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  1. It's actually considered the worst Czech tabloid. The article is ripping the pish out of us.
  2. A shield-shaped crest which contains a saltire and lettering is considered a coat of arms under Scots law.
  3. To cut a long story short, A wholesaler provided my pub with two pairs of briefs for Electric Fields next weekend to give away. There was minimal interest and I still have a pair which I can't be arsed re-touting through our social media. If anyone wants them and can pick up in Glasgow contact my twitter @willyjam.
  4. The atmosphere quandary still on the go? If you're at the game sing a song or two and enjoy yerself, don't wait for someone else to bring it to the table.
  5. I'm halfway through Gerry's book and really enjoying it. Definitely a worthwhile read for most Ayr fans. The constant references to fan negativity in the stands and Internet forums are irritating but it's nice to get a bit of insight into matchday behind the scenes and some characters at the club.
  6. Ayrshire Post 30/7/14: DEFIANT ROBERTS EYES PROMOTION "I am disappointed to be out of the Challenge Cup but my priority is improving on last season's strong league placing. I don't care what the fans are saying, we will do our talking on the park."
  7. Hoping to bump into Michelle Jenneke in town once she's done hurdling...
  8. Shankland hinted on Twitter that this was the case.
  9. I wonder who is picking up the bill for our scouting trip to the USA...
  10. Was just about to post the same thing. Great stuff.
  11. My work is looking to do a bit of charity work and I've thrown my hat in to do the West Highland Way for sponsorship money. Need a bit of advise on resources I'll need e.t.c. if anyone can help.
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