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  1. Cambuslang Rangers

    Just like to say a huge well done to everyone at Cambuslang.Both on and off the park a massive achievement completing the league programme. Consider what went before lesser men would have thrown in the towel. I'm sure the victory last week would have lifted the spirits. All the very best for next season
  2. Friday Night Football

    defo, maybe something that should be proposed to Kenny for the start of next season, wee rotation give a few clubs a go at it whilst the light holds out.
  3. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Is this the night Troon climb above Renfrew? Glens got much left in the tank?
  4. Clexit possibly back on the agenda

    I'm not sure the SFA would accept a WOS League at this stage anyway. Your prediction is of course a real possibility. Bit if a mess all round.
  5. Clexit possibly back on the agenda

    Talk of a breakaway WoS league is mental, no way could that be set up in time Use the year ahead to properly sort the issues then the West region joins as one. Too sensible ?
  6. Clexit possibly back on the agenda

    Fair summing up
  7. Clexit possibly back on the agenda

    No chance this will happen, West region as one season after next
  8. Davie Anderson

    One of the best players in the juniors(certainly in the eyes of Ladeside fans) hung up his boots today.Davie Anderson's body has finally taken enough abuse. Not just a great player but a smashing fellow as well,thanks Davie for all your superb efforts in black and amber. Nice touches from the Ford today in acknowledging the great man. First time for me in the new bar area, very impressive. As for the game- no comment
  9. West Region Premiership - relegation

    cheers Frew Fan will watch with interest now how it pans out, thank feck we are safe, could you imagine the scenario waiting on Beith at KRR to save out bacon.!! Be interesting if Bankies also beat Troon on Saturday
  10. West Region Premiership - relegation

    That will be Renfrew down then
  11. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Must say a huge well done to Renfrew reaching 30 PTS from position at Christmas is remarkable. Point tonight was certainly met with some long faces down our way Saturday will be a very occasion that's for sure.
  12. West Region Fixture Update for rest of season

    15th May on website Don't see it?
  13. Home and away

    Hazard a guess they are all over 60 and never contribute a coin anyway.
  14. Home and away

    Bonkers idea, shameful hurting your own club