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  1. The SPFL doesn't have FFP rules. It would only come in to play if they qualified for Europe and even then it's loose change compared to a lot of teams.
  2. Would be amazed if McInnes wanted to give up his cushty job on BT Sport to work with Gary Holt and our merry band of jobbers
  3. How bad did Williamson's injury look? Getting increasingly hard to justify that he was a better option than Mercer if he never fucking plays.
  4. McGurn emergency loan for the weekend. Don't want to get too wound up about somebody who's probably just going to sit on the bench but what a riddy that our 3rd choice keeper is cup-tied after 2 unsuccessful loan spells before January.
  5. It doesn't speak much to our recruitment that Alloa and East Fife were both able to bring in better loan options in Henderson and Connell after we'd signed Ruth. Both strikers who already have experience in this league or higher and were surely within our reach.
  6. Assuming the next 4 games aren't a complete shambles that sees us cut adrift, I'd agree with this. Cove are averaging 1.87 points per game which would be ~67pts over a season. That's a low total for a champion and we saw last season with Thistle that a couple of quality additions can transform your season.
  7. If I was putting in a sizeable amount of my own cash I wouldn't be letting Holt and Sheerin decide how it's spent based on their previous window(s)
  8. Don't think it's unreasonable to temper enthusiasm. We've beaten beaten 7th and 9th and drawn with 6th and 8th. Our next 3 are against 2nd-4th. That's the real test of whether we've turned the corner.
  9. Is there another angle of that penalty decision? I'm no fan of Hetherington but that looks incredibly soft.
  10. A couple of the scores apps I use have this game marked down as postponed. A mistake?
  11. I would have kept Dowds as a squad player. Had a knack for getting into the right positions, just needed to work on his finishing. Certainly a better option than Ompreon and Wilson.
  12. Our DOF stood up at the Q&A and said 'here's a stat for you, Jaime Wilson scored 4 goals last year'. I'd be astonished if we were doing anything sophisticated with data.
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