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  1. Any idea why County have drifted to 6/4?
  2. Would be surprised. He's played over 700 minutes for County in the Prem this season. Can't see him dropping two divisions.
  3. Excluding penalties, McManus only has 1 goal less than Goodwillie this season.
  4. I was level with the 6 yard box and was fairly certain it didn't go over. Fair summary otherwise.
  5. The gulf between the fans and the club is the biggest I can remember in the ~20 years I've supported us. Don't think signing a convicted rapist goes anyway to fixing that tbh.
  6. Small samples, but I didn't see anything today that suggested we're in a better position than when I saw us in the previous fixture here this season. Tactics still seems to be hoofing it to McManus and hoping he can do something with it. Admittedly we did have more purpose when Conolly was on the left of a 4-4-2, but it was still relying on individual quality rather than any coherent gameplan. The defence were howling today. All three of them making basic errors and putting us under pressure. If they've been playing like that all season it's an absolute miracle we've only conceded 12 goals. Durnan needs fired into the sun. The other two you can see their strengths and weaknesses, but he doesn't appear to have any redeeming features. If Toshney's injury is even semi-serious we need a CB in Jan.
  7. We are howling. Set piece goal and dreadful penalty decision papering over the cracks.
  8. Keeping my powder dry for Airdrie on the 28th. The game right after Christmas is always a good day for a sesh.
  9. Few folk outing themselves as selfish Tory p***ks. You love to see it.
  10. The cynic in me reckons this was their intention all along as it's the cheap option, but they had to keep up the pretence of a proper search.
  11. Just remembered Rees Greenwood. 3 subs appearances under Hartley, didn't play a single minute for Ray and never seen again after September.
  12. No formation is inherently attacking or defensive. It's all about the personnel and the instructions you give them.
  13. Can't it be both? We've had home games against Dumbarton, Forfar and Peterhead where we've been at least 2 goals up at HT, Stranraer away when the game was done on 67' and Linlithgow where we were comfortable the whole 2nd half. Plenty minutes for a couple of youth players if we had any.
  14. I understand but in tier 2 you would run the very high risk of the better boys leaving or not joining in the first place.My friends grandson was in the old acadamy up until age 13 ,by then you knew who the top players were and most parents I met I know would push their kids to play at tier one even if it meant driving to Edinburgh or Glasgow. Hasn't that always been the case, even before Project Brave put that label on academies? The bigger clubs will snap up a lot of the talent at younger ages. Our success with the academy was always providing a clear path to the first team and that would still be the case.
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