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  1. That last 10 minutes seemed to go on for an hour, a few heart in the mouth moments but a huge, huge win. Even more remarkable with that centre back pairing
  2. He’s definitely been an improvement on Kettlewell, although the bar was set really low. I can imagine he’ll be here regardless of what happens. This current squad needs a massive clear out, and the thought of Hughes building his own squad fills me with dread. The recruitment for the past couple of years has been nothing short of abysmal as it is.
  3. Not for the first time either she’s made a “mistake” on prime time tv.
  4. Think I’d rather Tremarco than that Laxalt.
  5. Martin Woods Stephen Kelly nowhere near any set pieces please ffs
  6. Some strike that was, not that the commentators recognise that. Shocked that Rae was a shite manager, the guy sounds like a compete simpleton.
  7. Alex Rae is absolutely unlistenable, why do they still employ that arsehole. He must be getting paid for saying “STEPHEN” at the end of every sentence.
  8. Minor miracle if we manage to stay up with this squad of players. Season can’t end quick enough to send the majority of these diddy’s on their way.
  9. We have so many desperately poor players that would not be missed whatsoever.
  10. Another Kelly corner not beating the first man. Absolutely laughable
  11. A tough watch, but a huge win which I didn’t see coming after that first half. Yogi got the subs bang on this week. Fair play to White, got some pelters from County fans when he signed, me included, but he turned the game on its head with a goal and assist.
  12. Yasssss!! How the f**k are we suddenly in front
  13. For the love of f**k, stop letting Kelly take corners. Getting horrible flashbacks of Martin Woods efforts
  14. Always did think White would be a good signing
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