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  1. Anyone else on here heading down to Wembley for the Fury fight? I should be more enthusiastic than I feel right now but I don't care what anyone says, the lack of build up has detracted from the fight massively. Although I see Whyte has broken his social media blackout today.
  2. Fair enough. I suppose the fat clown comment was unwarranted.
  3. Exactly my thoughts watching it. Thor actually looked like a boxer by way of technique and footwork. Hall looked anything but that with his bizarre side on stance yet still impressed me more than that fat clown with the green hair a couple of weeks back.
  4. Aye I watched the Edwards fight then the programme finished. I take it Prograis was on earlier? I know he's been relatively inactive since the loss to Taylor but I think he deserves a far better platform tbh.
  5. What channel was this on?
  6. Apologies if it's been asked already but can away fans buy the stream for this?
  7. Taken Taylor to stop him at 10/3. Still reckon itll be a points win but that price was too good to turn down.
  8. Are any Airdrie fans making the pilgrimage to Greenock tomorrow night? I could make an obvious joke about panzer tanks trundling down the m8 but thats so 2002.
  9. Oh I will don't worry about that.
  10. It'll be a disgrace if that fight isn't picked up by a UK broadcaster before the weekend. I'm still hopeful.
  11. Exactly. Problem is I don't think Fury especially will want him to get anything after being slandered. Will Fury vacate and if he does will AJ be happy if the fight isn't for all the marbles? What a clusterfuck of a situation and Chisora called it spot on, Hearn has led the fans up the garden path.
  12. It's not just that (although nobody else has dealt with Vargas in that manner that im aware of). It's everything about the guy. The massive steps he's made in such a short period of times defies what virtually anyone thought he was capable of. The way he carries himself. The hunger, desire, the way he speaks and conducts himself. Sometimes you can just sense when a fighter has something special about him. And we've not even spoke about the Benn DNA yet. I realise I'm making very bold predictions but I'll "hang my hat" on him taking a major scalp in the next 12-18 months.
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