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  1. Boxing Thread

    Free??? Fantastic stuff. Hoping broner gets flattened Aren't we all.
  2. I've got Ayr -3 and Talbot to win BTTS
  3. Boxing Thread

    Glad it's not just me
  4. Boxing Thread

    Need to give Chisora his dues. Looked in fantastic shape at the weigh in.
  5. He contributes nothing. A ghost. I never rated him the first time around either but I expected him to return a much improved player. How wrong I was.
  6. Boxing Thread

    Aye. He's a shameless, protected cretin.
  7. Boxing Thread

    No. None.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Seems pointless. A 40lbs weight gain will only slow him down and make him easier to hit unless I'm missing something.
  9. Boxing Thread

    You're on a roll!
  10. Boxing Thread

    Literally none of this is accurate.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Against a man with freakish power. Fury will handle AJ with relative ease imo.
  12. Boxing Thread

    No way. If Wilder can floor Fury twice who has far more defensive skills than Joshua then I can only see a Wilder KO. Fury then wins the Wilder rematch and completes his fairytale comeback. Lovely.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Really? I don't think AJ could deal with either of them tbh. Wilder would knock him out as AJ doesn't have anywhere near the defensive skills of Fury and Fury would simply outbox him. It's all about opinions I suppose and time will tell.