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  1. It won't happen because Thistle will be in the Championship and we'll be in the First Division next season.
  2. Who was in the reserve line up on Monday against Hamilton?
  3. Queens fans desperately hunting for a new scapegoat when Semple's not playing.
  4. While I'm at it, can we please stop humping long balls up to small forwards who are being marked by giraffes? I watched Rangers on tv this afternoon playing on a plastic pitch and all the build up/midfield play was on the deck. The ball was occasionally in the air when a final cross was coming in. Even Hamilton kept the ball on the deck in midfield. What do we do in training? Do we practise control/passing?
  5. To change tack, I don't think Dobbie should be captain. His "body language" yesterday was awful the whole game. First half, taking a free kick at goal (at least 36 yards out, maybe more) was daft, at half time he ambled out head down while the younger players ran out. I like a captain who orders his team mates to show some effort, Dobbie's not doing that (unlike last season when he single handedly was driving the team on against St Johnstone even in extra time). I think a change of captain might benefit him. I fully expect to get slagged to death for this post.
  6. I've just watched the highlights and I think it's a bit much to blame Semple solely for the defeat on Saturday, there's a few others in defence that don't exactly cover themselves in glory. However, once the Palmerston boo-boys get their teeth into a specific player, then he tends to get the blame for everything apparently.
  7. I'm sure Semple played for the reserves mid week as well, so that was 2 matches he was involved in. I assume how he played in the reserve match at Motherwell was taken into account before his use on Saturday?
  8. Why do you think Ian McCall has "jumped ship" ? Ayr are in deep financial poo soon.
  9. Muirhead , AKA Aaron Dickhead, AKA Dick Airhead.
  10. Well done, you bit. I heard it was flung at the police
  11. A big chance for Queens to lay down a marker of intent today, I believe we haven't won 3 matches in a row since September 2018, 13 months ago!
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