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  1. I agree about Todd, I think he's took the huff about not getting transferred on the last day of the "window" and will not play for the rest of the season.
  2. Pars vs Queens

    Banker home win, get your mortgage on it.
  3. Anybody still not believe in the Manager of the Month curse?
  4. Relegation battle just in time for the AGM. Wonderful.
  5. And my point is they're a total waste of money! Segregation, whatever you want to call it, is non existent! If it wasn't for the fact that Queens fans are (bye and large) good natured, then there could have been serious trouble in the old stand.
  6. What's the point in Queens paying a fortune for policing/stewarding when foul mouthed Dundee Utd supporting fans are allowed to sit in the old stand instead of moving them to sit among their own fans?
  7. No chance of that happening, Ross County hate traveling to Dumfries.
  8. Can't count friendlies!
  9. Out of curiousity did some digging on the internet and Alan McGraw (Morton) scored 51 goals in season 1963-1964 and Jim Forrest (Rangers) scored 57 in season 1964-1965. Jimmy McGrory (Celtic) scored 59 goals in season 1926-1927. Stephen Dobbie is on 37 so far this season.
  10. Live games

    Inverness twice, Ross County twice, (presumably to placate the Gaelic teuchters), Ayr twice and Falkirk twice.
  11. He's scored a total of 145 goals for Queens so far over his 2 periods at the Club and is sitting comfortably second in the all time scorers chart.
  12. I hope we're still trying to get another player or two in, sounds like Doyle may miss a few weeks. Wilson won't be eligible for the Cup match against Aberdeen.
  13. When/if Dykes leaves, I'd like to see Kenny Miller paired with Dobbie up front next season.... might as well give us the Title next season now if that happened...
  14. Falkirk v Queens

    Queens will help you guys out on Saturday by donating some points to you to keep you up in the Championship. My nightmare scenario is Hamilton getting relegated, Ross county not getting promoted, Alloa staying up and Arbroath coming up. The attendances will literally nosedive and make keeping fulltime football at Palmerston a real struggle.
  15. Dundee v Queens

    What season was that?