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  1. Great club Cumnock, run be genuine folk. Made a mistake appointing Tony and give him dosh to burn.
  2. Fully understand the difficult job and everyone and their dug will have a moan, 3 Saturday home games from first 15 is tough to take financially.
  3. good competitive game at The Vale today with Renfrew coming away with a 2-1 victory. Best of luck for the season ahead.
  4. ''asked'' '' mutual common sense'' ''play the game'' there lies the loop hole.
  5. All talk of a restart date has went very quiet. If current contacts run til 30th will the SFA be able to facilitate all the paperwork for signing of new players in time for a start in July????
  6. WhaT's the most likley outcome folks. Training mid March, games start April,play 50 % games then finish end of May?
  7. Looks like Pete holds more power than Nic anyway
  8. I was actually paying Peter Lawwell a compliment, FM says Dubai needs looked into, Celtic say no it doesn't, job done.
  9. All will be OK just keep calm. Some excellent work by Celtic to put SG back in the box allowing football to police itself without interference
  10. No chance a dozen or so committee men are essential in ""elite sport""
  11. Fair play to everyone bashing on. The IMG have made it clear its up to the clubs and therefore every chance in seeing the season out but might be difficult making the deadline for playoffs if bad weather in new year. Only an issue if Bankies Darvel Medda or Glen's are champions.
  12. Only 21 league games to go for some so should be completed mid May no problem.
  13. I'm with you bud, if Ladeside went plastic I would find it difficult to watch
  14. A licenced team winning the league and not wanting to go up could always flunk the play offs
  15. Getting licenced is not just about being eligible for promotion. Appreciate that but what an opportunity for these two without Talbot.
  16. I'm sure Darvel and Bankies will go full on to get licenced, would be a blow if successful but then say Hurlford won the title.
  17. Could be a shitfest if an unlicenced team wins the league.
  18. So is it now a straight shoot out_ Darvel V Bankies. Will either or both be licensed to enter play off?
  19. In defence of our greatest rivals it was hammering down in the Garnock Valley on Friday /Saturday so I'm pretty sure waterlogged pitch would have been for real.
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