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  1. Some major signings this week, who are the main backers here?
  2. With Glenafton to play both Largs and Beith I would consider Benburb to be safe enough.
  3. One of the venues I'm looking forward to visiting next season, well done
  4. Well done deserved win, not a bad wee day out
  5. We still have a lot of work to do, 46 points probably won't be nearly enough to stay up. Cant see Largs and Glenafton both going above you but could be an anxious wait as they don't play each other until 25th May
  6. Well done massive win, a hole in our boat looking for a showdown next Saturday, oh well you can celebrate staying up and we can just celebrate anyway
  7. Not far out with my prediction. could be Largs or Glencairn for 6th bottom
  8. That's Ladeside down now I reckon. Fair play to Largs, dominated the full second half and deserved the 3 pts. Some funny results now as the teams with nothing to play for slip up against the relegation battlers. Making all the more difficult to predict
  9. He may have a point but let's not forget it was his threat of legal action that forced the increase to 20 teams hence 38 game season. PS £12k would buy a couple of decent drains
  10. Apart from a 5 or 6 game spell in November and December the quality of football has been dire. The fact that Talbot are top of the League says more about the standard of the League than anything else. Its a funny old game. I thought Talbot played some great stuff on the deck v Ladeside but game finished 0 0.
  11. Could still involve 9 teams from Rutherglen down,. Meadow, Troon and Bens now safe in my opinion, huge win for Glenafton yesterday,. For me it's Bonnyton, Blantyre, Rossvale, Cumbernauld ,Largs and Kilbirnie but no doubt a rollercoaster ride ahead.
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