracking boy (as is his brother Sean who played for St Mirren). i think he would be a very good signing.
  2. First proper competition of the season tomorrow with a Texas Scramble. Can't wait to get on the course. happy golfing tomorrow boys
  3. Looking forward to the season starting. Last season was my first proper season playing medals and getting an official handicap. Struggled for long periods after being given 22 rising to 24 over the course of the season. Played a good few times over the winter and have had a few lessons which have helped my ball striking. Hoping for a quick start and an early cut.
  4. Brilliant Menzel thanks. Had like. Back and seen that it moves about. Fingers crossed that it falls on the weekend we are there and in Prague.
  5. Hi folks. I was wondering if anyone has been to the Czech cup final before? We are heading to Prague for a stag on the 27th May and hoping that it falls on the weekend we are there. So far we can't find any details. Sparta are still to play their semi final. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I was at Shed 7 in the Academy last night. Cracking gig
  7. I was at Yankees Red Sox in April at Yankee stadium and Giants Dodgers at AT&T. Both amazing
  8. Definitely. First time I've seen them, missed them through various different reasons so was one of the last ones ticked off the list.
  9. I'm so lonely was on magic hour was it not? Cracking gig last night. Highlight for me was flying Edit to add also thinking of going down to Liverpool. Think that will be an amazing gig
  10. Staying in Albufreira and hoping to get to the game. What the best way to get to and from Faro?
  11. Excellent cheers for that. 16 of us going and playing a Ryder cup format over 2 days so really looking forward to it.
  12. Anybody played The Bruce or the Montgomery in Kinross before? Heading there to play them over the weekend.
  13. Hoping I'll find that Fenerbache away top in a Turkish market in the next week
  14. The goal he set up for Peaso against Dunfermline at Cappielow (think it was him) on bbc alba shows exactly what he can do when on form.
  15. I would have kept him as well. Loved how direct he was when running with the ball.
  16. Think I've been to 2 gigs at hampden where the stage was at a goal end and the sound was horrific, just echoed around the stadium.
  17. I'm all for Orr being given a run. The more youth players that are capable and given a chance the better. No idea if Orr plays as a centre forward or left winger though? We are a third tier club at present there's no arguing with that. In my opinion we do have thot tier players playing for us - Lamie, Kilday, Crichton Milojevic the Mcluskeys, McKee, Miller. We have 4 or 5 who are better than that however that's it.
  18. McLuskey scored the first 3 goals and McManus scored a meaningless goal at the end. Mccluskey's goals won the match. without midfielders supplying strikers with chances players like Mcdonald, Caldwell and McManus don't score. Jamie has done that on numerous occasions this season. With slow build up play and poor defending we won't win anything, however we have been on a very decent run recently. One game doesn't make us a horrendous team. I'm far from a happy clapper and am very critical of the team this season including Saturdays performance. However on recent form the McLuskey brothers are not our biggest problem
  19. Why? Someone had to score. You can also only score against what you are up against. If you we're at he game you will have seen that the difference between the teams was that we finished our chances. Stirling played the better football in the first half. Mccluskey's goals changed the momentum of the game. He's not had a great season, however has mucked in since Christmas. We are a third tier club just now with third tier players turning out for us.
  20. It doesn't matter who it was against he took his goals well and won't he match for us. Jamie was poor on Saturday however he never hides and often is the person who drives us. Nobody's saying we are a finished side here, or that the starting 11 would see us good in the championship, or that Duffy is doing an excellent job, but let's not get carried away. The last time I looked we were top of the league.
  21. It's not like us to exagerate. Stef is just off a hat trick and Jamie was excellent midweek last week. Saturday was a bad day in horrific conditions. Peaso never touched the ball when he came on against Forfar. Drop Oware back an replace Crichton with Forbes.
  22. Going to Yankees v Red Sox in April. Can't wait
  23. Went to see the Giants in San Francisco a few years ago having no idea what was going on. Left totally hooked. Going to see Yankees play the Red Sox in April and can't wait. Go for it
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