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  1. 2019 championship summer transfer rumours

    Charlie Adams (old pal of Dobie still living down south) supposedly heading to Queens (Dobs will give him a lift home and back).
  2. What about moving Marshall to left midfield to replace Todd and bringing in a new left back?
  3. virginton's mickey mouse club can't even get a decent highlight package together!
  4. Nicked from the Unofficial Queens site on Facebook, hadn't realised the game tomorrow will be Queens 52nd match of the season, the most they've ever played in their 100 year history. If Dykes plays he'll be the only ever present all season.
  5. Only half time folks and I've seen Queens blow a 2 goal lead before! Should make sure of a good turnout on Saturday though.
  6. I see Dundee have sacked Jim McIntyre. How do pre contracts work? What happens to players (Josh Todd) who have a pre contract and then a new manager comes in who may not want him? Is there a chance we could retain Josh Todd?
  7. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Wasn't it great that approx. 1700 Queens fans saw history being made in our Centenary season due to Dobbie breaking the all time highest scorer in one season record today at Palmerston. Wonderful!
  8. Dobbie only needs another 101 to beat Big Jim Patterson's record! (3 season's no problem)
  9. I wonder if Magic will rest Dobbie for the midweek match and save him for the home tie?
  10. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Apologies, I certainly didn't expect a crowd of 2001 to show up and pay cash today after last week's performance. Maybe "Magic" does have a faithful following who remember the good times at Palmerston. Martin's two saves at 1-0 were very important, hope he gets due credit.
  11. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Fully expecting under 1,000 at the game today, probably around 750. The players have only themselves to blame.
  12. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    We'll need 3 because Montrose will score at least 1 goal tomorrow.
  13. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Whoever starts up front, we will need at least 3 goals because there's no way we will ever get a clean sheet over 90 minutes.
  14. I think Dobbie will play on Saturday, try to get 1 or 2 goals to get in the record books and be away in the summer. I think we will be knocked out of the playoffs even if Dobbie scores, because the rest of the "team" is so toxic now they won't want to be humiliated again on live tv twice next week. Really bad feeling about this now. Magic and his partner will have to rebuild everything from the floor up for next season.
  15. Members of a Double winning team not worthy of "legend" status? Don't forget, also, Robinson was binned by Naysmith in favour of Martin, how did that work out?