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  1. He was boasting about shaking hands with CV sufferers onthe 3rd of March and his father was telling everyone that he was going to the pub on St Patrick's Day. They have clearly felt they were above this thing and not treating as seriously as they should have sending out a message to a lot of brain dead fans who are probably also straining the NHS after following their example.
  2. He met her at IKEA when he was on holiday in Strathclyde. Is that like a flatpack version of a blow up doll?
  3. You just trying to tell us all you've got a girlfriend? [emoji848]
  4. Very reassuring (for a change) that we seem to have things covered financially and we really should name a lounge or pie stall after Mr. Bennett, he always seems to come through when we need him. Anyway I've just spent around £100 on the away strip and a load of shite in the club shop to celebrate some good news. I can wait for delivery. Thank you.
  5. Been doing a lot of painting which is going really well and decided that if I can do a passable version of this dance when I go for a walk nobody will come near me.
  6. Bet 365, Coral, Hills etc. Most betting sites show Belarus football.
  7. Belarus women's Super Cup is on just now. FK Minsk v FC Borka Sdu. (1-0 for Minsk atm) I think the lack of a crowd is more to do with a possible lack of interest in women's football rather than social distancing. Looks like it will be my only source of football for a while and also looks like its carrying on for now as the President is a bit bonkers. "Why? Because Aleksandr Lukashenko, the president of the country and a man often referred to as the "last dictator in Europe," said so. (The other leagues still in action, for now, are Nicaragua, Turkmenistan, Burundi and Myanmar. "[Coronavirus] is just another psychosis, which will benefit some people and harm others," he said last week. "The civilised world is going nuts. It is absolute stupidity to close state borders. The panic can hurt us more than the virus itself"
  8. I have it on Bet365. It's on a few betting sites.
  9. Belarus apparently doesn't give a flying f**k about Covid 19 and has never heard of social distancing. This is from 5 mins ago. They have full set of fixtures over the weekend.
  10. Boris also said on the 3rd of March that he had shook hands with coronavirus patients and on the 5th of March he thought it would be best to take it on the chin. He literally doesn't have clue about responsibility.
  11. The Dees and the Arabs will probably end up playing in America once the Scottish leagues collapse. It will still be the best derby "in" Scotland.
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