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  1. I think this makes sense. Although it's going to happen anyway, it's worth getting it over and done with now.
  2. There is an element of truth in your first statement - almost every goal is a mistake by someone - but I never criticise refs especially when there are no other officials to run the line. The point is, though, if you are 5-2 up in a game, it suggests a fair degree of superiority. As for the second statement, Selkirk are 5th (I think) in the Lowland League. If you are suggesting the EoSL is a higher league (or a higher standard) than the LL, that's fair enough, but it's a controversial idea. Although Garry O'Connor is a great signing for them, most folk watching would suggest Phil Addison puts in a great shift and the goalkeeper has earned his keep e.g. against Gala last week. But, yes, of course, if you take away one of their best players they won't be so good. I think that's true for any team, surely?
  3. The sequence of goals was 1-0 1-1- 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 3-5 4-5 (with the last 2 in the last few minutes). I'd say that when Selkirk were 5-2 up even they felt safe and were maybe thus a bit loose in front of goals but they were certainly the better team overall. Burntisland were excellent and played out of their skins - all credit due to them and their manager. It's worth pointing out that the Selkirk team got stuck in a traffic jam on the Forth Road Bridge so their last few players were still arriving at 2.50 (orig kick-off 2.30) - their warm up was a run to the changing room, with kick-off delayed until 3 - shouldha let the train take the strain like yer roving reporter! I suppose you are right that going by league status it should have been 5-0 to Selkirk but that would be disrespectful to the Shippy and EosFL.
  4. mancinirules


  5. If it was a fact then he would not be a referee. The actual facts are that he has his badges and passes his observations every year. I wonder how many players, coaches and fans can say they are qualified to make on the spot decisions. Like you, I have see Mr Hanlon in action several times and I have not seen him get into verbals with players just lay down what are the actual laws of the game. If you want a cuddly ref to have a wee chat with fair enough, he is not your man, but I'd much rather the players played rather than talked.
  6. Every season, a new referees thread. Same old complaints, same old personal digs. Unlike players, managers & spectators, referees actually get inspected/observed. Unlike the previous groups of people involved in the game, they genuinely do it for the love of it, as they can never ever win a game of football, so the rewards of competing are out. The financial rewards are not huge, especially given the time most games are played - Saturday afternoons and Tues/Wed evenings are not ideal when you've just done a week's or a day's work. And, of course, we have a shortage of referees just now and will always do if threads like this persist. Mr Hanlon's name comes up a lot in these threads. I've seen him ref over 10 times at least. He IS strict - but only because he actually goes by the book and, sadly, a lot of refs don't. I've stood next to managers and coaches saying to a feisty player, "It's Hanlon, no silly fouls, dinnae talk back, he'll book ye for dissent" - 5 minutes later that same player gets a yellow for a two footed tackle, then moans about it and gets sent off. It's not as if Mr Hanlon's reputation does not precede him - surely it would be excellent tactics to perhaps adapt to him, rather than expecting him to lower his standards. To be fair, I've seen games he's reffed with no yellow cards because the coaches and teams have had the sense to raise their games. PS I am not a ref! PPS I am neither Paul Hanlon or related to him! PPPS I am not the Kelso goalkeeper...yet!
  7. Selkirk are hot favourites to win the poetry sub-category award.
  8. Nothing to do with your status. And as I have already mentioned, the Ams leagues are just as eagle eyed and ban players for months for their petulant twitter outbursts regarding some debatable offside decision that only they know the right version of. That's why there's no [openly acknowledged] players on these things any more...except you.
  9. Come on Grim, doing it in their spare time no justification for having a lousy website - the EoSFL one got its act together at last, probably with less funding and support. A bad website is worse than no website at all.
  10. "Based on that, there might be some Kelso folk sending an email to hampden....... ;-)" Aye, this will be the first time a team reports its own player for talking nonsense on a fitba forum and ends up having to keep him in the side because 17 other teams insist he was innocent.
  11. Don't know the exact date, but it's been that way for a while Tynie - ask your club for details if I can't convince you. You just have to have a look at the Ams forum - all the usual subjects have disappeared from there, after a few bannings due to silly posts. The same goes for tweets and other social media posts. The alias excuse only works if no-one knows who you are, and to your credit (or perhaps rather naively) you have told everybody who you play for in all your various clubs. So, unfortunately for you, your last few posts on referees and other officials have risked your being cited for disrepute.
  12. To be fair, these are not facts. And whilst you can say all of this, Willie can't, without risking a ban. Which is a fact.
  13. The point is, as a player, you are not actually allowed to criticise officials here. It's not optional.
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