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  1. What a result! Hylton deserved that, played very well again, was unlucky to be dropped last week. Aberdeen
  2. Fucking yaaaaassss! Oli Shaw turning into quite the reliably goal scorer for us, great to see.
  3. Iacovitti played there last week against Livi and was absolutely roasted time and time again by Nicky Cadden and was lucky not to get sent off so he’s not the answer there either I don’t think.
  4. Another mediocre centre midfielder to add to the all the other mediocre centre midfielders we already have is just what we need IMO
  5. Don’t forget the player in question is out for few months due to injury so obviously had no reason to be there other than going for a jolly.
  6. No more fucking midfielders please, we need a centre half and a left back in pronto
  7. Fucking hell. Oh well, some run Livi are on fair play.
  8. What a cross from Naismith, that’s a sitter for Shaw.
  9. Quite gladly never see him play for us again, he’s an absolute disaster waiting to happen
  10. What a save that was from Laidlaw. Hanging on here.
  11. Thank f**k he’s off, absolute liability at times
  12. Sick of that c**t Donaldson, get him so far to f**k. Absolute clown
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