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  1. Thought the Buffs were well ahead in the first half although the goals were a wee bit fortunate, Monti the class act. Another slow start from us, very frustrating as we never seem to dominate games early doors. Very interesting getting and the Buffs have given themselves a right good chance. As the for the much maligned Mr Strain, his touchline behaviour today was impeccable.
  2. Scotty's training is top notch and plenty contacts within the playing ranks, hopefully freshen things up quickly.
  3. I'm sure I read somewhere 'Snowy' was Fergie's first signing for Aberdeen but might be wrong.
  4. Cracking Derby game at Bellsdale. Feelsa wee bit flat after being 3-1 up but Beith had loads of possession/ chances. After our recent woes on the road take a point all day long.
  5. very best of luck in the next round, he who wants it- gets it, well done
  6. Gutted not making this one to receive your hospitality Great bunch who visited us last year and a well deserved win. Potential banana skin for us considering our patchy away form, take a draw the noo lol
  7. a bit ironic a fan of the team with the largest support and the biggest playing squad complaining(wrongly) about council helping the Buffs and not them. Trim a few players and build a toilet.
  8. Great idea, should have one Sunday game each week share it about a bit.
  9. The blatant dive in the box second half should have seen him sent to the showers.Very decent team Pollok, no weaknesses and will defo fancy the their chances at home in next month. Could be there about's this season when the prizes are decided. We will enjoy the moment as we don't have many in this fixture.
  10. The antics of Pollok 7 today, omg, they got what the deserved, feck all.
  11. Poor result but at least the new top is nice
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