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  1. I've been double vaccinated as has the missus, we've both tested positive last week and had this confirmed by the NHS PCR tests that were sent out. If we'd had to go somewhere and show a passport in the day leading up to the test when we'd have likely already caught it I don't see how it would have made a difference. We would have been let in anyway. It's fucking grim by the way.
  2. I worked with what was Scottish Gas for 16 years until the mid 90s. Was called to hundreds of leaks, some serious and most not, a few that ignited but in a way that was actually better for us and it could be quite scary as they are uncontrolled leaks but never got called to an explosion. I've also screamed at police to get their hands of radios in case they blew us up, no gasman ever rings a doorbell for the same reason. Most of the old pipes, cast, ductile iron and steel pipes were mapped than anything modern, certainly in the Dundee area. Coincidentally I knew the next door neighbour of the one in Larkhall and spoke to him couple of days after it happened. That really was horrific.
  3. Been watching Benfica v Bayern Munich. Bayern are frighteningly good, don't think Benfica have been that bad, they've had a few chances and Neuer has had a worldy save but Bayern are on another planet.
  4. Couple of results I don't think I or my opponents put up. Eindhovendee draws with Beef2711 Eindhovendee beats GCarlos9 by resignation
  5. Hopefully this c**t v c**t war carries on.
  6. Not really. Someone taking it over 48 months is more likely to stay with Sky and have various package subscriptions throughout the 4 years than someone that pays upfront and can cancel their subscription, in theory, a month later. More revenue.
  7. True and hardly surprising that that they are taking no action after a review. The Met should be launched into the sea and rebuilt from scratch. From the same BBC News home page. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58866432 Police face hundreds of sexual assault complaints Published 1 hour ago Share IMAGE SOURCE,PA MEDIA At least 750 allegations of sexual misconduct were made against serving police officers across Britain over five years, new figures show. Data was obtained from 31 police forces in England, Wales and Scotland under the Freedom of Information Act. Forces were asked how many complaints of sexual assault were made against police officers between 2016 and 2020. The End Violence Against Women Coalition said few officers face "any meaningful consequences". Data, obtained by PA Media's Radar service, shows that most complaints, where gender was recorded, were against male officers. Allegations could be historical, and the responses did not indicate whether any of the officers were on duty at the time. At least 34 cases resulted in a dismissal. There are 43 police forces in England and Wales, plus Police Scotland and the British Transport Police. How a police officer planned Sarah Everard's murder Confidence in police 'eroded' says new force chief PM urges public to trust police after Everard case The End Violence Against Women Coalition, which includes groups such as Rape Crisis, Refuge and Women's Aid, said "widespread institutional failings" needed to be addressed. Deputy director Denzi Ugur said: "We need to see a radical overhaul of how the police respond to violence against women - especially within their own ranks. "This means greater accountability and urgent, co-ordinated and strategic action to address violence against women." The figures come after Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that an inquiry will be launched into "systemic failures" that allowed Wayne Couzens to continue to be a police officer. Couzens, an officer with the Metropolitan Police, was given a whole-life sentence last month for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard. Meanwhile, Baroness Louise Casey of Blackstock will lead an independent review into the Met's culture and standards, examining the force's vetting, recruitment and training procedures. Between 2016 and 2020, the Met - the UK's largest police force - recorded 530 allegations of sexual offences against serving officers and staff members, according to different FoI data, with 47 claims resulting in a dismissal. Surrey Police recorded 36 allegations of sexual misconduct against its officers over the same period. The Independent Office for Police Conduct, which oversees the police complaints system, said it was down to forces to "stamp out" any abuse of police powers. A spokesperson said: "Each case reported represents a serious betrayal of the trust and confidence that individuals should have in the police. It is behaviour which can never be justified or condoned."
  8. He got lucky the last time and does the same again. Arrogant useless c**t.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurosport.com/football/football-news-brazilian-player-william-ribeiro-faces-attempted-murder-charge-after-kicking-referee-r_sto8573166/story-amp.shtml
  10. Had a bet on a Brazil league game last night. Couldn't find it the result today, said it was postponed which was strange as I knew that Guarani were beating Sao Paulo RS 1-0 in the 2nd half. Then I found this tweet of the ref getting a kicking. Game over, ref in yhe hospital.
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