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  1. First visit to Pennyburn yesterday. Must compliment everyone at Buffs for the hard work done, makings of a good set up there. Team not too shabby either. As for Ladeside--- no comment
  2. who are these ''league organisers'' you speak of??
  3. doesn't mean then West can't ask WTF was that shambles on Saturday
  4. Shambles, a blind man knew this would never be on come 13.45.
  5. Like I say there are no noises being made from the any of the big players in the West, you know different?
  6. must admit not heard any talk of the West clubs planning a break away, your last statement re 2021/22 is in my opinion what will happen
  7. The officials at Troon must have been gutted yesterday that the home team couldn't get the three points
  8. One of the few games a season that I look for both teams to get pumped
  9. Oh dear forgot about no play offs, makes it more scarier
  10. What's the thoughts, are KKR and Glencairn doomed or too early to say? Play off fight between Troon, Benburb Cumnock and Kilbirnie? Some massive games this week
  11. Not a happy camp at Valefield,papped out the Scottish by Gartcairn again, poor league form, gates down, players sleep walking through games,need a reaction soon
  12. win the league every year then throw the play offs, no real change then
  13. it's a funny old game, but considering Ladeside's away form this would be a massive upset if Talbot don't win comfortably.
  14. Thought the Buffs were well ahead in the first half although the goals were a wee bit fortunate, Monti the class act. Another slow start from us, very frustrating as we never seem to dominate games early doors. Very interesting getting and the Buffs have given themselves a right good chance. As the for the much maligned Mr Strain, his touchline behaviour today was impeccable.
  15. Scotty's training is top notch and plenty contacts within the playing ranks, hopefully freshen things up quickly.
  16. I'm sure I read somewhere 'Snowy' was Fergie's first signing for Aberdeen but might be wrong.
  17. Cracking Derby game at Bellsdale. Feelsa wee bit flat after being 3-1 up but Beith had loads of possession/ chances. After our recent woes on the road take a point all day long.
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