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  1. After today's excellent Queens win in the League against FC Edinburgh, (and being a world-weary Queens supporter) I fully expect FC Edinburgh to beat us on Thursday now.
  2. Scott Fox exuded calmness which spread to the defence IMO. Got to be first choice now surely. Stephen Hendrie looks a proper left back, a bit of fire and aggression as well as wanting to get forward. Ewan Bange brought a physical presence up front which we've lacked sometimes and took his goal well on his debut. I thought big Iain Wilson adds so much to the midfield, we've got to hope he can keep fit. I liked Calvin McGrory playing higher up the park rather than in front of the defence and thought he had a good game. Works in progress? I wish Ciaran McKenna would go for the byeline more often, he tends to pass backwards too often for me. Lewis Gibson looks just like his Dad when he runs, even his posture! Great result from the team today, hope we get a highlights package.
  3. I had the impression that Cochrane was really struggling physically and actually signalled to the bench that he needed to come off. (As he'd also been booked, now that you're allowed 5 subs, I think it's wise to take a booked player off that early in a match rather than risking a sending off).
  4. It was very similar to what Annan did to us, we need a new goalie, more height and strength in midfield, and some height and strength up front. Utter rubbish today. we'll be lucky to avoid relegation based on the Annan and Clyde games.
  5. I have no idea what you mean by that comment, do you mean that the Official site's promise to have "highlights and interviews" is being fulfilled? Why wouldn't you want to see the highlights of a Queens game?
  6. What's the real reason we're not getting highlights of the games so far? I'm presuming there's some kind of requirement from Premier Sports not to show them? I see that the SPFL are showing 1 goal from the Annan , Ayr and St Johnstone games so the matches are obviously being recorded.
  7. Ayr can still win the section with 9 points...... hopefully they beat Annan first
  8. Now that it's been announced on the official site that there will be no live streaming of matches this season, here's hoping we get a return to a decent highlights package for the season.
  9. Seriously? Mind there will be trialists etc to look at. Done well so far. I did say disappointed over the last 7 days. I like a squad together for pre season training. 4 weeks to go.
  10. Which is my point exactly! I would like a squad big enough at pre season training to start getting organised and fit now (season starts in 4 weeks).
  11. But we're not under "Johnston's reign" now. I was hoping for a squad signed for pre season training with the season now starting in 4 weeks.
  12. Disappointed with the lack of signings in the last week, still nowhere near enough signed and the season starts 4 weeks on Saturday.
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