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  1. Goalkeeper needed

    Any unattached goalkeepers looking for some game time? My team have friendlies this Saturday morning in Dreghorn (Irvine) and Monday evening in Newton Mearns and need a keeper. Thanks.
  2. Goalkeeper available for next season.

    Hi did you find a team? We have friendlies tomorrow morning (in Irvine) and Monday evening (in Newton Mearns) and need a keeper. Thanks.
  3. Places to train in Glasgow

    Any suggestions for good public grass parks in Glasgow where a team could train other than Bellahouston Park for preseason? Thanks.
  4. Standards Dropping

    The cup final should be played on grass and clubs should insist on it.
  5. The names of the new West Region leagues

    Calling the third tier "one" is just daft. It's daft in the EPL and it's daft in the SPFL. Even calling tier 2 division 1 is confusing. Either go with 1,2,3,4 or give every division a name. Don't name some divisions and number others!
  6. East Region Websites

    As a provider of football club websites for many junior clubs in Scotland (get the disclaimer in first), I think it's important to realise that Websites and Social Media accounts should serve different purposes when it comes to promoting your football club. Someone else put it like this - your website is your online presence 'body' and social media accounts are the 'arms' bringing people into your website. Social media is great for notifying people of news, and when you add new content to your website, you should use social media to promote that content. However, when it comes to displaying content or recording information in an easy to access, searchable format, social media is a poor medium to use. As an example, check out Vale of Leven's website. We have provided their website for over 14 years. If you go to the Matches page, you will see 49 matches listed for the current season for their 2 teams: http://www.valeoflevenfc.co.uk/content.php?pg=match&pd=1022 However, if you click on the Show all matches link, over 1100 matches will be listed going back to 2003 when Dougie Wilson scored a hat-trick in a 7-0 win against Irvine Vics. (He was then subbed at half time for Meechan who scored a double.) Websites also allow you to do various things that social media can't, like automatically generate player statistics. Clicking on Dougie Wilson's name shows me that he scored 49 goals in 129 games over 9 seasons. You can also view a list of the matches he played in from July 2003 onwards. The Vale of Leven website is a good example of what can be done as Angus (from the club) has kept it up to date over the years and also added a lot of historical information. He's able to quickly update the website from the online control panel. I'm happy to help any clubs looking to start a website or upgrade their website. Find out more here: http://www.teamexpert.co.uk/ We also provide league websites including the East of Scotland Football Association & League website: http://www.eosfl.com/ Stephen
  7. Grass pitches available to hire in Glasgow?

    Glasgow Club grass pitches are still closed unfortunately. Did you get my pm the other day?
  8. Are there any junior teams who's parks are available to hire this Saturday morning (29th July) for a friendly between two amateur teams? Struggling to find an available park and Glasgow Club grass parks aren't available yet. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know of any grass pitches in the Glasgow area that might be available to hire this Saturday morning? Struggling to find somewhere for a friendly. Thanks.
  10. Friendly wanted Saturday 12th August

    Apologies for the delay in replying, I never got an email to say people had replied. We now have a friendly for that date. I hope Broomhouse find something. pleslie99 - yes still looking for players. Private message me with your details. Thanks.
  11. Cartsbridge FC are looking for a friendly on Saturday morning, 12th August, home or away. We're based on the southside of Glasgow. Let me know if your team is available, thanks.
  12. Haha no we're an amateur team, we don't pay expenses.
  13. We are looking for football players (especially a left back) for our Saturday morning amateur team, Cartsbridge Evangelical FC, based on the southside of Glasgow. We play in the Premier Division of the Strathclyde Churches League which is a decent standard. We've got a good squad with a good team spirit and we're looking to add a few quality players to help our challenge for trophies. The advantage of playing Saturday morning as well is that you have the rest of your day free. Training is on a Tuesday evening at Toryglen. We're looking for players with a good attitude and who can commit to being at training and games each week. Players must be of a good level and must have experience of 11-a-side football as the standard of the league is good with ex senior and ex semi-pro players playing in it. We are particularly looking for defenders, especially a left back, but we're happy to look at players in any outfield position. Please get in touch if interested.
  14. For those not convinced, please tell us about a better hat trick?
  15. England vs Iceland

    Easy to be wise after the event, and I actually feel sorry for Hodgson because the pressure is huge, but a few tactical thoughts on England's defeat last night... - Harry Kane was clearly off form and Vardy should have started instead. Just because someone is the number 1 player going in, it doesn't mean a squad player can't come in and do a better job. Just think of David Platt and Toto Schillachi at Italia 90 for 2 great examples. - Kane showed that at the very highest level he struggled to cope with the pressure. He may come good next time but it puts serious question marks against him. - Ditto for Joe Hart. Two big mistakes in this tournament. Fraser Forster should be given a chance as the number 1 now. - Inverted wingers. It's all the fashion these days and Strachan is a fan, but against packed defences all it does is narrow the game. If you are going to play inverted wingers then at least play with guys that can use their weaker foot, which it looks like Sterling especially and Sturridge can't do. (Side note - every professional footballer should be able to use both feet, all it takes is practice.) Raheem Sterling just looks like he lacks basic technique, this may just be because his confidence is gone. He won the penalty and started well but quickly fell out it after the Iceland goals. - Andros Townsend - plays great in warm up games, doesn't make squad. He should have started on the left and would have given England a player who could round the outside and put crosses in from the left. Milner and Barkley weren't needed so they could have picked him. - Crosses - professional footballers should be able to put a decent cross in. The crossing at this tournament, never mind just England, has been really poor. What price a David Beckham now? - Kane on corners and free kicks. I have no problem with Kane taking them if he was any good at them, but once it's clear he's struggling, someone else should take responsibility instead. Kane shouldn't have been in the team. - Kyle Walker - what was he doing at the first Iceland goal? #BallWatching. Defenders need to defend. Also people say he's had a great tournament, but I remember very few decent crosses from him. Maybe I've just forgotten. - Dele Alli - I don't see what all the fuss is about, did very little in the tournament that I noticed. I'm Scottish however so I'm delighted Iceland won! You could tell that once Iceland went in front the pressure was getting to England and they had the fear just thinking about the backlash that is now happening.