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  1. Surely if teams who aren't competing this season are also not training as that wouldn't be in the best interests of players and committees health or well being the same reason for not playing also sending players out on loan isn't looking after the player like stated
  2. That's a government issue nothing to do with the WOSFL nothing wrong with teams using these venues to get games played while were under current guidelines playing without fans
  3. Or you could just congratulate both teams for finding a way to play there fixture nothing unprofessional about that
  4. Ross Caldwell from blantyre vics to darvel
  5. Seen bonnyton and darvel were playing in knockentiber last night
  6. If clubs can find the money to pay players then no excuse about a ref shouldn't even be debated
  7. I think it's a decent thing to do but I also think mick and darvel need the season to start and the club to start showing more respect to other clubs and try and move away from the drivel the legend spouted and then folk from other clubs would start to appreciate and respect these kind of wee gestures more only my opinion thou 🤷‍♂️
  8. What is the latest guidelines on training and friendlies
  9. Johnny hayes doesn't even get paid deferred it until next year and he apologized personally
  10. Probably sitting with a nice pension courtesy of the clubs and associations aswell and if you believe he choose to go then your even more deluded than I thought
  11. Probably wouldn't lower himself after reading some of the shambles 😂
  12. I'd say it's now strengthening darvels ambition the money man has his family helping running them and now got rid of the person who was bringing unwanted attention towards them as if darvel legend hadn't winded up folk I dont think they would have as much negativity towards them or people wanting to catch them out like the training situation
  13. He wouldn't have retired if the west had stayed I think the remaining junior associations will find it hard to keep full time salaries going nowadays
  14. Tbf I'd want someone I trust in charge if it was my money involved
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