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  1. So surely glenafton have identified the people responsible for causing the trouble and banned them that must be the first thing they do to try and get any credibility back not try and justify the trouble by blaming goal celebrations or trying to condemn anything else
  2. Catalonia teams play in la liga under the Spanish FA mabye if these teams withdrew and made up a Catalonia league and football association then they would be allowed to have a national team
  3. I never stated blantyre sa wanted to go senior or have any knowledge on it all I know is theres been talk between council about taking control of the jock Stein
  4. Technically blantyre starts quarter of a mile past the jock stein so it's not that far away and new douglas park isn't anywhere near it so dont know why you would mention that as being closer
  5. Blantyre soccer academy are currently in talks with south Lanarkshire council to take full control of the jock Stein 4g
  6. I think there sponsor built those stands in his yard in his spare time for blantyre vics
  7. Isn't darvels infrastructure funded by supporters the same way talbot and every other club who raise money to allow them to upgrade there parks
  8. Surely if teams who aren't competing this season are also not training as that wouldn't be in the best interests of players and committees health or well being the same reason for not playing also sending players out on loan isn't looking after the player like stated
  9. That's a government issue nothing to do with the WOSFL nothing wrong with teams using these venues to get games played while were under current guidelines playing without fans
  10. Or you could just congratulate both teams for finding a way to play there fixture nothing unprofessional about that
  11. Ross Caldwell from blantyre vics to darvel
  12. Seen bonnyton and darvel were playing in knockentiber last night
  13. If clubs can find the money to pay players then no excuse about a ref shouldn't even be debated
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