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  1. Kilwinning confirmed on th e q&a. Pretty sure Bankies have not changed their minds,Not all clubs made it clear in their statements, time will tell.
  2. Would like to think most will do this. Fear for the future of some clubs otherwisse.
  3. In over 1228 pages the singular most sensible post by a mile.
  4. Decent game in the conditions, Albert did well and a wee thrill taking the lead, all the best for the rest of the season
  5. we are all in favour of early call offs, but the fiasco at Royal Albert a few weeks ago when the ref said he wasn't allowed to factor in the weather forecast leading to the game being cancelled at 13.10, something must have changed?
  6. the rule must have changed as there are now a fair number of games called off tonight. Yet Royal Albert were not allowed to factor in the forecast when out game was called off at late notice, Clear as mud!
  7. Is Sunday an option? Forecast looks a lot better.
  8. Not aware of any statements coming from kilbirnie Or Beith or Troon
  9. the only statement Kilbirnie have made so far is the following-- The club will be holding an open forum in the pavilion on 29th Feb at 12.00 to gather views on the future set up for our grade of football. All supporters are invited to attend.
  10. Win the league ever year, get beat in the play offs, things stay the same
  11. Just can't get my head round the fact that the SFA appear to be blameless in this fiasco.
  12. Is it not the SFA that have not delivered??
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