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  1. I watched the Morton v Dunfermline game last week and was amazed that the guys on show got paid for it. It was terrible, one of the worst quality games I have ever watched at a pro level, but wait, these teams are above and below us in this league and we have Charlie Adams playing for us, the best player in the league by fucking miles including anybody Hearts might sign in the window. Plus we will have a bigger budget than either of them. They have excuses, we don't. If we had the rest of the team half organised round Charlie so that they all knew their jobs and we didn't ask them to do things they are not capable of we would have a chance of being comfortably second, as it is we had Kerr in midfield tonight (FFS). Not his fault when he bleeds blue and being asked to take on a job he can't do. We need a solid, everybody knows their jobs, manager and not somebody permanently trying to be clever and showing how the Pro's do things because they know better, we are not stupid when it comes to watching, we might be when it comes to forking out, but when we see the same things go wrong without the man in charge learning anything new we've a right to call for a change. I would have loved McPake to have been a success but his signings seem generally poor, take Charlie Adams out of that team and that could have been a relegation battle tonight, he needs to be gone for us to have a chance at going up.
  2. I've only ever knowingly met one. Horrible she was. Hadn't made a sound but she grabbed me and skelped my arse.
  3. Got to admit that I opened the link on Facebook with some trepidation. Looks promising except that we are shite and have a poor manager.
  4. We would like to apologise to our supporters who have been upset by the attendance of George Galloway at our game v Dundee.
  5. Was miles ahead in terms of coaching and training than just about anyone else in the UK when taking over at Utd and kept an amazing standard for such a long time given the resources he had to play with in comparison to other teams. He was strict and could be a bit of a b*****d but his drive and commitment were second to none and having known a lot of the Arab players at that time they accepted it because it worked. I know I have called him a baldy headed c**t on a few occasions and probably much worse, I wouldn't have felt I had to if he had been shite at his job, the fact that we passed him over makes it all the more galling and he is certainly worthy of the legendary status across the road. RIP Jim Mclean
  6. Think there is a precedent for that. "Enrique was the last man to touch the ball when inside the Argentine half he passed it to Diego Maradona, who would then score what became known as the Goal of the Century. After the game, he jokingly suggested that his pass was so good, it would have been difficult for Maradona not to score.[1][2] This joke would then become popular in Argentina, often mentioned by players involved in popular goals.[3][4]"
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