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  1. We only had 17 first team players signed for the opening game at Cove
  2. Absolutely criminal we didn't sign a RB on loan when Williamson got crocked
  3. The question is do we trust this current mob to appoint a decent replacement?
  4. Amazingly Wilson is only our third worst piece of business this window after McKay on a 3yr deal and Holt signing his own son
  5. Mind when Deans essentially declared himself more valuable than £600k of investment?
  6. Is he not one of the players modelling the new kit? Would be a bit odd to use him for that if the intention is to loan him out.
  7. I also think it's incompetence as opposed to a cash grab. Cove played in their white away kit on the opening day and since then we've had Peterhead at TFS who wore their pink change kit. First season since 09/10 we've had two blue kits and 40% of the league play in that colour. Just no foresight from this lot.
  8. That's Cove signed Finlay Robertson on loan from Dundee. Should be comfortable at this level. Teams around us strengthening while we're announcing a third kit. What a club.
  9. Home win. We're incredibly one-dimensional and our one dimension is currently doped up to his eyeballs in a hospital bed.
  10. Begging people employed by Falkirk to stop giving interviews that are paywalled by that dinosaur Spiers.
  11. James Keatings to Montrose. Not sure what his fitness is like at the moment but on paper he's better than any of our striking options.
  12. A guy called Wilson that scores goal? What a concept
  13. Does anyone trust Holt to make a meaningful improvement to the squad in January? Because I sure a f**k don't
  14. First time this season I think we can be critical of Sheerin. Pre-match I was happy with him adding an extra body to midfield given we were playing a title rival. But early in the second half you could see QP were happy to sit on their lead and he really should have sacrificed one of Hetherington/Ross for McGuffie and played the 4-2-3-1 which has been working well for us. Quite worrying how flat the game went after the second disallowed goal. I can understand the frustration from the players and how that could sap your motivation but we didn't muster a single chance after that. Not even a potshot or scramble in the box. Just a really drab end to the match. That's where your bench can bail you out but our squad beyond the first XI is dreadful for a title challenger. A lot of work for Holt and Sheerin still to do this window.
  15. That head-first lunge when Murray was breaking forward was absolutely laughable. How have we still not replaced him?
  16. Did they pluck this ref out the crowd pre-match?
  17. He would have let that go if there hadn't been a crowd screaming about it The added time in both halves was incredible. Felt like 4 minutes in the first half when nothing happened other than the two goals. Think watching streams for so long had made me forget how bad some of the officials are at this level. Thankfully didn't impact the result.
  18. A much more enjoyable visit to Airdrie than my previous two. Didn't think there was a huge amount between the teams in the first half but the two goals showed the quality we have in that front 4. Looking forward to seeing Keena's goal in the highlights and pleased for Morrison following in for the first. Definitely feels like the players are putting more into matches than last season. No complaints about the red card for Hetherington. I counted 4 times he played himself into trouble when there were easier passes on. The first booking in particular was completely needless as we had the numbers back. After conceding so soon after HT I was sure we'd blow it but we saw it out relatively comfortably. If I was to pick any flaws at the back I'd maybe say McCann for how often he got caught under the ball. Airdrie will obviously know his strengths and weaknesses well and it seemed to be a deliberate tactic. Lemon looked solid enough on his league debut and Krasniqi was fine but I didn't think Ompreon looked up to much. Hopefully just nerves as he barely challenged for a header when he first came on. Special mentions to Watson for his first half meltdown, that hopeless referee and McGill for trying to play on after the most obvious foul throw from the keeper
  19. If he's fit I'd take him as a trialist for Saturday.
  20. Not really sure what the harm in postponing this is. Plenty time to play a rescheduled match given we've not even started the season.
  21. Any word on whether we'll be allowed to attend Ayr on the 24th?
  22. Playing all our friendlies behind closed doors so the fans don't see how bad the signings are til after they've paid their season tickets
  23. Would be amazed if Wilson scores more this season that Kouder-Aissa who Airdrie just took from Holt's old club
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