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  1. That's Dobbie passed Derek Lyle now! Dobbie's scored 10 already this season, sitting on 118, only 2 behind Bobby Black on 120!
  2. Queens v Dundee United

    I think Fordyce has been struggling lately, wonder if he's carrying an injury?
  3. Queens v Dundee United

    Our bench is far too weak. We have to get some loan players in.
  4. Queens v Dundee United

    Last April's highlights went up this week.
  5. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Looks like job done to qualify, that's all that matters really (remember England in the WC came second in their section and look where they ended up!)
  6. Because we avoided a heavy defeat, we're in with a good chance of qualifying via the best 4 runners up rule. Finished with +7 goals.
  7. I might be wrong but I think I heard the games are going to be on Monday afternoons?
  8. Let's have both, a minute's silence before the match and a minute's applause after the ref starts the game.
  9. Getting your excuses in early? Don't panic, our boys won't have kicked a ball in the previous 11 days prior to this and will be ring-rusty.
  10. Sad news, RIP Allan Ball.
  11. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Hope none of our top players get a kicking on Tuesday. Fully expect Motherwell to kick us off the park now.
  12. I think only 4 of the section winners are seeded? The 4 teams coming in from Europe matches get preference I think.
  13. Let's go for a win and then if a draw happens we still win the section. Think positive!
  14. I think keep Mercer at right back and use Doyle's running power in midfield.
  15. If you count the end of last season, that's 5 competitive games in a row we've done! A while since we've done that?