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  1. No its not. I ordered it at 4pm today for £25
  2. How's the game going? I've got £25 on Talbot so tempted to cash out.
  3. Did you dress up for a fight when you ran away from Airdrie too ya big rascal?
  4. What the f**k is this? Gave up a quarter of the way through ya boring b*****d.
  5. If I was "that laddies dad" I'd put him on a crash diet. Marshmallow looks about 30 btw so I doubt Daddy will have to hunt anyone down 😂
  6. And here he is in all his glory. Last seen under a rock in Lord Of The Flies.
  7. Marshmallow is the fat peppa pig lookalike with the specs.
  8. Surely not! This inside info cos I cant see him retired at 30?
  9. 😂 Yeah. What I meant was is the game likely to be in any danger?
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