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  1. Yep, good game, looked like you were on top then you moved your Knight backwards when you'd have been better keeping up the attack.
  2. You gave your Queen away which turned the game. Up until then I had no plan.
  3. That should be bread and butter defending.
  4. I'd have Greg back in a heartbeat. Even if it was at the expense of Berbatov.
  5. That is terrible news. Thoughts with his family, as has been said 44 is no age at all. RIP.
  6. eindhovendee beats NotThePars by checkmate. Very even game until a mistake left me with a tap in. GG
  7. Not surprised. You chased my King round that much the poor fucker is getting treatment from the physio. Says he's going to stop smoking 🚬
  8. You're the p***k, you didn't read the article. If you had read it it you'd know that he said Dundee are #Boxoffice and he had never heard of Falkirk until they did their best to avoid the play-offs. Now f**k off back to the beach.
  9. I recommend a Mr Giovanni Di Stefano. 😉 I don't think I destroyed you, I don't really like the format, its taken me a few weeks to get back into normal chess and I get confused playing 960. With our game I don't think I did anything spectacular, it just opened up for me and at one point I couldn't decide in what order I would take all your pieces, I even missed a win but I couldn't tell you what I did well.
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