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  1. 40 minutes ago, frankthetank22 said:


    I was no Sean Kelly fan, my many posts about him within match threads is proof of that but the fact was, Kelly WAS improving and was looking more than semi competent at left back in his last few months.  He would have been well worth a one year deal, surely he wasn't on a big wage. 

    Foster may have been on a larger packet (I honestly don't know, I'm sure some Random Saint Johnstone fan could inform us) and  he wasn't going to get any quicker but again the decision to let him go is a decision that has (quite predictably at the time too) come back to haunt us.  Foster was steady, a 6 out of 10 player. 


    Whoever took the decision to bin Kelly & Foster and go into this season with an untried rookie and Carl Tremarco as our left back options (I'm looking at you Stuart Kettlewell & Steven Ferguson) have caused us no ends of trouble.


    On the topic of left back, has Alex Iacovitti played a game there for us yet?  I understand that he may prefer it in the centre but surely he could steady the leaky ship on that side, he's certainly played there before coming to us.  Desperate times indeed.

    Iacovitti played there last week against Livi and was absolutely roasted time and time again by Nicky Cadden and was lucky not to get sent off so he’s not the answer there either I don’t think.

  2. 13 minutes ago, PauloPerth said:

    Football in Scotland in a nutshell:


    A league match is put back a couple of days so Celtic can take their players on a sunshine break in the middle of the season. In the middle of a global pandemic, whilst most of the country is being encouraged to only travel if it is essential.

    Celtic break protocols whilst away, a player unfortunately catches the virus, and 13 are forced to self-isolate amidst a lot of recriminations from politicians and members of the public who have no interest in football whose lives have been turned on their heads the past year.

    With rapidly rising cases in Dubai, Hibs make the reasonable request to the governing body that the match is put back a couple of days, to ensure no positive cases emerge.  Turned down.

    Hibs make the reasonable request to the governing body that the Celtic's squad are tested on the day of the match, to safeguard the health of their (Hibs) own staff.

    This request is also turned down, as we don't want to inconvenience Celtic. Instead, if some Hibs players do catch it then f**k it we'll just postpone a national cup semi final in 12 days, as it doesn't involve either half of the old firm so we don't really give a f**k about it anyway.


    Is that about right?

    Don’t forget the player in question is out for few months due to injury so obviously had no reason to be there other than going for a jolly.

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