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  1. We don't appear to do much in training so it would be money down the drain.
  2. DoF depends what your aims are but for us - a club who badly needs a coherent transfer strategy and should be aiming to reinstate some form of youth development in the medium/long term - I'd say an ideal candidate would come from academy or recruitment background. If you look at Joe Savage that Hearts recently appointed, that's the sort of career path I'd be hoping for in a candidate. Maybe even Ross Wilson, although his was a bit less conventional. I could be doing them a disservice but neither of those names tick the boxes for me.
  3. We concede the same goals every week. How long before we empty these two PE teachers?
  4. What do we work on during the week? Cause it sure as f**k isn't set pieces
  5. Man advantage and we're still lumping hopeful balls up to Sammon.
  6. I've got the fear for this one. Our biggest weakness defensively is crosses/set-plays and that's how Airdrie create most of their chances. Positive is that Murray seems v indecisive over his team selections. Didn't beat them in 3 attempts last season, but hoping that the Clyde win is a sign that we're putting our bogey teams to bed this year.
  7. The amount of goals we concede from set plays is getting beyond a joke
  8. Linkup between the midfield and forwards has been excellent so far.
  9. That 2nd half was a stroll tbh. Can't remember Cove troubling us at all other than getting in behind a couple of times early on in the 1st. Still a bit concerned at how many chances we waste every week. Hopefully start converting them soon.
  10. I think tonight's results have seen us through to the last 16.
  11. Which 4? By my reckoning A and G can't have a 2nd place team on 9pts and C could two teams tied on 9 if Peterhead beat St J on pens but they'd have a poorer GD than us. Not a done deal but would take an odd set of results.
  12. He scored about 6 times for us, think you need check your maths! Reason he at Kelty now 12 goals in 2,301 minutes = 0.47 per 90. As I said, he was a 1 in 2 striker when fit. Think it's pretty obvious why he's at Kelty and not higher up the leagues.
  13. I'll say it! We got another dud from East Fife, like the Fash! Dowds is rotten, I've never changed opinion! You're at it if you think Austin was a dud. He had fitness issues but when he played he was scoring close to a goal every 2 games.
  14. You'd think having an ex-CB as manager would mean we were good at defending crosses and set plays.
  15. Hopefully Rawlins has some good contacts if we're going down the DoF route. Baffles me that folk it's some kind of honorary role we would just dish out to an ex-player.
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