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  1. 33 minutes ago, Highland Capital said:

    All for Unity election broadcast currently on STV and oh my it's a cracker.

    Cat botherer shouting at the TV wearing a fedora with absolutely nothing positive to say, backed up by some other nutters, with a RAF logo in the top right hand corner, what’s not to like?

    ”I’m a business women who does business”, Jesus Christ :lol:

  2. 8 hours ago, Matty-RCFC said:

    Could really pull up anyone of the useless b*****ds but how bad is Stephen Kelly. He’d be some marathon runner but the poor guy is absolutely hopeless.


    8 hours ago, Comrie said:

    If I had a pound for every time a Kelly cross beat the first man I'd have about £4.

    That time where he had the ball around the half way line, tried to play a long ball but hit a Caley player 10 yards in front of him, then lost the header was absolutely pathetic. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, SandyCromarty said:

    I'm not having a gloat here but from that performance tonight it's hardly surprising that County are in the position they are in in the Premiership, for me over the ninety I would say that County had 20 minutes in the ninety where they looked a decent side, other than that it was stray passes, hoofs up the park, just no real determination and subbing three players at once is bad management.


    That’s a regular occurrence, we’ve had four players subbed at once on occasion. 4-5 months in and he still doesn’t know his strongest team.

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