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  1. Not sure if this is for real or a homophobic joke but it's a bit nuts.
  2. I don't know exactly how the whole BACS Direct Debit system works but surely if you have overpaid and are that much in credit you could make an indemnity claim to get your money back?
  3. I'm just going to come out and say what I can feel you're all thinking. We'd have probably won this fucker.
  4. After years of campaigns he's got the Glazers to put it up for sale after one interview. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63720774
  5. Question 50. Who was the "million memories" poster who famously "shat it?".
  6. You can find out how niche or otherwise your age group is here. 85% of the world is younger than me.
  7. Very good point Sarge. I had asked the couple next to me about the pitch which looked fantastic, turns out it is regular 3G though the amount that it was watered also made their hybrid line more believable, never seen a grass pitch get that much water before a game and I was a season ticket holder at CD Tenerife for 7 years.
  8. The game started well with both sides trying to play some nice football before Buxton started hitting long balls, as soon as this happened Banbury took over, they scored a nice first goal before a cracking free kick to go in 2-0 up and Buxton already looking out of it. Second half was more of the same and a well worked third goal was followed by a penalty brilliantly saved by the Buxton keeper only for Banbury to score from the corner. 4-0 to the visitors, 910 at the game including around 100 from Banbury who sang all day, (in the bottom pic.) I will be lumping on Ipswich for the FA Cup match.
  9. Finally made it to Buxton. Hell of a hill to climb to get here, reminds me of home. National League North.. Buxton v Banbury United. Pint for £3.00 in the bar and £3.00 for a Hot Dog. A hybrid pitch which looks perfect. Buxton fans buzzing at getting Ipswich away in the FA Cup, believe it will be their biggest game to date
  10. Not sure if this is the right place but Sky VIP rewards is back up and running fully again so loads of free tickets to matches. Before lockdown I got tickets for a lot of games and have entered a few more for games nearby. You log into the MySky App and check wht draws are available. A lot more down South tbf.
  11. Sure I was at a Thistle game where Deewok got arrested for battering a Weegie. Bring him home
  12. We're a man down already. Love Island star OIivia Attwood had been a favourite to win this year's series of I'm A Celebrity. However, after viewers saw her skydive from a helicopter during the launch show, she underwent a medical check and was told "it is not safe" for her to return to the Australian jungle camp.
  13. The fact that we are discussing whether Barry Smith or Cammy Kerr is the better player only goes to show how long mediocrity has been acceptable at Dens.
  14. It's happening. Back in Oz with Boy George and Matt Eatingcock. Hope the Tory c**t gets every trial.
  15. Radio 1 Ibiza Prom. On now on BBC 2 and iplayer.
  16. Not sure how random this is given I was here a few weeks back, as I said on the FA Cup thread, couldn't get tickets for Buxton so opted for Stockport v Swindon at £10. Don't think I'm going to let them pick a seat for me again, was 6 seats from my last visit, front row and next to where the sides come out. No idea if there is a history of trouble but counted at least 6 mounted police, 2 police HGV lorries converted as offices and loads of police around the ground, there was only around 2-300 Swindon fans in the ground We had a "minute's silence" as this is the nearest home date to the 11th and they had a teenager playing the Last Post so not much of a silence but had us all shitting it in case he made a mess of it. (He didn't) Both teams in good form going into the game and both League 2 sides. Swindon started well but played out from the back in a Dundee F.C. under McCann style, ie the defenders panicked as soon as any pressure was put on them, County capitalised on this and after 30 mins were 3-0 up and coasting. As if the game wasn't entertaining enough we also had a Mr Gavin Gunning shouting random coaching advice from the sidelines as he is on the coaching staff at Swindon. His shouts made no sense whatsoever but had the crowd laughing. Sadly he didn't pick the ball up and f**k off. (The taller of the 2 coaches) Second half produced one cracking goal, could have been 6 or 7 but the Swindon keeper had some good saves. It was freezing with fine rain but happy County fans. Obligatory 60+ fat b*****d running round the Cheadle end with his tits out.
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