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  1. Dead easy The Republican / Nationalist/ Nonce Protectors want the games on. The ***. /Loyalist /Sevconians want the games off. Simples.
  2. oops other media was down for a bit so though it might have made a mention here, feeling suitable reprimanded.
  3. Can only assume if the LL gain a team coming down (and nobody going up) and need to relegate 2 to even things, best guess lol
  4. I quite enjoyed his antics when Meadow played at the Vale, just an ''enthusiastic winner'' was my thoughts.
  5. Luck of the draw or not two free weeks is a ball Buster, a jiggle of future fixtures the way to go.
  6. Defence is awful, seriously? give me Gow and Wharton any day
  7. could an individual be held accountable if for example putting a clip on their own facebook page?
  8. Seems video clips are not allowed to be posted anywhere dutlring games?? Surprised we have not heard much about it, few twitteratis on the broo
  9. Warm welcome at The Sportman's, 2 mins away
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