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  1. Just find it a bit grating to hear him playing the victim when we should have been pissing this league.
  2. Can't be the only one that thinks the Gary Deans interview with the Daily Mail is cringe AF.
  3. That SPFL TOTS would be lucky to finish top half 😁
  4. Everyone is entitled to attend whichever games they like, but I won't taking part in any boycotts because, IMO, they're childish and pointless. Teams voted to get prize money released earlier to aid their finances. You can argue that the distribution of money should have been decoupled from the vote on calling the season now (and I'd agree with you), but that was the proposal on the table and the majority of clubs were happy to back it. The shenanigans that has gone on since Friday isn't the fault of L1 clubs. They've voted to ease their cashflow; something I'm sure we'd have done in the same position. I seriously doubt they're looking at us and Partick as cash cows. We'll take 500-1,000 to most aways which is a nice boost for these clubs twice a season, but it certainly won't be something they budget for. Very arrogant to think us boycotting will bankrupt them.
  5. Talk of conspiracies and boycotting away games is getting a bit Rangersy for my liking.
  6. I think we should be aiming to finish the season one way or another, but if the current table is made final I don't think we (Falkirk) can have any complaints about staying down. We should be winning the league comfortably with our budget. Arbroath were 12 points clear at the same stage last season.
  7. I've got tickets for Barcelona-Leganes a week on Sunday. Not overly confident of it being played in front of a crowd though.
  8. Think we just need to stop signing jobbers from Morton tbh.
  9. His lack of mobility was really stark towards the end of the match when Raith's keeper was kicking short. A real opportunity to keep them penned in, but only McManus had the legs to press effectively. Agree with this. Swap the managers and we'd be pissing this league.
  10. Was that the season you finished 7th in this league or a different one?
  11. Why is this joker still getting airtime for his beige takes? Anyone on here could tell you the SFA is run like a bowling club.
  12. Montrose are on an excellent run and I expect them to make the play-offs, but that's been built on beating the teams around and below them. They've taken 0 points from their 5 games against ourselves and Raith and I'd be disappointed if that changed tomorrow.
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