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  1. Surely to f**k now’s the time to punt Lennon? There is literally no point in keeping him now. Barring another Rangers implosion, the leagues over and would give a new manager a free hit for 6 months. Saying that, they’ll probably let him spend another £30m+ on a whole new bunch off diddy’s this month.
  2. Celtics biggest mistake is not replacing the manager in November.
  3. Mental that Bitton was used as an emergency centre half years ago but still continues to get a game there, he’s never a centre half.
  4. We’ve lost our last five league games 2-0 so I’ll go for a another (at least) 2-0 defeat.
  5. You could punt any first team player and I wouldn’t really give a f**k tbh. None of them are irreplaceable. The worry is which absolute no marks from over the Kessock bridge they’ll be replaced with.
  6. Hopefully Tremarco keeps on walking, another pointless, waste of a wage
  7. That fucking keeper Also Dodds saying Ginelly has been different class since he came on? Eh?
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