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  1. It's not just that (although nobody else has dealt with Vargas in that manner that im aware of). It's everything about the guy. The massive steps he's made in such a short period of times defies what virtually anyone thought he was capable of. The way he carries himself. The hunger, desire, the way he speaks and conducts himself. Sometimes you can just sense when a fighter has something special about him. And we've not even spoke about the Benn DNA yet. I realise I'm making very bold predictions but I'll "hang my hat" on him taking a major scalp in the next 12-18 months.
  2. Nonsense. Granted Benn is still a relative novice in the bigger picture but in no way would he be "scudded from pillar to post." Benn is going to be a special talent in years to come and other than the likes of Spence and Crawford I think he's capable of giving anyone under that top tier a run for their money already. Be interesting to see who he fights next cos I can't see the likes of Khan or Brook wanting any of that work at this stage of their careers and Josh Kelly can forget it. A fight with Florian Marku would be a real crowd pleaser but I can't see that one coming off unfortunately.
  3. I actually meant to say Broner but either way I'd back him to beat either one of them.
  4. Bolder? I don't think anyone can question his ambition. There were plenty writing him off after his draw with Peinar, including some on here. He's the most improved fighter in the country along with Okolie. I'd back him to beat the likes of Khan, Brook or Porter tomorrow and with a degree of comfort at that. He's THE hot ticket in British boxing right now.
  5. I actually think Whyte is still showing small signs of improvement even at 34. I think a fight with Wilder would be a great watch while it lasted tho I wouldn't expect it to be a fight the latter would take. Covid may well have had an effect on Povetkin but I doubt very much he'd have made it through a full camp if it was even marginally impacting on his lung capacity as suggested. I think he simply aged overnight, as we've seen happen many times before.
  6. Sorry if it's been posted already but I think the holiday ban and accompanying fine is for reasons far more obvious than we think. The UK government simply want us to reinvest in our own economy and flood our own holiday resorts.
  7. I know a lot of it is guesswork just now but I worry you'll need both jabs with the possibility of a vaccine passport to allow you to travel without quarantining in Scotland when you land. Ignoring the idea of flying back to England, obviously. That's not even taking into account the £1700 charge for the privilege.
  8. How old are you? I've worked out I'd need my first jab no later than April 10th if we've any chance of getting abroad in July. I'm 43 so hoping to get word in the next 2-3 weeks.
  9. Ah sorry. I thought you were the opposite of a wedding crasher. My bad.
  10. For anyone that's been critical of Josh Taylor you might want to check out his podcast with James English. Came across really well; down to earth and humble. Really good watch.
  11. Aye a guy who was owed tick went down in his saloon, nicked his 15 massive snakes with no experience and dumped them about the place like trophies. ^^^what i was told earlier 😂😂😂
  12. I've got no idea what this is about tbh as I hardly post on here anymore. As a former best poster winner for my Alf Hucker alias I'm mortally offended that anyone thinks I'm VT though.
  13. A bizarre request but does anyone happen to have the old meme of McCoist pushing the lawnmower in front of the gazebo?
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