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  1. For anyone that's been critical of Josh Taylor you might want to check out his podcast with James English. Came across really well; down to earth and humble. Really good watch.
  2. Aye a guy who was owed tick went down in his saloon, nicked his 15 massive snakes with no experience and dumped them about the place like trophies. ^^^what i was told earlier 😂😂😂
  3. I've got no idea what this is about tbh as I hardly post on here anymore. As a former best poster winner for my Alf Hucker alias I'm mortally offended that anyone thinks I'm VT though.
  4. A bizarre request but does anyone happen to have the old meme of McCoist pushing the lawnmower in front of the gazebo?
  5. It would make sense. Last thing the NHS would need is domestic abuse cases rocketing and alcohol related illnesses going through the roof on the back of this pandemic. Apologies if someone's answered already. I'm a few pages behind.
  6. Which podcasts? I listen to fight night on talksport, toe to toe and 5live. One or more of them, I canny mind. Saudi and the trilogy was specifically mentioned.
  7. Maybe you do but I heard all the above on a couple of boxing podcasts this week.
  8. Billy joe is gonna fight Canelo the same night in the US and they both have Ben Davison as their trainer. I dont see top rank letting their new investment go into a fight without his trainer in his corner, especially when they have 2 massive money fights lined up for him in Ramirez then Crawford. Cant take the risk of Davison not being in the corner. As soon as BJS v Canelo gets announced, then Taylor will pull out injured soon after. Nonsense. You've clearly read that elsewhere and taken it as gospel.
  9. Have a look at Dillian Whytes interview with sky sports btw. It's on YouTube. Just spends a few minutes laughing at Wilder for 'tarkin rubbish.' 😆
  10. I wasnt aware of that until I listen to the 5Live podcast at work today.
  11. That's the rematch clause being activated. Wilder has sacked his corner man that threw the towel and is blaming his outfit for weakening his legs. Jesus wept. It was being battered from pillar to post and leaned on by a 19 stone giant that did that, D.
  12. John Fury stating today that he wants Tyson to retire now. That'd be a crying shame.
  13. He's never been the type of fighter to chase the knockout as he's never really had to in the past. Nobody can live with him in terms of his boxing brain or ring IQ so he's simply boxed his way to most victories. I'm not convinced he can't ragdoll Joshua too. If he applies pressure the way he did against Wilder I dont think the fight will even reach the halfway point. Usyk for me is the potential fly in the ointment but again he may just be a bit too small. I just hope the fight can be made with AJ and ideally in the UK. Vegas would be fine too, anywhere but Saudi really.
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