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  1. Vigurs with another famous ‘no look’ pass
  2. Played CM for us on the few occasions he did play. Looked neat and tidy on the ball, but the few times he did play he looked to be going through the motions and didn’t make a huge impact.
  3. Cringing listening to SOD, must be one of the worst to be invited on recently
  4. Think we have an outright winner of worst signing of the season in Shane Duffy. How he’s had the career he’s had so far and is ROI’s captain is mind blowing.
  5. Well done St Mirren, what a result. Surely the end for that imposter? How bad does it have to get 2nd place is no way guaranteed for Celtic with Lennon in charge 8 wins in 24? Is that right?
  6. He’ll probably get our 2000th league goal (whenever that is) and do f**k all else. What a truly horrific signing.
  7. Individual errors time and time again will see us relegated. Really not impressed with RCC again, has he ever played well? So clumsy with the ball at his feet, looks like he’ll lose it every time he’s in possession. Just as well we’ve got Jordan fucking Shite to come save the day 🤦‍♂️
  8. Another no mark to sit on the bench/left at home to pick up a wage and contribute nothing. Haud me back
  9. Think I might the right choice giving this a wide berth
  10. Lennon’s post match interview will be some laugh. Guessing that red card was from provocation from the Scottish government.
  11. Yep, this is absolute rock bottom at the moment and they’re still sticking with him
  12. Safe to say no other club in Scotland will go near this toxic clown once he’s eventually fired into the sun. What an absolute car crash
  13. This must be the most drawn out, inevitable sacking that I’ve ever seen. Utterly baffling yet hilarious at the same time.
  14. He did look a lot more solid, a lot of positive from today for sure. I beg your pardon that’s the one.
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