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  1. New Detective series starts tomorrow on Alibi at 9.00pm. Starring Martin Compston it is set in Dundee and looks decent. As a Dundonian living away I'll be watching to see how the home town is looking. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2019-09-27/traces-alibi-trailer/ Sky 132 Virgin 126 BT 312 Talk Tal 312
  2. Looks like his Wiki page is updated regularly.
  3. Starts the post in Japanese and ends it in Spanish. Cosmopolitan as f**k. Merci.
  4. Can't believe the cunto hasn't got Sky Q.
  5. There are posters on here, believe it or not, that save young boy's pictures to their hard drive. Safer putting up a random pic imo.
  6. They'd be lucky to get a point. They would get pumped regularly by every team. Junior football is awful but good for a piss up.
  7. This. They clearly do not give a f**k. Cant see this finishing.
  8. Scotland u19 v Andorra u19 on live. 0-0 at half time. Scotland very ponderous
  9. So this was on last night at the Comedy Club in Manchester. It was hosted by Charlie Higson and was just him asking Paul and Bob about the TV series and the three of them having a chat. It was exactly what you would expect from brilliant, funny guys. Charlie started it off by asking them how the series got off the ground with both Bob and Paul going off on long rambling hilarious stories about life, death, food and heart surgeons. They also had a bit of serious chat about fishing, if it is cruel to fish, the state of rivers and the behaviour of some water companies. They clearly enjoyed themselves, they were all hysterically laughing at each other's jokes and having a dig at one another. They seemed disappointed when it was time to finish though they had been chatting for an hour and a half. Highlights were Charlie and Paul doing a quick Ted and Ralph routine, Bob giving his top three course heart healthy menu in the voice of Peter Beardsley (thought Paul was going to collapse at this) and Paul doing Smashy then Rowley Birkin from the Fast Show. Both Charlie and Paul love the Athletico Mince podcasts and did some impressions of their favourite characters. Bob made the whole thing tick though, he comes out with such random shite that the other two couldn't stop laughing at and he just keeps going. He asked if it was true that in China every person had to kill a fly each day amongst other completely pointless questions. I was one of the lucky 50 of 500 there that had a sticker in my book and got a photo with the 3 of them at the end of it. Best 90 mins of the year though some might say being a Dee that it didn't have much competition.
  10. Thought the best heads gone threads happened on a Sunday but you're starting early. Fair play.
  11. I'm seriously considering just getting rid of the telly.
  12. Where the f**k is he? Is he been banned, ill, howkin or dead? Not like him at all. Never going to know how shite Dorrans is till he tells us.
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