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  1. Thanks, I was always waiting on your Queen appearing but she didn't show and you had an abandoned Bishop that had me wondering what it was up to. Strange game, still not sure if I like the format.
  2. Follow this thread, it's what Twitter is for, 2 sporting celebs few have heard of getting personal. Edited to say it works better on here backwards.
  3. Is it possible to win the cup without playing any more games?
  4. Dundee winning the play off broke [email protected], I suspect an England win will mean @Div needs to rebuild it.
  5. Pretty much this. As I said earlier in the thread I lived in Greece in 2004 and Spain in 2012 when both won and it wasn't just the 3-4 days of non stop partying, it was that winning it took over the country for months. If England win it will be mentioned during commentary of every single match next season whenever one of the "heroes" is playing. That is without the accolades, parades that will go on and on, especially because of Covid delaying them now and endless documentaries on every player. Even normal TV will be unwatchable, ITV have the Italian Job on right now ffs. With social media being what it is, it will make 66 seem like a non event. As much as I live and work with lovely English people I am praying for an Azurri win.
  6. I'm reading that as Liz supporting the BLM lads taking the knee. Fair play to her.
  7. Same here and the WC 66 final is on C4 in full colour in 45 mins in case anybody wants to try for an aneurysm...
  8. Probably be getting invited to join the English Premiership now. I think we should tell them to GTF.
  9. I would agree with that, felt it was a big advantage being white. I was looking for checkmate after about 4 moves not that I expected to get it but it meant that I felt I was on top throughout. I went a bit round the houses in the middle part when I had a clear lead but had no idea what I was doing. GG
  10. It's very difficult to dislike this guy.
  11. I had just moved from Spain to Crete when Greece won Euro 2004, scenes were bonkers and celebrations went on for days. Understandably given how unlikely it was and they really could not give a f**k what anybody thought about their football style. During Euro 2008 I was living in Eindhoven and moved back to Spain in time for Euro 2012 which Spain won, and though it was their third major title in a row it was again bonkers, days and days of celebrating. Was living in England during Euro 2016 when Portugal won it and England flopped against Iceland. Am still here for Euro 2020, I don't think anybody here really has a clue how bad/good (depending on what side of the fence you are on) the celebrations in the media will go if they actually win it. Southgate and Kane will be made Sir, the rest will all be decorated. There will be parades. They will meet the Queen. They will be on talk shows. It will be the first thing on the news forever. Vindaloo/FCH and every other song will fill the top ten. TV will change completely for days/weeks, Boris and every other w****r politician will suddenly be football mad. More or less all of the above happened when Greece and Spain won. Greece and Spain's coverage of the final and the things that happened after winning it were completely OTT but everyone loved it, their TV companies did not have to think about other nations such as Scotland , Wales and NI, just like the BBC won't. I worry for some P&B posters.
  12. Twitter then did what Twitter does causing her a bit of panic. Might not be enough to keep her job as Dean of Fine Arts at Howard University.
  13. Sorry, was at work and didn't get in until after 9. Think you would have only won or drawn, couldn't see myself getting back in without a major blunder by you, well done winning the league.
  14. Badly translated. The joke is Wales and how bad the Dutch are to be in the same boat. The do not rate the Czechs. Here is the original and a Google translation.
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